Faith Kiteboarding cruise Arugam Bay!

Three kitesurfers brave a long journey to cruise in Arugam Bay. Was it worth it? Definitely. With an early morning surfing session under our belt, the wind stared to pick by 11 AM enabling us to pump our kites and rock on when the rest of the bay was relaxing.

It truly was beautiful, the turquoise blue water, the waves and raw scenery of Arugam Bay gave us a glimpse of heaven. The ideal wave riding conditions were exploited to the maximum by us.

We did also glimpse another French kitesurfer who went down wind over the bend at Pottuvil Point. Not sure how he got back . The winds did pick to around 30 knots in the evening. Our 9M kites seem to utterly overpowered in those strong winds.

Special thanks to Fred from SVH. Enjoy your hospitality and support.
Arugam Bay a?? its paradise a?? not just for the surfers a?? but kitesurfers as well! Until we meet again, Hangloose!

(In the pictures, Hannes, Keshini, Dinesh, Magda & Dilsiri) Buy pariet online australia

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