RCFA annual recital strikes hopeful note

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The Royal ColomboA?A?FlatulistA?A?Association held its annual recital today at the Gandapokuna auditorium. TheA?A?chiefA?A?guest was theA?A?deputy non cabinet minister for A?A?Rural Recreational Sports Infrastructure and Up country Mango Cultivation, Mr Maha Horachandiya.Many new and old members showcased their skills. The highlight of the event was a solo performance by Mr.Godarala Thatamanagama. Mr.Thatamanagama had recently returned from Ireland where he had been awarded the rarely awarded title of BraigetoriA?A?- a first for a Sri Lankan. His performance of the traditionalA?A?Flatulist classic A?a??A?Unum saltum et siffletum et unum bumbulumA?a??A? was greeted with a standing ovation.Past president of the RCFA, Dr A?A?C.O.W Harakakakula delivered theA?A?Joseph Pujol memorial oration. He gave an entertaining historical overview of the society and identifiedA?A?numerous statistical indicators that pointed to steadyA?A?continuousA?A?growth in potential members. The current president Mrs Kasanaballa,A?A?took up this fact andA?A?outlined several growth initiatives already underway. The most prominent being government support via theA?A?Mr Maha Horachandiya A?a??A?visionaryA?a??A? scheme.
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In hisA?A?speech, the minister pointed out thatA?A?FlatulistA?A?themedA?A?entertainmentA?A?is an ideal form of low cost socialA?A?recreation. He thanked the association for its patriotic role in maintaining public morale in a time of war and global economic difficulties. He said that bothA?A?Up country Mango Cultivation policy and the RCFA would clearly benefit fromA?A?Flatulence. He invited the RCFA to make a concerted drive to recruit rural members into its ranks. With this aim in mind, A?a??A?Unum saltum et siffletum et unum bumbulum How much ranitidine can i give my dog A?a??A? has been translated into Sinhala and Tamil. The minister hoped that when the war was over, widespreadA?A?Flatulence willA?A?strengthen the bonds between all Sri Lankans.

Following his speech students from two Maha Vidyalayas in Vavuniya and Matara gave maiden performances of the translated songs. Many in the audience,A?A?includingA?A?the minister were moved to tears.A?A?Attendees were encouraged to fill out A?A?an online surveyA?A?at the end of the proceedings.A?A?The recital ended with the national anthem performed by theA?A?RCFA orchestra.

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