“Axit” Poll June 23rd, 2016 !

Break News
Arugam Bay will vote for Independence from Sri Lanka
The AbaY EXIT (“Axit”) Vote
Will be held on the same day as the UK Exit (“Brexit”) poll
A?A decisive AbaY / Ceylon Referendum has been announced for the 23rd June.
Unless the GoSL grants the promised SAR status to the Bay of Arugam.

President Srisena was regarded – just over one year ago- as a new strong leader.
A new, fresh breeze swept the island. It was widely reported that the new, more progressiveA? Government would be looking into the creation of an innovativeA? SAR (Self-Admin. Region) region within Sri Lanka. (arugam.info reported)

The remote enclave Bay of Arugam was earmarked to be a perfect Government designated Tourist Resort to implement and tryA? such forward thinking policies.
Sadly, NOTHING has happened since.
Apart from more and more power cuts than ever. As a result, AbaY relies again on it’s own generators, and residents wish to break all commercial ties with distant Colombo.



The only access into the Arugam Bay enclave

Disillusioned, frustrated and following the British/Scotland vote, the recent New Zealand Flag issue as well as the pending UKA? / EU “BREXIT” referendum Arugam Bay Residents have got totally fed up waiting for yet another 30+ years for Colombia to act.
In a recent meeting, chaired by a number of self-proclaimed “Presidents”A? the Loco’s have finally snapped and fixed a date for their own independence vote:

23rd July, 2016
To coincide with the UK / EU vote:
IN – or OUT
Will Arugam Bay gain full Independence – after all?

The area around ARUGAM BAY, reaching from PottuVille all the way across theA? Panama Canal has long been regarded by international observers, analysts and travel experts as an ideal location. With a Huge, untapped potential.
Arugam Bay rests in a very safe and easy controllable, remote enclave-like position. Perfect in fact to become a model project.

This is why Arugam Bay has been selected

This is why Arugam Bay has been selected

The plan one year ago was to grant AbaY (as it is internationally known) A?Sri Lanka’s first ever autonomous Administrative region status and allow special privileges. Some forward thinking members within the new S.L Government had suddenly realized that the SAR approach has worked wonders elsewhere.
Such as in Hong Kong, Singapore, Macao, Dubai etc.
Tourism wise Sri Lanka is well below expected targets. It’s neighbor, directly opposite (Burma / Myanmar) always had far fewer arrivals than Ceylon ever had. That was perhaps due to the oppressive Military dictatorship in place until recently. But all that ended a few years ago. With clever, modern, foreign investment attractingA? politics Burma -also a former British Colony – has now already reached out to nearly 5 Million arrivals.
Burma is well ahead of it’s 2020 target to attract 10 Million visitors.
Still, that is a far cry from Siam (Thailand’s) 30 Million tourists of course.
Those, as well as Cambodia are our island’s competitors, on the Tourist market.
This needs to be addressed and corrected. Eminent analysts and a few Government insiders have long argued. Arugam Bay SAR is seen to offer a perfect solution.A? Even a weekly ferry service between Burma, Thailand and India and AbaY’s beautiful East Coast should be considered.

Everyone agrees that the new SAR project will boost investments, tourism, personal freedom, integration and promote many innovative developments.
The region decided upon in this – old fashioned convention breaking – A?MoU A?includes the already existing, but controversial huge ‘Buckingham Palace’ cum ‘International Convention Centre’ (depending on which report you believe) build by the previous Government just a few miles South of the main Bay at ‘Peanus Farm’.
Proposed was a full Duty free status. Unrestricted imports, lower interest rates, relaxed immigration and excise rules. And an innovative FREE visa on arrival facility. Other proposals include relaxed night club, party and recreation facilities. However, a decision to allow Packer style casinos and similar activities has been shelved.

Google Maps - Google Chrome 3282015 14907 PM

During his visit President Srisena held talks with China’s leadership, seeking to smooth ruffled feathers after scuttling Chinese-funded projects and seeking stronger ties with regional rival India.
Sirisena has unnerved China by suspending a $1.4 billion “port city” project in Colombo that India considered a security risk, and ordering a review of other Beijing-financed projects and loans amid allegations of corruption.A?China has warned of consequences for future investments and relations have looked to worsen. Yet for China, Sri Lanka has never been more important. With its man in Colombo out of the picture, Beijing is under pressure to move quickly to find new ways to engage a country where its strategic interests remain just as vital, yet its diplomatic clout is on the slide at a time when competing powers are circling.
Political analysts and Government insiders suggest that the AbaY SAR project has been decided upon to please all sides and the three Nations involved.
The remote Arugam region never presented any strategic importance. Not even the LTTE or the GOSL forces found any reason to fight or protect indigenous fishing folk, a few foreign surfers or the odd pot-smoking drop-out.


During his state visit to Sri Lanka, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Mogli pledged US$380 million under an Indian Line of Credit for the development of the railway sector in Sri Lanka. Both India and China have invested in railway projects in Sri Lanka.
India in turn has agreed to connect the AbaY SAR with the North of the Island, proposed a ferry Service from Tamil Nadu to Olluville’s existing but not used A?deep sea harbour and extend rail links from Jaffna to Matara via Batticaloa. The old British Colonial plan of PottuVille Central Railway station has also been considered.

China seems to have agreed to fund the extension of the Southern Highway to link up with the proposed Eastern Motorway. Which would run from Matara to connect Mattala Airport and continue A?past SiyamalanduwaA?to connect with Batticaloa.

AbaY bridge is the only access point to SAR. An immigration point will be established at this strategic point of entry

AbaY bridge is the only access point to SAR. An immigration point will be established at this strategic point of entry

The AbaY SAR agreement is seen as a compromise, pleasing both India and China. If SAR is successful, the controversial and now shelved Colombo Port project will also be shifted to the East Coast.
Existing environmentalist studies indicate that there are no objections. A future connection with Hambantot deep sea Harbour as well as Mad-Mattala International Airport would bring huge benefits to this remote and very underdeveloped area.
This is seen to be an olive branch towards the former Rajapack Governement, who invested Chinese fortunes into fairly hopeless and now dormant projects. Rajapack-Matatla International Airport would become a Charter only as well as a Low Cost Airline hub under the existing plans.

Location and Community relations
Arugam BayA?occupies A?a unique, but also very remote location. Amazing statistics show, that they enjoy A?333 days sunshine/ each year. A perfect resort in every aspect. A?Combining Sports, Surf, Wild Life, amazing Historical places (some 5,000 years old!) with totally non-commercial, unspoiled, untouched village life. AbaY basically has everything the entire island has to offer: But this is just in a tiny, condensed corner of the Nation.

The only access is through thick jungles and National Parks. Via one single road. Crossing one single bridge.

The entire region is totally unspoiled and undeveloped. Due to this amazing, free nature Arugam Bay has maintained it’s unique independence and charm.
No Industry, No urban centres have been developed in a radius of 80 km or more.
On the rest of the island you will usually find hamlets like Akkaraipattu (Muslim), Tirikovil (Tamil), Komari (Muslim), PottuVille (Muslim) -all to the North of AbaY – A?andA?theA?unique Panama enclave (Buddhist). to the South of AbaY .
Amazingly, Arugam Bay and Ullai is located right in between.A? And they are a very happy Mixed Community. Just about every singleA?minorityA?isA?represented in this harmonious village.
Of course there are, as elsewhere, some differences between AbaY’s residents. But those are of a Commercial kind. Not ethnic or religiousA?at all. Basically: There is harmony in the Bay of Arugam.
Just the usualA?jealousyA?and business rivalries. No other issues have been observed or ever been reported.

Arugam Bay is a model village in every respect. And many wish that the entire island would be as harmonious as the little Bay actually is.

AbaY was never a part of Tamil 'Eelam'

AbaY was never a part of Tamil ‘Eelam’

The 30 year war never had any direct impact in or around Arugam Bay.
Indeed, even the Tamil Tigers, on their proposed Eelam map stopped short at the old bridge A?between PottuVille and Ullai. Arugam Bay and the South was never included in their vision.

A-Bay also marks the rough border between the Sinhalese-majority areas to the south and the mainly Tamil and Muslim areas further up the coast, and boasts an unusually eclectic but harmonious mix of all three ethnic groups a?? as well as a growing number of Western expats. Fears that the villagea??s uniquely (for Sri Lanka) alternative and slightly off-the-wall character will be erased by larger and more mainstream tourism developments remain, however, especially given the expansion of the newA?Hambantot airport, which will make the village significantly easier to reach for international visitors. For the time being, however, Arugam Bay preserves its own enjoyably eccentric charm.


Remark by by the arugam.info admin:

arugam.info reported  same time of year. back in 2011

arugam.info reported
same time of year. Cheap torsemide
back in 2011

In 2011 we had reports that certain substances may be legalized.
We anticipate that as a result of SAR this might become a reality.

Here is the full 2011 report:





Kite Surf Legend Dill Sill recovering at nearby KaputtoVille hospital.

Kite Surf Legend Dill Sill recovering at nearby KaputtoVille hospital.

In 2014, two years ago, we refereedA?to the MH370 mystery:







The 2010 Beer spoof Most people abroad believed it. So that we had to publish a correction

The 2010 Beer spoof
Most people abroad believed it. So that we had to publish a correction

In 2010 we announced that Corona will move production from Mexico. And re-brand the product “Caruna” Extra

Top selling Mexican beers to be produced in Eastern Sri Lanka








Jet Ski trials at Arugam Bay

Jet Ski trials at Arugam Bay

In 2012 the Rajapack Government moved into Tourism:








Col. Caruna Extra Beer An East Coast Special

Col. Caruna Extra Beer
An East Coast Special

During the long war years (2008 and so) we already published a few insights:







Check what ‘Rough Guides had to say:

Question:A?What is a SAR?
Answer here:

More background info:


Another good link with deep insights:
Order omnicef generic http://www.scmp.com/news/asia/article/1747362/can-china-sri-lanka-mend-ties-maithripala-sirisenas-visit-beijing


Elsewhere in this context:

American soil owned by China ?

American soil owned by China ?

NEW YORK a?? Could real estate on American soil owned by China be set up as a??development zonesa?? in which the communist nation could establish Chinese-owned businesses and bring in its citizens to the U.S. to work?

Thata??s part of an evolving proposal Beijing has been developing quietly since 2009 to convert more than $1 trillion of U.S debt it owns into equity.

Under the plan, China would own U.S. businesses, U.S. infrastructure and U.S. high-value land, all with a U.S. government guarantee against loss.

Yu Qiao, a professor of economics in the School of Public Policy and Management at Tsighua University in Beijing, proposed in 2009 a plan for the U.S. government to guarantee foreign investments in the United States.

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  • Sri Lanka may have won the Civil war.
    But the War on Drugs is not win-able.
    Not on a global scale, and not at all in formerly popular resorts such as Hikka, Unna etc.
    In Arugam it’s a lost cause, ever since those guys from the South established themselves in this great Eastern paradise.
    So the idea of Containing the issue and monitor it properly make perfect sense.
    The only question is:
    Is that conservative Government up to it?

    Bert, Amsterdam

  • This is just far too good
    To be true.

  • ” During his state visit to Sri Lanka, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Mogli ”

    ? MOGLI ?

    from the jungle book :-)))

    That someone in this GoSL could ever think that far ahead.
    NEVER in our wildest dreams we could imagine that.
    HOPE it’s not a JOKE.
    LOVE from Down Under
    Surfer Dude

  • amazing – never thought that they will come up with this
    John, Liverpool

  • I think it’l be a brilliant idea. As long as they preserve the natural beauty too.Amazing

  • Why?
    Did our hero Pres. Mahinda not think of this brilliant plan?

  • Great way forward.
    now they are getting somewhere. must be good to see a new government modern approaches!

  • never ever thought that they will come up with some obvious solution linke this the answer to all the issues. good idea. go for it

  • THAT really is Great News!
    At long last this ultra-conservative Government of Sri Lanka has seen the light. No doubt this Arugambay SAR will be a huge success.

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