Paddle4relief Presents Current Top US Artist

September 14th, 2008

Paddle for Relief

After 2 successful Paddle4relief music gigs, P4R are returning to A?a??A?The AggiA?a??A?, Braunton, with a headliner all the way from the USA. The Tom Fuller Band, plus support from local bands and artists will show off their talent on Saturday 20th September. The P4R music events are getting bigger every year with more and more people supporting the charity whilst enjoying the sounds of live acoustic, blues, indie, punk and rock music. The local charity has it nailed when it comes to putting a show together. The Tom Fuller Band The Tom Fuller Band are a rock outfit from Chicago, US, yet seem much more British in their delivery. They have that certain humour and tongue in cheek approach that bands from this side of the water seem to have mastered. Vocal harmonies are very much in comparisons with the Beatles, and I suppose, the Beach Boys, and they are not afraid to dabble in the realms of pop before returning to a more melodic rock approach The Tom Fuller Band gives new meaning to melodic classic pop rock music. His heartfelt inspiration of life experiences come through in the classic soft rock music he writes and sings. Each melodic rock tune on his CD LP A?a??A?CHASING AN ILLUSIONA?a??A? represents a classical contemporary pop rock music sound that invokes emotion that can be felt in each melodic verse. Plus Support Mendella Mendella are a five piece band from North Devon, after their return from Belgium, they are ready to A?a??A?On Top Of The WorldA?a??A?. This electrically energetic band entertains all ages and is building a strong relationship with all listeners. What they lack in age, they make up for in musical ability and performance experience. They have a wide and varied spectrum of influences that blend into their own style of punk rock. Toby Parker on drums, Chappell on lead guitar, Jude Davies on bass, Green Jay on guitar and Butters vocals always wins the crowds over with their confidence and British rock culture. Douglas E Powell Douglas E PowellA?a??a??s eclectic mix of acoustic guitar and harmonious vocals is certainly a good fit in the West Country. His music aura turns everyoneA?a??a??s attention to the stage embracing the crowdA?a??a??s hearts. The mix of Americana and folk music sends out a comforting yet reflective message to the ear. There is depth and meaning to the songs and you find yourself trying to identify the mood of each tune. Becky Loney Becky enjoys singing soul and jazzy tunes and exploring vocal harmonies but also loves working on different projects that enable her to experiment with different styles of music. Her soulful sound sends chills down your spine. Becky has been performing as a professional singer for the past nine years and has been fortunate enough to have experienced a very colourful career. She has been involved in a variety of musical projects from dance bands, duos, trios on ships and various other venues to touring and recording with original bands. The Chimps with Lipsticks Aydan, Ben, Kiya, Ollie and Sam are members that are not shy to Indie, rock and acoustic talent on the stage, with their local fan base; it is always a full house. They have flare and charisma to fire you up for a pure rock night. Their success has been evident finishing in the top 3 of A?a??A?The Battle of the BandsA?a??A?.

Most importantly, the money that P4R raises from the music gigs that have been held this year will be taken back to the little fishing village known as Arugam Bay, on the South East Coast of Sri Lanka. The development in the village has been overwhelming. Tim Tanton has rebuilt new schools, cabanas, tea rooms, also formed a swimming club for the children to rebuild their confidence back. Most recently designed and implemented a new water supply project with well renovations. The rebuilding of this beautiful community would not be possible without the support and commitment of people all across the UK. P4R have raised A?A?5,000 since January this year. Please join us in celebrating the hard work and efforts and enjoy an electric rock night. A?a??A?The AggiA?a??A? Braunton Saturday 20th September 2008 7pm -12pm Entry Filed under: Musical Line Up, The AGGI SESSIONS

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