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Hotel & Land for rent / lease

The Old SIAM VIEW HOTEL (SVH) at Arugam Bay

Roadside to Ocean Front

Is inviting suggestions and tenders. As from 2018 season.
For medium to long-term cooperation agreements
With suitable people, Companies or parties.
Please contact management directly:
+94773200201 but better by E-Mail


Adopt an AbaY dog

Originally published 10/01/2010 (5 years ago)
But this issue is now even more urgent.

At remote Arugam Bay, a few hundred homeless dogs are waiting to be adopted by caring animal lovers. Please help to save them.

Adopt an Arugam Bay dog !

A sponsor has already been found to provided a suitable, safe  vehicle.
To take them to Colombo or elsewhere on the island.
All animals will be collected, fed, treated and transported with the outmost care & respect
All the Community needs is an address to deliver them to.
Please, animal Lovers:
Please do come forward and let us know where to send them to.
Before even more are run over by speeding and careless drivers on our new fast roads!
The Social Networks are buzzing.
With appeals and online petitions to stop a rumored animal cull.
We support this initiative!
But. What to do?
At Arugam Bay four costly  sterilization programs have been carried out, since the 2004 Tsunami.
In our  remote Bay residents and visitors are unsure if any success can be reported.
Many people are simply too scared to walk on the beach or indeed the road, specially at night. Due to large packs of hungry dogs around.
Below is a copy of one of the stories we covered 5 years ago.
The writer of this article has personally observed that one  particular, disabled bitch alone has had a litter every year since and produced 60 or so pups, most of which appear to be unwell or/and  mentally unstable …..
Something has to be done – This situation is out of control.

The article below was first published 6th Marc, 2007:
The Tsunami Animal People Alliance (TAPA) has, in the true sense of the word: emBarked on a dog sterilization program at Arugam Bay.
Operation Theater
Vets at work @ SVH
In total 300 – 400 dogs are being treated locally. is informed that about 10,000 have been spayed island wide already.
It is said to be the best and most humane method of controlling stray and infected animals.
The visiting, all Sri Lankan team consists of 4 qualified vets and 7 assistants, a van, and a mobile clinic. is informed that a budget of 18$/dog has been secured by foreign donors, most of which (10$) will be used for quality drugs and medicines.
Take a look at the work in the attached photo album. Continue reading ‘Adopt an AbaY dog’

Invest? In Asia’s No.1 Resort of the Future?

There is NO doubt that many investment opportunities exists on Sri Lanka’s under developed East Coast.
We are certain, that this area has our island’s greatest potential.
And everyone will do well here, specially at ARUGAM BAY
We are often asked to assist in finding investors.

Our mission is to support some small business in the Bay.
(But we are also concerned about investor’s safety & security)
Here is – without our own comment – the most recent and also rather professional one:

Investment offer.

Please be advised that (and all of our associated sites and pages) do not check, endorse or recommend any of the published  ofers or any financial transactions.
This is a matter purely between you and the advertisers!

For confidential, impartial & non commercially minded advice contact:


AbaY’s first ATM

Good News!

“Seylan” Bank beats all others. To be AbaY’s 1st

Arugam Bay has today become a proper Tourist Resort!
This ATM is located at the #31 Pacific Hotel
(formerly “Royal Garden”)


However, here is a piece of history:
10 years ago, 2003
A forward thinking local manager of the
Bank of Ceylon
Established Arugam Bay’s FIRST ever BANK:

This was Arugam Bay’s 1st and only Bank

This was situated under the Siam View Hotel
And washed away end 2004
Never to be re-opened
Below is the story about this bank:

Record Breaking Tourist Arrivals @ H’tot

Record Breaking Tourist Arrivals @ H’tot

The Wonder of Asia has finally Taken off!
Our New Airport is coping well  with recent Tourist arrivals.
Everyone is heading towards famous Arugam Bay
Update 1st April, 2013:

Dozens of World Class Airlines singed up for Hambantot

The New Airport can handle it !

Flight No.BI69 arriving from Patna touching down at Hambantot

Rail links are almost near  full capacity

Hambantot Central Railways Station

Continue reading ‘Record Breaking Tourist Arrivals @ H’tot’


No Need!

To bring you own board !
Arugam Bay has plenty of Surf Shops
And low daily rentals

c/c “Arugam Surf”

Image & caption taken from “Arugam Surf” on Facebook.
A popular page with 144,000 ‘Likes’
and more than 60 Million friends-of-friends


Jet Ski trials at Arugam Bay

Navy The S.L. Navy recently entered the lucrative Tourist market. In a big way, with cruises, boat trips, hospitality and whale watching,

Army The Army also has been taking keen interest in the sport of Surfing. Locally based, Commissioned Officers are said to have been observed to Surf Arugam Bay.

Air Force Jet Ski trials at AbaY

STF – Special Tusk Farce The STF is already actively engaged in life-saving duties and Fishery protection excercises

Fishy protection Duties

Air Farce Not to be outdone, has learned that SLAF is now also set to enter the lucrative Tourist sector. So far, none of the Armed Forces appear to be profitable. As jet.

Recently, secret trials were held in the area. Just West of Arugam Bay.

Rigorous training program. Earlier attempts were promising

Jokey Club Furthermore, it is understood that other organisations are considering to jump on the popular Surfing “Band Wagon”

Even the Sri Lanka Jockey Club seems to be considering to divert into some off shore activities:

Jockey Club training session @ Arugam Bay

AbuDubai Race Horses Rulers from the UAE have also spotted Arugam’s potential. Already they have send some of their best Race Horses to be conditioned and trained in the clean air of Arugam’s beaches. Apparently, the humidity and the heat will give Arab based horses a distinct advantage over European competitors in forthcoming races in Dubai’s high Tech race course.

Dubai Horse Race training & conditioning at Arugam Bay

Chinese Interest The Chinese meanwhile have copied popular Jet Ski Designs by Yamaha, Suzuki and Bomadier. Seen here on HD sea trials at AbaY

Ps.: NAAFI? Navy, Army & Air Forces Institutes in action at Arugam Bay 1st April, 2012

Combined Forces. At work in AbaY


New A/c Bus Service. A Logic logistic Idea

Luxury Bus Service to Arugam Bay

At long last! The air conditioned bus service, which we last proposed back in 2007 (see article below) has become a reality.

Shown the Yellow bus. Parked nr. Muslim School @ AbaY

Two new purpose build coaches serve the Colombo – PottuVille (Arugam Bay) sector every day now. Departure: 21:00 daily at SLT office, Punchi Borella, nr. Maradana, Colombo10. This is near the Immigration Dept. Arrival at Arugam Bay: approx. 04:00 am Return: Departure 21:00 PottuVille Town Cente, Arrive : Back in Colombo before sunrise. Price: Rs./ 750 per journey

Clean interior, airy, with a TV & sound

Phone numbers are shown. Other contact given is: 0773 864 656

Just for the record, here is an extract of our ideas 4 or 5 years ago: Published on: Mar 19, 2007 @ 6:33 Apart from security concerns the main problem facing the Bay is the distance from the only International Airport, Colombo. And the high cost of getting across the island. To hire a taxi, van or minibus to take you over 320km of bumpy roads today cost you even more than a flight ticket to Bangkok ($110). So far, there is no comfortable, reliable bus service connecting the Bay. AbaY Tourist Bus Service thinks that a good, say 60 seater air conditioned, second hand Tourist Bus could be purchased for about the same price as one of the houses (nobody really wants anymore) is being put up in the back woods of the Bay, i.e. 1.4Mill. rupees (14,000$). By removing half the seats, fitting the bus out well, including a good sound and vision system and with a team of 4 drivers on rotation shifts this service could travel EVERY day: 06:00 Airport-

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08:00 Colombo/Galle Face- 18:00 Arugam Bay 20:00 Arugam Bay- 06:00 Airport- 08:00 Colombo/Galle Face With the new Southern Highway a motorway a stop off at Hikkaduwa should also be possible. Making this a very interesting and highly lucrative bus route linking the Nation’s capital City with the island’s two main Surf resorts. We are certain, that even locals would love to use this kind of service in future. Furthermore, would totally paint the Tourist bus all round with nature motives of the Bay and Yala East for three reasons:

  • 1.) To promote Arugam Bay and make the resort known in the capital
  • 2.) To demonstrate that regular, daily travel presents no problem
  • 3.) To show checkpoints that this is a TOURIST Bus by such it will make control easier

Indeed, if the operator, drivers and conductors would be security trained: Continue reading ‘New A/c Bus Service. A Logic logistic Idea’

Visit AbaY by Train

It’s very easy. It’s very convenient It’s very safe It’s very cheap, too!

Arriving fresh & rested in the East

Travel to Batticaloa

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courtesy of Sri Lanka Railways.

And connect to Arugam Bay along the beautiful East Coast Below are time tables & prices:

Eastern Line to Batti & back

Intercity Express to Batti & back

Batticaloa is just 100 km North of your favourite Bay. The A4 coastal, main road is perfect these days. Frequent buses connect Batti with PottuVille

On request, a private AbaY shuttle bus or taxi will wait for you at the Main Station when you get off


“Arugambay” challenges Quicksilver & Billabong

Fashion News

A start up Sri Lankan ‘beach brand’ aspires to challenge Billabong and Quicksilver

Arugambay Beach T-Shirt

Sri Lanka’s emerging apparel brands inspired by a stray dog and an East coast beach

Arugambay T-Shirts and Shorts

Developing local brands is challenging because the market is flooded with cheap knockoffs of international brands

Bubble gum coloured flip-flops are the rave among teenagers in Colombo since the Arugambay brand launched its multi hued slippers in 2009. In a simple but crucial way Arugambay improved and made flip- flops in to something surprisingly flattering and fashionable.

Arugambay Flop-Flips

Ajay Virr Sing an Indian living in Sri Lanka and once a fulltime ad-man, launched the Arugambay beachwear brand in 2009, ““We started with flip-flops Continue reading ‘“Arugambay” challenges Quicksilver & Billabong’

(1) Milestones & Statistics

Arugam’s 2011 season is going  to be a blast!
Just a few more days before High Season starts.

On this occasion, below are a few facts & figures. web Mistress informs
Is perhaps Sri Lanka’s oldest web site.
We have been on line for more than 15 years – well before anyone else know what Internet was and what it can do  – here on this island.

Now we are well connected and teamed up with all modern social networking sites.

We have embraced Facebook, Twitter and YouTube a long time ago.
Because all of them offered totally free services to promote our remote little Bay.

We are happy to publish  the following facts:

  • 200,707 Visitors to this site (since 2010) on
  • 100 registered readers (guys who get a short summary into their email)
  • 1,300 unique Posts
  • 400,000  spam messages and posts. All intercepted and blocked
  • 12 Scheduled posts (Important articles which will automatically be published)
  • 470 Tweets on our Twitter site
  • 117 Followers on Twitter

We are amazed how well our associated Facebook page has done:

  • 25,640 Friends on “Arugam Surf
  • 51% FEMALE  FB friends !!
  • 43% Male  users
  • 12,000 of our ‘fans’ are from Sri Lanka
  • 6,000 from Indonesia
  • 2,000 from the Philippines, etc. down to:
  • 107 Germans ….. only.
  • 300,000+ page views

Greening Project goes to Arugam Bay

Arugam's New Road. Previously "Mercy Corps" had a fast growing tree planting program. Under the power lines

The SWITCH-Asia team took the greening message to 44 hoteliers in the Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka on 16 November 2010It was a special invitation extended to the project team by M. H. A. Raheem, the Chairman of the Arugam Bay Tourism Association (ABTA) which was aimed at making the hoteliers aware about the project and its deliverables, namely, enhancing the environmental performance of Sri Lankan hotels through improvement of energy, water and waste management systems.

The participants were enthusiastic about reducing the cost of operations of the hotels at this world famous Surfers’ Paradise.

The hoteliers were keen about the outcome they would receive by participating in the programme which will give them the opportunity to brand and market their hospitality establishments as ‘low carbon foot print hotels’ and thereby increasing the market acceptance among the growing number of eco-conscious tourists. Continue reading ‘Greening Project goes to Arugam Bay’

Smoker’s Research Trip to AbaY

Tripped ‘Outstation’

“Abyss” – A Smoker’s Research Trip

Since the 9th of November I’ve been out of my mind so much it’s insane. From one intoxication to another, bouncing around different locations, I still can’t believe it. Smoking pretty much every strain of grass available in this country, from KG to Manali hash to Ukraine skunk, it’s nuts.

The other day we headed off to Mirissa and stopped by at Hikka on the way. We never thought the grass we bought would be so good till we smoked it and found it hard to get off the bed. Mirissa was just mindblowing, just like the first time. This time was better since we got boogie boards and pretty good treatment from the guys at the Surf Bar. I’ve even got myself a Continue reading ‘Smoker’s Research Trip to AbaY’


And we are back! On Facebook!

Done! Super Happy ARUGAM !

We managed to resurrect our popular Facebook page “Arugam Surf”.
Which was knocked off the net exactly 2 months ago.

Arugam Surf

Please join, participate, submit YOUR photos, videos. Let’s make this page even more popular.
Please understand that we had to add additional security features to avoid access to our hacker ‘friends’ in future.


Community-based development vital for Arugam Bay

The Arugam Bay Tourism Association (ABTA) has commenced an English language course for the youth of this popular beach town, as a first step in introducing community-based development initiatives, aimed at enhancing the capabilities and potential of the community of Arugam Bay.

With Arugam Bay being a popular tourist destination, improving the knowledge of English and creating greater awareness of its importance among the people, is vital for the future development of the industry as well as the individual, said M. H. A. Raheem, Chairman of ABTA. The ongoing spoken English training programme also will support the Government initiatives of attracting 2.5 million tourists by 2016. Continue reading ‘Community-based development vital for Arugam Bay’

Arugam on a Post Stamp

Arugam Bay Beach. A new, special Sri Lanka Post Office Stamp. Value Rs./40. Cost Rs./100