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Australia’s Julian Wilson wins Sri Lankan Airlines Pro at Arugam Bay

Julian Wilson wins at Arugam Bay

Australiaa??s Julian Wilson wins SriLankan Airlines Pro at Arugam Bay
Sri Lankaa??s first ever ASP event hailed an outstanding success!

Buy neurontin from mexico Arugam Bay Sri Lanka:Australiaa??s Julian WilsonA? has won the 6 star rated Association of Surfing Professionals SriLankan Airlines ProA? in flawless 4 to 6 feet surf on an epic final day. Continue reading ‘Australia’s Julian Wilson wins Sri Lankan Airlines Pro at Arugam Bay’

Full Moon and Arugam Bay

Staring at the moon so blue….

Siam View Thai Beach Bar. View to Surf Point

Thai Beach Bar. Siam View, looking East to Surf Point & Thailand

Today happens to be The First Full Moon Poya Day for the year 2009. Well for some reason I kept searching for the Moon since 6 pm and spotted it at around 7.10pm and I felt sooo happy and a weird sense of relief. It seemed there for a moment that due to the cloudy, rainy, windy weather increase the Moon had not turned up I would have been incredibly dissapointed.
Maybe it’s cause he’s so faraway and the only thing both of us have in common is the Moon above us. Maybe it’s cause I believed that the moon will be able to carry my kisses all the way to Arugam bay and to blow them softly on his face. Maybe it’s simply because that childhood tale of “The moon bringing Milk and Honey” (symbolizing

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happiness and prosperity) was ringing at the back of my mind!
Guess it was an incredible coincidense when his text said “I’m sleeping outside tonight and I just spotted a star with your face on it”. Well you know what! Maybe the Moon did hear my wish, my call, my prayer and decided to pass on my kiss and murmur softly to all the Stars that “We Are Definitely In Love”……………