Arugambay: A photographer’s dream location

Three nice photos by Aragon
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From Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka. The full eclipse was in India, the most complete eclipse in over 100 years happened in India.

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East coast of Sri Lanka in a surfing spot in Arugam Bay called Pottuvil Point. This place is where I have seen one of the most beautiful spots to watch the sunset.

In Arugam Bay East coast oof Sri Lanka, this beach is called Panama beach, good for surfing and beautiful sunsets.

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  • Dear Sirs,

    Is it possible to list Kadjan villa (rooms in Sinai Ullai – Arugam Bay) in here?

  • hey planning to come over for a week in april – starting from the 09th… … last year it was deserted but still gorgeous…how will it be this year ?? and yes is mambos/ peanut farm open….?

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