Good Opportunities at Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay has not enough quality rooms.
To cope with theA?unprecedented demand.
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So far, there have been few improvements since 2004.

Aerial View of the Bay

Room capacity just has not kept up with the amount of visitors wishing to explore the Bay and A?its unique surroundings.

Below are just two examples of current projects in the Bay looking for suitable partners:

Owner driven Apartments with Surf Point View

3 Star Hotel planned

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SomeA?excellentA?opportunities exists now.
Arugam Bay is very popular and will have a brilliant future.
Property prices are set to rise sharply.
Wise investors are looking at the Bay.
They seem to realize that good profits will be made .

last weekend "Arugam Surf" passed 80,000+ friends

Basically, the entire Country just had 800,000 visitors last year, 2010.
Arugam Bay has attracted more than 10% of them on its Facebook page.
A strong indication how popular the remote, little Bay will become!

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