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Wordcup 2010

Advance notice to all Football lovers: Pilex ointment online is pleased to inform you that ALL games will be shown LIVE on at least two BIG screens at Arugam Bay this summer.
Surround sound, good vibes, open air cinema, BBQ and all the trimmings.
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More details will follow soon.

Be here.
With us in the famous Bay!


Cerveceria Modelo to invest in Arugam Bay

Top selling Mexican beers to be produced in Eastern Sri Lanka

Corona (labeledA?Corona Extra) is a brand ofA?pale lager owned and produced byA?Cerveceria Modelo inA?Mexico. It is the top-selling beer in Mexico and is one of the top selling beers worldwide.[2] Corona beer is available in over 150 countries.[3] All C Dipyridamole generic orona beer is brewed and bottled in one of 7 Modelo Breweries in Mexico.
So far.

Corona Extra. The Mexican top selling beer

Outside of Mexico, Corona is to beA?slightlyA?renamed and will be produced A?in a new brewery to be constructed at Arugam Bay. A?A world famous Surf spot and upcoming tourist resort situated in the deep South East of remote Sri Lanka.

To destinguish the new Sri Lanka Export product from the original Mexican label, and in recognition and celebration of local achievements following the end of the long ongoing conflict in Sri Lanka, the following brand name has been proposed:

Caruna Extra. Export to Asian markets only

For this purpose the Mexican global leaders have teamed up with the award winning, butA?widelyA?unknownA?Arugam Bay Surfer’s Beer label under an agreement with the Sri Lanka Government and its Board of Investment Department.

Cerveceria Modelo’s chairman Senioria Condolenzza Gogonzola stated that the Company has welcomed branching out to new markets in the East. Corona is a traditionalA?cultA?beerA?favoredA?by young, active people and is popular with modern party people. A?As world economies are shifting to India, China and Russia it makes no longer sense to ship containers of beer half way around the globe. Continue reading ‘Cerveceria Modelo to invest in Arugam Bay’


Classic Dox – Adrift in Sri Lanka On air: 5 February 2010 13:20 – 1 March 2010 13:20

Producer Marijke van der Meer was holidaying in Sri Lanka when disaster struck in December 2004. Her personal report from one of the country’s devastated towns told of the harrowing situation there and the desperate need for aid.

Award winning (Re-) Broadcast on 1st March, 2010 How to order allopurinol online
In the southeastern Sri Lankan coastal town of Pottovil – a town with an ethnic mix of Singhalese and Tamils, Muslims and Buddhists – a golden statue of Buddha stares serenely over Arugam Bay. The bay was a Mecca for surfers, who stayed in guesthouses with names such as Chill Space Surf, Hideaway, Aloha and even the Tsunami Beach Hotel. The statue of Buddha is one of the few fully intact constructions in this demolished town where a thick layer of muddy dirt covers the ground.

Destruction and death

Arugam Bay after Tsunami 2004

Soldiers look on as bulldozers shove aside trees and bricks from destroyed dwellings. The bodies of some 1,000 people – killed within a few seconds of the tsunami – have been recovered. But there are many others missing and many families who have no roofs over their heads and are in so-called ‘collection centres’.

The medical situation is critical in this isolated district, where several people are saying that they feel neglected by the authorities because Continue reading ‘Classic Dox – Adrift in Sri Lanka On air: 5 February 2010 13:20 – 1 March 2010 13:20’


A true Paradise on Earth. Just 10m South of Arugambay

The Panama beach itself was a paradise on earth.

Unspoiled Panama beach

The sand dunes stretching along the beach made us stop our jeep and walk a short distance to the turquoise sea beach which stretched endlessly without a single sign of habitation.
A typical Robinson Crusoe atmosphere.
The pink rocks of Panama stood out at the far end of the beach.
The evening sunlight made them glow pinker.

Panama Point. Looking North to Arugam Bay

Here too were monkeys running up and down.
The beach was covered with exquisite marine plant life. It suddenly dawned on us that this may be one of the only beaches left untouched by civilization and pollution.
We were mindful not to tread on the plants or drive over them in our jeep.

Untouched Panama. A true Paradise

This beach with its abundant plant life must be saved for people to see and admire.
It should not meet the fate of the Nilaveli or Passikudah.

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Badly polluted Passekudah Beach area

We remembered the native American saying:
a??We did not inherit the earth from our parents, we are borrowing it from our children!a??

(The above is a highlighted , illustrated A?extract from the previous post / traveler’s report) Buy tamoxifen canada

New Tools ….@ Arugam

Self-help is best

To our knowledge, was the first and perhaps only media which embraced new tools, such as this site, within hours of the 2004 Tsunami. Back then, we realized the wealth of options the internet can provide. Complimented by Twitter and Facebook, as well a s YouTube we tried to show that self help can be cheap.
No doubt it is best and also possible, as we managed to show.

some of Arugam's admins mid 2009

In our case communication from an area which had no power and no telephones it was more of a challenge than many of you, in developed places can imagine.
Various Generators, direct Inmarsat connections and many other innovations were needed and found.
This web site coordinated immediate self-help within days or even hours of the 2004 waves. And weA? continued our work to promote “Arugam Bay” ever since.
It is hoped that the local Community, for which this site was conceived, will soon understand the power of the net. And hopefully participate more in our approach.
In this context the article below has caught our attention.
We will continue to seek more avenues to drum up a bit of support and attention.
The “Best of British” award is one example – and this kind of promo is not only cheap, but free. We are in a continuous learning process. Thanks for being one of our readers!

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Aid agencies ‘must use new tools’

By Jason Palmer
Science and technology reporter, BBC News

Ushahidi on mobile

Ushahidi is a free and open-source information-sharing platform

The “crowd-sourced” data that comes from victims of natural disasters and conflicts is now a crucial part in disaster management, says a new report.

The UN Foundation/Vodafone Foundation Partnership report outlines examples of new technologies that mitigate conflicts and save lives worldwide.

A report author said it reveals that aid agencies “fail to take advantage” of new tools available.

It says a number of challenges remain to maximise the tools’ potential.

The partnership is a $30m, 5-year plan that joins the humanitarian arms of each group, with a focus on the technological aspects of aid.

The new report outlines a number of technological tools that have already proven their worth, or could be put to better use. Continue reading ‘New Tools ….@ Arugam’

AbaY Hotel nominated for Best of British Award

Nominated for the Best of British Award by the Daily Telegraph, London

The SVH on the Surfer’s Bay of Arugam. Established 1977 by a devout CAMRA member. The “Siam View” is still run by the same Manx expat and his family to this day. Despite the 30 war years and 2004 Tsunami this place never once closed its doors for even one single day. Home of more than a dozen all natural draft beers. Continue reading ‘AbaY Hotel nominated for Best of British Award’


Day 2 Arugam bay, Kudumbigala Monastery and Getting back to Batti highly recommends the following, well researched traveler’s report
from innovative “sinhalaya travels“.
Note their slogan: …..A? “it’s hardcore, maan”…..



After a short hiatus we are back withA?more onA?our backpacking venture. Expect more posts on more travels in the near future. You can also view a short grainy video of our stay at Aa??Bay here.

Day 2 saw us still at Arugam Bay and wondering what to do next. Consulting the trusty Lonely Planet Guide it was found that there is a rock monastery built in the middle of the jungle many centuries ago. The place is called Kudumbigala and further searching on the internet provided us with more information on it. Lonely Planet had never been thereA?due toA?the area being closedA?in times of war. Naturally, we jumped at the chance.

Getting to the Monastery

The monastery is located roughly 30Kms down the road south of Arugam Bay. The road heads fromA? Arugam Bay to Panama, which is about 16 kms away. Continue reading ‘Day 2 Arugam bay, Kudumbigala Monastery and Getting back to Batti’

Germany mentions Arugam Bay (!)

Sri Lanka: a small universe with great potential

Welcome to your new post, Herr Botschafter!

Welcome to your new post, Herr Botschafter!

a?? German What is the cost of cytoxan Ambassador Herr Jens Uwe Plotner

With the security situation in the country rapidly improving with the collapse of the LTTE in May this year, Germany has further relaxed travel restrictions imposed on German nationals visiting Sri Lanka.

The German Embassy said that a long standing travel advisory had been eased enabling German tourists to visit Yala National Park and Arugam Bay. Continue reading ‘Germany mentions Arugam Bay (!)’

Arugam Bay, There and dragged back again

An excellent video clip!
and great, fitting sounds.

Produced by talented young Sri Lankans

How much does azulfidine cost

It looks like Jerrya??s clip ( The guys in the clip are me ( and Halik ( I posted my impressions here:

We love A-Bay very much, thanks for what youa??re doing

Remark from all of us atA? Purchase acivir suspension
Thank YOU – for your contribution and kind words!


Never been to: Arugambay

I have neverA?a??A?.

HmmmmmA?a??A?. Okay, I have decided to keep this light heartedA?a??A?. Purchase micronase pregnancy :)

I have neverA?a??A?.

Bungee jumpedA?a??A?. but hope I will do that someday

Scuba DivedA?a??A?. and probably never will after a certain movie called A?a??E?JawsA?a??a??

Ridden on the back of a A?a??E?Well of DeathA?a??a?? bikeA?a??A?. and I so wanna do that!

Eaten deep fried worms, cockroaches, grasshoppers, etc

Been able to carry a tuneA?a??A?.. even if I was given a bucket

Been to Arugam Bay

Not eaten anything IA?a??a??ve personally cookedA?a??A?. and that takes a lot of determination (believe me)

Punched out anyone in officeA?a??A?.. But IA?a??a??ve come sooooooo close!!

Climbed a coconut tree

ThatA?a??a??s it for meA?a??A?. IA?a??a??m sure thereA?a??a??s loads more but this is all that comes to mind right now.


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  1. themissingsandwich Says:

    DonA?a??a??t lie Paul. When your parents were in Germany your mother left you a recipe for dhal which you cooked and ate for a month

  2. thekillromeoproject Says:

    UmA?a??A?. thatA?a??a??s what I meantA?a??A? A?a??A?I have never NOT eaten anything IA?a??a??ve personally cookedA?a??A?A?a??A?. :)

Links to Great Web Sites about S.L.

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Paddle4relief Presents Current Top US Artist

September 14th, 2008

Paddle for Relief

After 2 successful Paddle4relief music gigs, P4R are returning to A?a??A?The AggiA?a??A?, Braunton, with a headliner all the way from the USA. The Tom Fuller Band, plus support from local bands and artists will show off their talent on Saturday 20th September. The P4R music events are getting bigger every year with more and more people supporting the charity whilst enjoying the sounds of live acoustic, blues, indie, punk and rock music. The local charity has it nailed when it comes to putting a show together. The Tom Fuller Band The Tom Fuller Band are a rock outfit from Chicago, US, yet seem much more British in their delivery. They have that certain humour and tongue in cheek approach that bands from this side of the water seem to have mastered. Vocal harmonies are very much in comparisons with the Beatles, and I suppose, the Beach Boys, and they are not afraid to dabble in the realms of pop before returning to a more melodic rock approach The Tom Fuller Band gives new meaning to melodic classic pop rock music. His heartfelt inspiration of life experiences come through in the classic soft rock music he writes and sings. Each melodic rock tune on his CD LP A?a??A?CHASING AN ILLUSIONA?a??A? represents a classical contemporary pop rock music sound that invokes emotion that can be felt in each melodic verse. Plus Support Mendella Mendella are a five piece band from North Devon, after their return from Belgium, they are ready to A?a??A?On Top Of The WorldA?a??A?. This electrically energetic band entertains all ages and is building a strong relationship with all listeners. What they lack in age, they make up for in musical ability and performance experience. They have a wide and varied spectrum of influences that blend into their own style of punk rock. Toby Parker on drums, Chappell on lead guitar, Jude Davies on bass, Green Jay on guitar and Butters vocals always wins the crowds over with their confidence and British rock culture. Douglas E Powell Douglas E PowellA?a??a??s eclectic mix of acoustic guitar and harmonious vocals is certainly a good fit in the West Country. His music aura turns everyoneA?a??a??s attention to the stage embracing the crowdA?a??a??s hearts. The mix of Americana and folk music sends out a comforting yet reflective message to the ear. There is depth and meaning to the songs and you find yourself trying to identify the mood of each tune. Becky Loney Becky enjoys singing soul and jazzy tunes and exploring vocal harmonies but also loves working on different projects that enable her to experiment with different styles of music. Her soulful sound sends chills down your spine. Becky has been performing as a professional singer for the past nine years and has been fortunate enough to have experienced a very colourful career. She has been involved in a variety of musical projects from dance bands, duos, trios on ships and various other venues to touring and recording with original bands. The Chimps with Lipsticks Aydan, Ben, Kiya, Ollie and Sam are members that are not shy to Indie, rock and acoustic talent on the stage, with their local fan base; it is always a full house. They have flare and charisma to fire you up for a pure rock night. Their success has been evident finishing in the top 3 of A?a??A?The Battle of the BandsA?a??A?.

Most importantly, the money that P4R raises from the music gigs that have been held this year will be taken back to the little fishing village known as Arugam Bay, on the South East Coast of Sri Lanka. The development in the village has been overwhelming. Tim Tanton has rebuilt new schools, cabanas, tea rooms, also formed a swimming club for the children to rebuild their confidence back. Most recently designed and implemented a new water supply project with well renovations. The rebuilding of this beautiful community would not be possible without the support and commitment of people all across the UK. P4R have raised A?A?5,000 since January this year. Please join us in celebrating the hard work and efforts and enjoy an electric rock night. A?a??A?The AggiA?a??A? Braunton Saturday 20th September 2008 7pm -12pm Entry Filed under: Musical Line Up, The AGGI SESSIONS

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Focus on the East

Intelligence units have claimed some NGOs have provided rations and other assistance to LTTE units presently operating inside Yala Sanctuary. They have given this assistance in the guise of helping Hindu pilgrims making their annual pilgrimage by foot from the East to Kataragama. The rations and other equipment are believed to have been given between Okanda and Panama Purchase proventil inhaler Duration of coumadin treatment for dvt in Ampara.

Meanwhile ethnic violence rose its ugly head again in the East with the assassination of the TMVP Political Head for Kathankudy Shanthan and his aide Raman Parasuraman while riding a motorbike near Kathankudy Bus stand at noon today by alleged ‘Jihadi’ Gunmen notorious for their activities in the Muslim enclave of Kathankudy, 3kms from Batticaloa Town.

TMVP gunmen killed 3 Muslims in retaliation at around 12.20pm injuring 11 civilians including one Sinhalese near Arayampathi Tamil village. The Karuna group is notorious for its anti-Muslim stance despite having a Muslim spokesman. Defence sector sources warned growing ethnic disharmony could facilitate furhter LTTE infiltrations.

The TMVP resettled a large number of Tamils from former LTTE controlled areas at Karbala, a village originally belonging to Muslims from Kathankudy. Shanthan played an important role in that and also in the recent election campaign for the TMVP from his office at Kathankudy.

Meanwhile M.L.A.M. Hizbullah was sworn in today as the Minister of Health for the Eastern Province. Government Muslim leaders and others in the East had convinced Hizbullah to accept the post after he initially elected to leave the UPFA with two loyalists.

Sri Lanka also lost its seat in the Human Rights Council but managed to gain 101 votes, more than half the seats of the council, which is 97 seats. Sri Lanka won 123 seats last year. Pakistan, despite being under a military rule, won what could have been Sri Lanka’s seat in the council.


Co2 neutral

10 Millionen BA?A?ume in 5 Jahren A?a??a??
Sri Lanka will Co2 neutral werden

Frankfurt/Colombo Mai 2008: Zehn Millionen BA?A?ume will der Rotary Club von Sri Lanka in den kommenden fA?A?nf Jahren als Beitrag zum Klimaschutz pflanzen. Die ehrgeizige Aktion ist Teil einer Tourismusinitiative, die Sri Lanka anlA?A?sslich der Umweltkonferenz der Vereinten Nationen im vergangenen Oktober in Davos angekA?A?ndigt hat. Das groA?A?angelegte A?a??A?Earth Lung ProjektA?a??A? zielt darauf, schA?A?dliche Emissionen, wie zum Beispiel durch den Flugverkehr verursacht, nachhaltig zu reduzieren und die Insel zu einem kohlendioxidfreien Ferienziel zu machen.

A?a??A?Auch Touristen denken beim Reisen zunehmend an die Folgen fA?A?r die UmweltA?a??A?, meint Channa Jayasinghe, Direktor des Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau in Frankfurt. A?a??A?Wir sehen der Tatsache ins Auge, dass viele unserer GA?A?ste eine lange Anreise haben und wollen alles tun, um den SchadstoffausstoA?A? zu minimieren.A?a??A?

Sri Lanka soll Co2 neutral werden lautet die strikte Zielsetzung mit deren Umsetzung bereits begonnen wurde: In der reizvollen Bergregion von Hunas Falls fiel kA?A?rzlich mit einer ersten groA?A?en Pflanzaktion der Startschuss fA?A?r das langfristig angelegte, gewaltige Aufforstungsprojekt.

Bereits heute bedecken die tropischen WA?A?lder rund 24% der GesamtflA?A?che der Insel. Die WA?A?lder nehmen Kohlenstoff auf und kompensieren so den AusstoA?A? durch die Verbrennung von fossilen EnergietrA?A?gern, wie Kerosin und A?a??l. Eine nachhaltige Forstwirtschaft soll die tropischen WA?A?lder der Insel als wichtige CO2 Speicher pflegen und flA?A?chenmA?A?A?A?ig ausdehnen.

Ganz im Zeichen der Umweltinitiative steht auch das kommende A?a??A?Vogue Lifestyles WeekendA?a??A? vom 30. Mai bis 1. Juni 2008 im Colombo. Amtierende SchA?A?nheitskA?A?niginnen aus aller Welt werden anlA?A?sslich der bedeutenden Fashion-Show A?a??A?grA?A?neA?a??A? Mode von asiatischen Top-Designern auf dem Catwalk prA?A?sentieren: farbenprA?A?chtige Roben aus naturbelassenen Materialien und phantasievollen Dekors, die die Natur reflektieren. Der ErlA?A?s kommt dem nationalen Aufforstungsprojekt zugute.

Glucophage price in philippines Auch Sri Lankas Textilindustrie schlieA?A?t sich der Initiative an: Zwei der grA?A?A?A?ten Textilhersteller haben bereits mehrere Millionen Euro zur VerfA?A?gung gestellt, um ihre Produktion umzurA?A?sten und so die Freisetzung von Co2 zu minimieren und nachhaltig Energie und Wasser einzusparen. Weitere Industriebetriebe wollen im Laufe des Jahres folgen. Order arcoxia prospect

Channa Jayasinghe: A?a??A?Das gewaltige Vorhaben gewinnt in Sri Lanka immer mehr an Fahrt und wir wA?A?rden uns freuen wenn sich weitere LA?A?nder anschlieA?A?en.A?a??A?

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Over 10,000 families to benefit from re-awakening project

Purchase panmycin aqua

By Anura Maitipe

Rs. 2.5 million has been allocated under the re-awakening project to improve the livelihood of over 10,500 conflict-affected families in the Batticaloa district. This was made known at a ceremony held to launch the project last week at the Hindu College, Batticaloa.

Minister of Nation Building and Estate Infrastructure, Susantha Punchinilame said the concept of this project is different and it has given authority to the people in those areas to select suitable projects needed by them. Funds have already been allocated for these projects.

Minister of Disaster Relief Services Amir Ali said let us forget the past and now peace has dawn in the East. Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims should get-together and create harmony by alleviating poverty in the district.

The newly elected Batticaloa Municipal Council Mayor, Padmini Prabhakaran said, people in the East can help in implementing projects designed by them. They have proved it by the ballot and it was a clear signal to the whole world that we need peace and development and not terrorism.

The Project Director, P. H. Sugathadasa said, the aim of the project is to help people in conflict affected areas in the Northern and Eastern provinces to improve their livelihood.

Under this project it was the community who decided, planned and implemented all projects and not the authorities, he said. With the completion of this project rural infrastructure facilities will be improved, more arid lands will be irrigated, the agricultural produce and income of people in these areas will also increase. Those who were newly re-settled with the restoration of peace in the East will benefit from the project.

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Simple Wisdom

Liebe Freunde,
Nach langer Zeit mA?A?chte ich wieder mal ein Lebenszeichen und ein Update A?A?ber unsere Projekte in Sri Lanka schicken.
Die letzten 3 Monate habe ich in Sri Lanka und diesmal auch in Indien verbracht und Yoga unterrichtet.
Ich werde mich kA?A?nftig nicht mehr so lange auf der Insel aufhalten und mich mehr auf Yoga-Workshops in A?a??sterreich und Europa konzentrieren. (Workshoptermine siehe
Dank meiner verlA?A?sslichen Mitarbeiter in Sri Lanka und meines neuen A?A?sterreichischen Mitarbeiter Martin Hartl(siehe unten), werden dennoch die Sozial-Projekte bis auf weiteres weiterlaufen.
Die Situation auf Sri Lanka wird zunehmend dramatischer. Der Konflikt wird immer blutiger, die wirtschaftliche Situation bei 25 % Inflation immer schlechter, und die Skepsis gegen auslA?A?ndische Organisationen die auf der Insel sozial aktiv sind immer grA?A?sser.
Folgende Projekte werden derzeit von uns betreut oder sind in Planung:
  • Gerade wird ein Damm fA?A?r die Ureinwohner gebaut (siehe Foto) und ein weiteres Dammprojekt ist im konfliktbelasteten nA?A?rdlichen Zentralland in Planung.
  • An der OstkA?A?ste unterstA?A?tzen wir weiterhin Camps und KriegsflA?A?chtlingsfamilien (siehe den Blogauszug im Pdf-Anhang).
  • Ein WA?A?rterbuch fA?A?r die Veddha-Sprache der Ureinwohner in Sri Lanka ist in der Endphase.
  • Einige small-scale businesses (NA?A?hmaschinen) sind im Entstehen und
  • die Schulbeihilfen von ca. 40 SchA?A?lern/innen und GehA?A?lter fA?A?r Lehrer / KindergA?A?rtnerinnen gehen weiter.
  • Unser Teilzeit-Mitarbeiter Shanil, der gegenwA?A?rtig in Australien studiert, hat in Zusammenarbeit mit einer Sri Lanka UniversitA?A?t ein Konzept fA?A?r erneuerbare Enerigien durch Biogas fA?A?r ein Dorf entwickelt. Auf der seiner Suche nach Patnern werden wir dieses Projekt entsprechend unserer finanziellenA?A?MA?A?glichkeiten unterstA?A?tzen. Mehr Info dazu findet Ihr im Anhang; Shanil kannA?A?auch direkt erreicht werden unter:
Simple Wisdom hat seit letztem Jahr einen neuen Mitarbeiter: Martin Hartl ist fA?A?r ein effektives Handy-Projekt entwickelt bei demA?A?kaputte Handys A?A?ber eine Behinderte-WerkstA?A?tte in A?a??sterreich wieder in Stand gesetzt und A?A?ber e-bay verkauft werden. Der ErlA?A?s daraus wird unseren Projekten zur VerfA?A?gung gestellt.
Martin ist zZ auf einer Projektreise in Sri Lanka und wird nach seiner RA?A?ckkehr einen zusammenfassenden Bericht im Internet verA?A?ffentlichen.
Falls jemand von Euch ausgediehnte oder deffekte Handys zu Hause oder in Eurem Bekanntenkreis A?A?brig hat, kA?A?nnenA?A? wir diese mit wenig Aufwand aber groA?A?en Ertrag in Projektengelder umwandeln.

Bitte an meine Addresse schicken: Florian Palzinsky, Kasten 31, 4893 Zell am Moos.

Wir suchen auch direkte Kontakte zu Schulen die an Handy-Sammelaktionen interessiert sind; und an Kontakten zu Netzbetreibern (wie A1, T-Mobile, One, 3, etc) undA?A?Handy-Shop-Leiter,A?A?A?A?ber die wir eine grA?A?A?A?ere Mengen an Handys beziehen kA?A?nnen.A?A?
mit herzlichen GrA?A?ssen aus Sri Lanka,
PS zum angehA?A?ngten Foto, das wA?A?hrend der Damm-Vermessung im Februar gemacht wurde:
Rechts: Wanniyala Etho, der HA?A?uptling der Ureinwohner
Links: Thushara, mein Hauptmitarbeiter
Zweiter von Rechts: Suren, der fA?A?r das Dammprojekt verantwortlich ist.

Bitte um Benachrichtigung, falls keine weiteren Simple Wisdom Projek-Infos erwA?A?nscht sind. Buy dulcolax tablets online india