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Arugam’s Ganja Monkies nabbed

(Archive. 1st published 31/03/2011)
After the end of the war, long existing laws are now strictly enforced at remote Arugam Bay.

The East Coast has been largely left alone.
For many years.
With still no wine or liquor store for miles around and the odd shortage of “Gold Leaf” some desperate residents and visitors turned to natural marihuana consumption.A? Sadly, tame as well as some wild monkeys also got the taste and enjoyed the weird feeling.

Arugam Bay Special Narcotics squad arrested 4 addicts last night

“BiXXbo & Co.” Shown here in the local Police lock-up.
Arugam Bay

Sadly, many more seem to be addicted to this illegal practice.
But they are still on the run.

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Spotted at AbaY’s traditional Full Moon Party. Nov. 2010, Peanus Fm.

Cheeky! Openly flaunting the law of the Land!

Shocking! He is not even one year old. And already addicted.

The WHO, the RSPCA and other ENJOY’s have been requested to assist.
To support Arugam’s “Community Based Sustainable Junkie Rehabilitation” Program (CBSJRP). Some former NGO members volunteered at once, which is encouraging.

Desperate for a smoke, this monkey grabbed a ‘Cold Leaf’ from a diner sitting on Arugam’sA? SVH “Flower Power Terrace”

To avoid detection, some clever chips adopted pipe smoking methods

Dehiwala zoo officials are also concerned

Nabbed! Shown here in the Loco Tourist Police lock up. Beachfront Tourist Police, Arugam Bay.

Other addicts have learned to camouflage themselves to escape arrest in Arugam’sA? jungles. Filmed here by undercover navy Security personnel near their new Panama Camp

The STF as well as the New Navy ‘Detachment’ at Panama has been on high alert to catch these subversive creatures

Generic requip Footnote by the Science Select Committee:

This graph is interesting. It shows the actual harm done (to the user as well as society) by the use of various substances. Published by a basket of the world’s leading experts


Nice! To see that Order ethionamide side Arugam Bay is being mentioned.
Sad A?that this promotion used totally wrong images. Causing dismay to the entire Surf Community.

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This just in from London. Carve reader Will Robertson sent in this pic of a Sri Lanka tourist board ad which is all over London underground.

a??Ita??s been a while since I last surfed A Bay, but judging from this poster on the wall of the London tube the reef must have shifted and ita??s got a lot more square. And Fanninga??s doing a good job of surfing it switch too.

Ita??s definitely a a??different kind of surfa?? a?? quite literally.

Oh how lazy ad people can miss some fundamentals a?? thought I would share the love.a??

Not sure what is more annoying. Using a wave from a totally different ocean as A Bay (A Bay is actually very fun in its own right). Buy nasonex uk The sacrilege of putting Mick the wrong way round. Or the irony that we actually emailed Sri Lanka tourist board to offer a bit of help before Christmas and they ignored our emails.

If you want a campaign done right, maybe hire surfing art director?

“Axit” Poll June 23rd, 2016 !

Break News
Arugam Bay will vote for Independence from Sri Lanka
The AbaY EXIT (“Axit”) Vote
Will be held on the same day as the UK Exit (“Brexit”) poll
A?A decisive AbaY / Ceylon Referendum has been announced for the 23rd June.
Unless the GoSL grants the promised SAR status to the Bay of Arugam.

President Srisena was regarded – just over one year ago- as a new strong leader.
A new, fresh breeze swept the island. It was widely reported that the new, more progressiveA? Government would be looking into the creation of an innovativeA? SAR (Self-Admin. Region) region within Sri Lanka. ( reported)

The remote enclave Bay of Arugam was earmarked to be a perfect Government designated Tourist Resort to implement and tryA? such forward thinking policies.
Sadly, NOTHING has happened since.
Apart from more and more power cuts than ever. As a result, AbaY relies again on it’s own generators, and residents wish to break all commercial ties with distant Colombo.



The only access into the Arugam Bay enclave

Disillusioned, frustrated and following the British/Scotland vote, the recent New Zealand Flag issue as well as the pending UKA? / EU “BREXIT” referendum Arugam Bay Residents have got totally fed up waiting Continue reading ‘“Axit” Poll June 23rd, 2016 !’


Adopt an AbaY dog

Originally published 10/01/2010 (5 years ago)
But this issue is now even more urgent.

At remote Arugam Bay, a few hundred homeless dogs are waiting to be adopted by caring animal lovers. Please help to save them.

Adopt an Arugam Bay dog !

A sponsor has already been found to provided a suitable, safe A?vehicle.
To take them to Colombo or elsewhere on the island.
All animals will be collected, fed, treated and transported with the outmost care & respect
All the Community needs is an address to deliver them to.
Please, animal Lovers:
Please do come forward and let us know where to send them to.
Before even more are run over by speeding and careless drivers on our new fast roads!
The Social Networks are buzzing.
With appeals and online petitions to stop a rumored animal cull.
We support this initiative!
But. What to do?
At Arugam Bay four costly A?sterilization programs have been carried out, since the 2004 Tsunami.
In our A?remote Bay residents and visitors are unsure if any success can be reported.
Many people are simply too scared to walk on the beach or indeed the road, specially at night. Due to large packs of hungry dogs around.
Below is a copy of one of the stories we covered 5 years ago.
The writer of this article has personally observed that one A?particular, disabled bitch alone has had a litter every year since and produced 60 or so pups, most of which appear to be unwell or/and A?mentally unstable …..
Something has to be done – This situation is out of control.

The article below was first published 6th Marc, 2007:
The Tsunami Animal People Alliance (TAPA) has, in the true sense of the word: emBarked on a dog sterilization program at Arugam Bay How much nolvadex post cycle .
Ponstel costs Operation Theater
Vets at work @ SVH
In total 300 – 400 dogs are being treated locally. is informed that about 10,000 have been spayed island wide already.
It is said to be the best and most humane method of controlling stray and infected animals.
The visiting, all Sri Lankan team consists of 4 qualified vets and 7 assistants, a van, and a mobile clinic. is informed that a budget of 18$/dog has been secured by foreign donors, most of which (10$) will be used for quality drugs and medicines.
Take a look at the work in the attached photo album. Continue reading ‘Adopt an AbaY dog’

Nostalgia at AbaY

Update 04/ July 2015:
AbaY is developing.
1.) The CEB now provides pretty reliable Power (Electric)
2.) The SLT now has two fiberglass Internet connections
3.) The a/c buses do not run anymore. :-((
4.) The water supply costs double now.

Purchase norvasc Arugam Bay is still OK, romantic and beautiful.
Back to the original article:

Nostalgia at AbaY

Coming from the re-vamped modern City of Colombo to Arugam Bay is like a trip into the past.
Escape the progress!

Millions spent on uplifts

Millions spent on uplifts

However. Once you reach the poor East Coast and the Bay of Arugam. You will find:
Daily. And often All Weekend Powercuts.

Daily Power Cuts

Daily Power Cuts

So What?
It’s a perfect setting. For a romantic candle lit dinner by the beach. Under the clear star-studded sky.

A trip back to last century

A trip back to last century

Water supply cut off every day?

USAIDS Water supply

USAIDS Water supply

No problem!
Cool down and have an inviting ‘sea bath’ in the clear, blue ocean in front.

Plenty of clear water available

Plenty of clear water available

No street lights

No street lights

No Street lights? Even on the brand new USAID 14 Mill. $$$ bridge?
Mind your way – avoid the open drains

All drains are open

All drains are open

Internet disruptions?

Unstable Internet at AbaY

Unstable Internet at AbaY

A perfect opportunity to talk to fellow travelers!

Most places have Free Wifi in the Bay. But often the connections are poor

Most places have Free Wifi in the Bay. But often the connections are poor

Luxury Bus Service not coming?

Usually 20:30 departs

Usually 20:30 departs

Ideal! To remain in the dark ages.
At Arugam Bay. After all, this is our island’s most promising, Government declared, tourist Resort!


Best way to Go & Share

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Are YOU visiting this unique Bay?
Recommends the only true, Professional,
Licensed and Fully Insured Taxi Initiative
(A 100% profit Free Community Service)
Book your safe, quick transfer:

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Shipping ginette-35

You never ride alone

The Arugam Bay Taxi Initiative Cheap eulexin
(A100% Non-profit Service to our visitors)
Now has a brand new Notice Board

AbaY Terminal "Share My Ride" Board

Generic drug for aceon

The New daily updated board is located opposite the “Hang Loose Hotel”
next to the Siam View Brew Pub.
It’s in
In addition to the New, secure online reservation system
(see booking links on our “Taxi” Tab above

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“No Signal” (Dialog) regrets
That Sri Lanka’s only and monopoly Sat. TV provider has failed. Again.
To deliver what all foreign visitors came to see and enjoy tonight:
The most important game
Bayern Munich – v- Real Madrid
What did this weird Company do?
They switched all transponders off – for the entire Island Nation !

"Today's technology - Next Century"

At AbaY- rest assured- there was just ONE place which had a back-up system:
So your World Cup coverage is SECURE.
Even without “Dialog TV”
(The present Technology – next Century)
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Kite Surfer and the MH370 Mystery

Kite Surfer returns from the Bondives

Kite Surfer and the MH370 Mystery

World Exclusive News

Kite Surf Legend Dill Sill recovering at nearby KaputtoVille hospital.
He wasA?Blown off course and badly crash landed at AbaY today.
He is dilsirious, but he has indicated a possible explanation to what may have happened to the missing Malay flight MH 370

Crashed at AbaY beach - blown way off course

Drifted in from the distant Bondives

Attempted Kite Surfing in the Bondives

World class Kite Surfing legend Mr. Dill Sill seems to have been blown across from the previously unknown island of The Bondives to all the way toA?Arugam Bay.

His somewhat incoherent account is being questioned.
He claims that The Bondives IslandersA?reported a ‘low level flight’
However, his helmet camera has captured this amazing photo.
Which is the last known image of the missing Boeing 777:

Due to the isolation of the Island Nation of The Bondives this has only just now been reported. A group of Natives as well as the one only Police man on the island have seen a large aircraft a few weeks ago.

Did MH370 BonDive nr. AbaY ?A?

(artist’s impression)

Why does this news only come in NOW?


It happened in the uncharted Islands of The Bondives

You have never heard of them?

No wonder! Here is why:
(Extract from Wikipedia)

The Bondives

Are an island nation in the Southern Indo-Pacific Ocean.

The Bondives are almost unknown. And they not even shown on any maps. The reason has just come to light: Those islands are shifting. Continuously.

The most singular feature of The Bondives geography is its mobility. Similar to the annual shifting of the famous ARUGAM BAY sand bank, The BONDIVES have a constant process of erosion that removes sand from the east coast and deposit it on the west coast, the islands were moving westward at the rate of 1400 meters a year. It is anticipated that the islands would collide with Sri Lanka in 2020. To slow down this movement, boats constantly ferry sand from the east coast back to the west.

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First known mention of the Bondive Islands

:San Serriffe (02).png
Quick Facts
Capital Feemal
Government undemocratic republic
Currency dimes Roman (dR)
Area 692.7 sq km
Population 1,782,724 (1973 census)
Language English (official),Portuguese (official), Gowdy (Flong), Malay,Arabic
Religion Asterism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Zoroastrianism
Electricity 190V/42Hz (South African plug)
Internet TLD .ss
Time Zone UTC +6:45

Other destinations


Map of The Bondives

Long unfairly neglected by travelers, and surprisingly never even mentioned in the backpack bible ‘Loony Planet”, the islands of The Bondives truly offer something for everyone: a rich culture full of fascinating customs, an informative case study for environmentalists and economists, and a treasure trove of unusual tubers for botanists. Now under nominally democratic government, now is the time to discover The Bondives distinctive cuisine, tropical climate and quaint transportation, before the next volcanic eruption occurs.


The Bondives have been unkindly characterized as a banana republic, although Bondivians themselves have been known to take offense at this suggestion and physically remind the commentator that pineapples are also an important export crop. (Critics must also concede that it’s not really much of a republic, either.) Continue reading ‘Kite Surfer and the MH370 Mystery’


Jet Ski trials at Arugam Bay

Order calan sr 240 mg Navy The S.L. Navy recently entered the lucrative Tourist market. In a big way, with cruises, boat trips, hospitality and whale watching,

Army The Army also has been taking keen interest in the sport of Surfing. Locally based, Commissioned Officers are said to have been observed to Surf Arugam Bay.

Air Force Jet Ski trials at AbaY

STF – Special Tusk Farce The STF is already actively engaged in life-saving duties and Fishery protection excercises

Fishy protection Duties

Air Farce Not to be outdone, has learned that SLAF is now also set to enter the lucrative Tourist sector. So far, none of the Armed Forces appear to be profitable. As jet.

Recently, secret trials were held in the area. Just West of Arugam Bay.

Rigorous training program. Earlier attempts were promising

Jokey Club Furthermore, it is understood that other organisations are considering to jump on the popular Surfing “Band Wagon” Cheap crixivan/indinavir

Even the Sri Lanka Jockey Club seems to be considering to divert into some off shore activities:

Jockey Club training session @ Arugam Bay

AbuDubai Race Horses Rulers from the UAE have also spotted Arugam’s potential. Already they have send some of their best Race Horses to be conditioned and trained in the clean air of Arugam’s beaches. Apparently, the humidity and the heat will give Arab based horses a distinct advantage over European competitors in forthcoming races in Dubai’s high Tech race course.

Dubai Horse Race training & conditioning at Arugam Bay

Chinese Interest The Chinese meanwhile have copied popular Jet Ski Designs by Yamaha, Suzuki and Bomadier. Seen here on HD sea trials at AbaY

Ps.: NAAFI? Navy, Army & Air Forces Institutes in action at Arugam Bay 1st April, 2012

Combined Forces. At work in AbaY


Good Opportunities at Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay has not enough quality rooms.
To cope with theA?unprecedented demand.
Colchicine online pharmacy

So far, there have been few improvements since 2004.

Aerial View of the Bay

Room capacity just has not kept up with the amount of visitors wishing to explore the Bay and A?its unique surroundings.

Below are just two examples of current projects in the Bay looking for suitable partners:

Owner driven Apartments with Surf Point View

3 Star Hotel planned

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SomeA?excellentA?opportunities exists now.
Arugam Bay is very popular and will have a brilliant future.
Property prices are set to rise sharply.
Wise investors are looking at the Bay.
They seem to realize that good profits will be made .

last weekend "Arugam Surf" passed 80,000+ friends

Basically, the entire Country just had 800,000 visitors last year, 2010.
Arugam Bay has attracted more than 10% of them on its Facebook page.
A strong indication how popular the remote, little Bay will become!

Cerveceria Modelo to invest in Arugam Bay

Top selling Mexican beers to be produced in Eastern Sri Lanka
(CORONA is slightly less popular since end 2019)


Corona (Corona Extra) is a brand of pale lager owned and produced by Cerveceria Modelo in Mexico. It is the top-selling beer in Mexico and is one of the top selling beers worldwide.[2] Corona beer is available in over 150 countries. All  Corona beer is brewed and bottled in one of 7 Modelo Breweries in Mexico.
So far, pre 2019…

Corona Extra. The Mexican top selling beer

Outside of Mexico, Corona is to be slightly renamed and will be produced in a new brewery to be constructed at Arugam Bay. A world famous Surf spot and upcoming tourist resort situated in the deep South East of remote Sri Lanka.

To distinguish the new Sri Lanka Export product from the original Mexican label, and in recognition and celebration of local achievements following the end of the long ongoing conflict in Sri Lanka, the following brand name has been proposed:

Caruna Extra. Export to Asian markets only

For this purpose the Mexican global leaders have teamed up with the award winning, but widely unknown Arugam Bay Surfer’s Beer label under an agreement with the Sri Lanka Government and its Board of Investment Authority.

Cerveceria Modelo’s chairman Senioria Condolenzza Gogonzola stated that the Company has welcomed branching out to new markets in the East.
Corona is a traditional Cult Beer favored by young, active people and is popular with modern party people.
As world economies are shifting to India, China and Russia it makes no longer sense to ship containers of beer half way around the globe. Continue reading ‘Cerveceria Modelo to invest in Arugam Bay’


A Dead End: Arugam Bay


Protected: Police ‘Justice’ at Arugam Bay

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Obama feaver hits Arugam Bay

Obama Body Surf at AbaY?

Obama Body Surf at AbaY?

Sources indicate that our Facebook memberA? Obama Barrak is planning to unwind a few days in remote, peaceful Arugam Bay.

All is Swell in AbaY

All is Swell in AbaY

This hard working statesman will surely need rest and enjoy our true unspoiled nature.

Following the G20 success on London, the NATO summit in Stressbourg it is time to go Baden – Baden indeed.
The surf season has alreadyA? started, so beginner’s surf lessons for the two girls Sasha and Malia are also scheduled. They will be joining the first couple on their Easter school break at Colombia airport, Karamtunayukie.
Courtesy of Paddle4Relief, Taunton, UK.

Obama himself is said to be a keen Kite Surfer and close friend of expert Dillsiri.
Arugam Bay is – as well known – a true All-Year Destination.
Facebook sources confirm that this is what prompted him to be one of the first fans of the popular and growing “Arugam Surf” social networking site.A? Obama actually signed up and became an insider of AbaY a long time before he became president. A forward thinking man indeed!

On hearing the news, Arugam villagers are exited.
Will he be just on holiday/vacation?
After changing the world – will he be able to bring real changes to the Bay?
Will this wise power house of a man continue to ‘listen’?A? Talk just to the DS?
Or to some locals and and maybe even to the odd, side railed expat? What can we learn from past mistakes? Will he want toA? know how Mercy Corpse and the Whimpy Opera have Fooled the local and US public? Ever since April, 2005?
Will he help Order ditropan 5mg US to “Focus” forward in his unique style?
How can we bury the past?
Security issues prevent Order etodolac 300mg to reveal more details.
But we have been informed that Obama regardsA? the T & S New Year as an excellent opportunity to “Make a Change” .
!!One that even Sri Lanka people could believe in!!
Therefore, rumor has it that the two Presidents will have informal discussions at Temple TreesA? – orA? TisteStar during his vacation.
The “Bottom Line” is:
Will the “Tide be turned”?
Will our own, Hon.A? Mr. President allow his US counterpart to visit and gain impressions from thisA? underdeveloped, but fully ‘cleared’ Eastern area ?

Meanwhile, the villagers can only sit back and hope this historic visit not be canceled on security grounds.

RCFA annual recital strikes hopeful note

On the lighter side of Silly Lanka life we have found this article:

The Royal ColomboA?A?FlatulistA?A?Association held its annual recital today at the Gandapokuna auditorium. TheA?A?chiefA?A?guest was theA?A?deputy non cabinet minister for A?A?Rural Recreational Sports Infrastructure and Up country Mango Cultivation, Mr Maha Horachandiya.Many new and old members showcased their skills. The highlight of the event was a solo performance by Mr.Godarala Thatamanagama. Mr.Thatamanagama had recently returned from Ireland where he had been awarded the rarely awarded title of BraigetoriA?A?- a first for a Sri Lankan. His performance of the traditionalA?A?Flatulist classic A?a??A?Unum saltum et siffletum et unum bumbulumA?a??A? was greeted with a standing ovation.Past president of the RCFA, Dr A?A?C.O.W Harakakakula delivered theA?A?Joseph Pujol memorial oration. He gave an entertaining historical overview of the society and identifiedA?A?numerous statistical indicators that pointed to steadyA?A?continuousA?A?growth in potential members. The current president Mrs Kasanaballa,A?A?took up this fact andA?A?outlined several growth initiatives already underway. The most prominent being government support via theA?A?Mr Maha Horachandiya A?a??A?visionaryA?a??A? scheme.
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In hisA?A?speech, the minister pointed out thatA?A?FlatulistA?A?themedA?A?entertainmentA?A?is an ideal form of low cost socialA?A?recreation. He thanked the association for its patriotic role in maintaining public morale in a time of war and global economic difficulties. He said that bothA?A?Up country Mango Cultivation policy and the RCFA would clearly benefit fromA?A?Flatulence. He invited the RCFA to make a concerted drive to recruit rural members into its ranks. With this aim in mind, A?a??A?Unum saltum et siffletum et unum bumbulum How much ranitidine can i give my dog A?a??A? has been translated into Sinhala and Tamil. The minister hoped that when the war was over, widespreadA?A?Flatulence willA?A?strengthen the bonds between all Sri Lankans.

Following his speech students from two Maha Vidyalayas in Vavuniya and Matara gave maiden performances of the translated songs. Many in the audience,A?A?includingA?A?the minister were moved to tears.A?A?Attendees were encouraged to fill out A?A?an online surveyA?A?at the end of the proceedings.A?A?The recital ended with the national anthem performed by theA?A?RCFA orchestra.

Dissociated Fake Press.