Over 10,000 families to benefit from re-awakening project

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By Anura Maitipe

Rs. 2.5 million has been allocated under the re-awakening project to improve the livelihood of over 10,500 conflict-affected families in the Batticaloa district. This was made known at a ceremony held to launch the project last week at the Hindu College, Batticaloa.

Minister of Nation Building and Estate Infrastructure, Susantha Punchinilame said the concept of this project is different and it has given authority to the people in those areas to select suitable projects needed by them. Funds have already been allocated for these projects.

Minister of Disaster Relief Services Amir Ali said let us forget the past and now peace has dawn in the East. Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims should get-together and create harmony by alleviating poverty in the district.

The newly elected Batticaloa Municipal Council Mayor, Padmini Prabhakaran said, people in the East can help in implementing projects designed by them. They have proved it by the ballot and it was a clear signal to the whole world that we need peace and development and not terrorism.

The Project Director, P. H. Sugathadasa said, the aim of the project is to help people in conflict affected areas in the Northern and Eastern provinces to improve their livelihood.

Under this project it was the community who decided, planned and implemented all projects and not the authorities, he said. With the completion of this project rural infrastructure facilities will be improved, more arid lands will be irrigated, the agricultural produce and income of people in these areas will also increase. Those who were newly re-settled with the restoration of peace in the East will benefit from the project.

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