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Arugam’s Ganja Monkies nabbed

(Archive. 1st published 31/03/2011)
After the end of the war, long existing laws are now strictly enforced at remote Arugam Bay.

The East Coast has been largely left alone.
For many years.
With still no wine or liquor store for miles around and the odd shortage of “Gold Leaf” some desperate residents and visitors turned to natural marihuana consumption.A? Sadly, tame as well as some wild monkeys also got the taste and enjoyed the weird feeling.

Arugam Bay Special Narcotics squad arrested 4 addicts last night

“BiXXbo & Co.” Shown here in the local Police lock-up.
Arugam Bay

Sadly, many more seem to be addicted to this illegal practice.
But they are still on the run.

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Spotted at AbaY’s traditional Full Moon Party. Nov. 2010, Peanus Fm.

Cheeky! Openly flaunting the law of the Land!

Shocking! He is not even one year old. And already addicted.

The WHO, the RSPCA and other ENJOY’s have been requested to assist.
To support Arugam’s “Community Based Sustainable Junkie Rehabilitation” Program (CBSJRP). Some former NGO members volunteered at once, which is encouraging.

Desperate for a smoke, this monkey grabbed a ‘Cold Leaf’ from a diner sitting on Arugam’sA? SVH “Flower Power Terrace”

To avoid detection, some clever chips adopted pipe smoking methods

Dehiwala zoo officials are also concerned

Nabbed! Shown here in the Loco Tourist Police lock up. Beachfront Tourist Police, Arugam Bay.

Other addicts have learned to camouflage themselves to escape arrest in Arugam’sA? jungles. Filmed here by undercover navy Security personnel near their new Panama Camp

The STF as well as the New Navy ‘Detachment’ at Panama has been on high alert to catch these subversive creatures

Generic requip Footnote by the Science Select Committee:

This graph is interesting. It shows the actual harm done (to the user as well as society) by the use of various substances. Published by a basket of the world’s leading experts

Faith Kiteboarding cruise Arugam Bay!

Three kitesurfers brave a long journey to cruise in Arugam Bay. Was it worth it? Definitely. With an early morning surfing session under our belt, the wind stared to pick by 11 AM enabling us to pump our kites and rock on when the rest of the bay was relaxing.

It truly was beautiful, the turquoise blue water, the waves and raw scenery of Arugam Bay gave us a glimpse of heaven. The ideal wave riding conditions were exploited to the maximum by us.

We did also glimpse another French kitesurfer who went down wind over the bend at Pottuvil Point. Not sure how he got back . The winds did pick to around 30 knots in the evening. Our 9M kites seem to utterly overpowered in those strong winds.

Special thanks to Fred from SVH. Enjoy your hospitality and support.
Arugam Bay a?? its paradise a?? not just for the surfers a?? but kitesurfers as well! Until we meet again, Hangloose!

(In the pictures, Hannes, Keshini, Dinesh, Magda & Dilsiri) Buy pariet online australia

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2K @ AbaY

Done it!

Your Bay Needs YOU!

Your Bay Needs YOU!

Cheap reminyl classification Buy generic temovate Arugam on Facebook is much more fun and very active!
The insider’s Club of the Bay now has more than 2,000 members.
If YOU are our latestA? ‘Fan’A? with number 2,000:
Please send your name to our admin. It will be checkedA? and the vouchers for the FREE weekendA? -for TWO- at a good Arugam Bay Hotel will be sent by email to you.



Friends of Arugam

Nearly 2000 Yes! Two Thousand Buy diakofakboy of us are all friends in one fine meeting place:
Arugam Surf”
Arugam Surf needs YOU

Arugam Surf needs YOU

Click below & join us! Maybe YOU are our 2,000th Fan and You will win a FREE weekend at Arugam Bay!



Pro Surfers come to AbaY

British Professional Surfing Association

British Professional Surfing Association

Arugam.info has been informed that the date for this year’s event is as follows:

26 JuneA? toA? 6th July, 2009 Avalide generic available Buy compazine 10mg

We await final confirmation and will post more details as we receive them.

Security update

National and International News are buzzing with reports that the STF have found a group suspected of attacks, mainly around Buttala and south of Panama.
Locally, however, a STB bus accident with an equal loss of life at the 10 mile post would have caused more talking points, concern and disruption to the public at large.
Arugam.info is happy to assure everyone that at NO point security to the public, visitors and travelers was endangered.
Indeed, a team from SunTel arrived in the Bay on Friday morning, and they left via Lahugala in their van towards Colombo later that day.
They did not notice anything at all!
Read more, see the local news as we see it: From the Internet. Beware of the photos.


As long promised, Arugam.info is committed to report and publish ALL Order eldepryl for depression Cheap confido tablets security related incidents concerning our region.

This particular case was first shown in the BBC link on this very web site (here, below) within a few hours of the event taking place. BBC news are automatically updated (below) every few minutes.

All is swell. At Arugam

Dudes! The surf season has started, all the Bay needs is: YOU

Order azulfidine generic Where can i buy remeron Main Pont, Arugam Bay, at noon Friday 13th March 2009

Full Moon and Arugam Bay

Staring at the moon so blue….

Siam View Thai Beach Bar. View to Surf Point

Thai Beach Bar. Siam View, looking East to Surf Point & Thailand

Today happens to be The First Full Moon Poya Day for the year 2009. Well for some reason I kept searching for the Moon since 6 pm and spotted it at around 7.10pm and I felt sooo happy and a weird sense of relief. It seemed there for a moment that due to the cloudy, rainy, windy weather increase the Moon had not turned up I would have been incredibly dissapointed.
Maybe it’s cause he’s so faraway and the only thing both of us have in common is the Moon above us. Maybe it’s cause I believed that the moon will be able to carry my kisses all the way to Arugam bay and to blow them softly on his face. Maybe it’s simply because that childhood tale of “The moon bringing Milk and Honey” (symbolizing

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happiness and prosperity) was ringing at the back of my mind!
Guess it was an incredible coincidense when his text said “I’m sleeping outside tonight and I just spotted a star with your face on it”. Well you know what! Maybe the Moon did hear my wish, my call, my prayer and decided to pass on my kiss and murmur softly to all the Stars that “We Are Definitely In Love”……………



BoI Projects signed for Arugam Bay

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With the dawn of peace several new BoI projects have been signed up in both the East and the Northern province that includes Arugam Bay that would unleash the tourism potential in these areas. Here a trader is with a star fish during better times in Arugam Bay.


http://www.dailynews.lk/2009/01/12/main_Business.asp Colchicine for sale

Surf Champions at Arugam Bay. Again.

Arugam Bay back to life event

One of the most sought after destinations in Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay, will once again burst with life when it will host the international Windsurfing Championships and beach carnival next July.

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Arugam Bay: One of the best locations in the world for surfing

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Arugam Bay last hosted an international event of this magnitude in 2004 and it was a major intentional tourist attraction. By hosting this event Arugam Bay will once again enter to the international tourist map giving value to the destination.

Managing Director, Crystal Holidays (Pvt) Ltd, Wasana Hettiarachchi said that his company has tied up with an UK based company to host this event. “We have already spoken to the SriLankan airlines and the Tourism Authority and they have pledged their support to assist us,” he said.

The event will also bring in over 200 foreign visitors to the venue and hotels around would get an opportunity to earn extra revenue. The foreign press too would be in large numbers that would give the much-needed additional exposure to the country.

He said that Sports tourism is gaining popularity and this is why he is taking a lead to promote the event. “A Veterans English Cricket tour too is on the cards for next year,” he added.

Director UK, Professional Surfing Tour, Dave Reed said Arugam Bay is one of the best locations in the world to host surfing events. “We have spoken to leading Surfers who are ready to come to Sri Lanka,” he said. These surfers are from Australia, South Africa, London, Germany and other European countries,” he said.

Since there is peace in the region the venue should be promoted more aggressively to the international market. The contest will also offer prize money totaling British Pounds 5,000.