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Leta??s Go Surfina?? Now at Arugam Bay

Hostels in Sri Lanka

A laid-back village on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay is one of the best places in the world for surfing, and has been a favorite of the long-term community for decades. Thanks to the steady presence of chilled-out expats, the town has a cool, low-key vibe which wea??ve not seen anywhere else on the island. Great restaurants serving a variety of cuisine, comfy beach-side lodging, hip lounges, a happy mix of foreigners and expatsa?? and of course, incredible waves.

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Although wea??re not surfers, we enjoyed the way of life here so much that we stayed for five days. The restaurants alone were worth the extended stopover.
Our favorite was the Siam Lounge, owned by a Dutch guy whoa??s been here since 1977 (and looks exactly like a Dutch guy whoa??s been in a Sri Lankan surf town for 34 years) and his Thai wife.
The upper-floor lounge area serves potent German-style brews and delicious Thai cuisine, while a 60s-heavy soundtrack accompanies surf-dude highlights playing in a loop on a projection screen. After so many nights spent scarfing down rice and curry in dingy restaurants while Sinhalese pop squealed from cheap speakers, the Siam Lounge was paradise.

Our last couple nights were spent in a beach-side cabin, complete with hammock and deck mattress. We should have tried surfing, but this was our vacation. After two months spent running around Sri Lanka, we didna??t want to do anything except turn our brains off and lounge around.

But although we couldna??t be bothered to get on boards, we did take a trip to Whiskey Point to watch surfers ply their trade. This was during the off-season, but the waves were still decent a?? they come all the way from Antarctica to crash on Arugam Baya??s shores, with no other landmass to impede them. We had fun watching the guys and girls catch the waves, and I felt a pinch of envy. Next time Ia??m at Arugam Bay, Ia??ll try it out.

Location of Arugam Bay on our Map
-A?Learn To Surf

Arugam Bay Happy Place

Dream Beach Purchase minomycin 50mg

Camel Toe

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Direct FB links added now

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Facebook seems to replace many traditional web pages.
To keep up with developments, we have now added all known Facebook PAGES of Arugam’s Establishments. Contact them tru the link display on the left of this page!

Daily News

Arugam's second 'Tsunami'

….. several illegal constructions in Arugam Bay were demolished last week……

Illegal constructions out in coastal belt

Disna Mudalige

* More powers to CCD by new law

*Demolition costs to be recovered from offenders Xenical comprar online argentina

The Coast Conservation Department (CCD) has decided to take strict action against illegal constructions in the coastal belt using the new powers vested in it under the amended Coastal Conservation Act approved by Parliament recently.

CCD Director General Anil Premaratne told the Daily News that court cases will be filed against owners of these illegal buildings and a fine not less than Rs 5,000 and not more than Rs 25,000 will be imposed on them at the first conviction.

He said that if the offenders who maintain the illegal constructions continue the same offence disregarding the court decision, the amended Act has the provisions to impose a fine not less than Rs 1,000 and not more than Rs 5,000 per day on them.

He said that unauthorized constructions in the coastal belt have resulted in accelerated coastal erosion and pollution and therefore the CCD has decided to strictly implement these laws.

Premaratne said that the unauthorized buildings which are built very close to the sea will be demolished and the expenses spent on them will be recovered from the offenders. He said that several illegal constructions in Arugam Bay were demolished last week and this process will also be carried out in other coastal areas.

He observed that the coastal stretch in the Southern Province comprises the majority of illegal constructions.

He also explained that legal action will also be sought for the illegal fillings of water bodies and sand mining. The amended Act has also made provisions to arrest an offender without a warrant for violating its laws and regulations aiming for an efficient coastal conservation and coastal resource management.


Link to A?Facebook page “Save Arugam Bay”:

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Sri Lanka a?? A world within an island

Arugam Bay: The most visited destination on the east coast Order indocin online ,

Impressions of Arugam Bay's formerly much more FREE year's Party scenes

Arugam Bay comprises of beach accommodation that follows the Panama road. Surfers can have a blast here, since Arugam Generic avodart uk has the best surfing waves on the entire island between to months of April to October.
However, even those who are not too much into the adventurous spirit can enjoy here with a wide range of options for seafood and partying.
Even the off season here is great for those who want some peace and quiet. Besides this, tourists can view birdlife, crocodiles and elephants in the nearby areas very easily.

Arugam Bay: Riding High on waves to Recovery

It may be a sleepy village but Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka is a great place to get some winter sun and hit the surf. How much estrogen is in alesse 28

Arugam is also a traditional fishing Bay

You must move, it will charge,a?? shouts a tuk-tuk driver as the elephant goes out of view to my right. Besides the threat of stampeding wild elephants, therea??s a lot to take in on the A4 to Arugam Bay on Sri Lankaa??s war-torn, tsunami-battered east coast. The road itself is being rebuilt and a hangover from 25 years of the civil war, which ended last May, means every road in the country is peppered with military outposts, roadblocks and army personnel.

Sri Lanka’s best Surf spot. Is Arugam Bay

But Arugam Bay is shining a light for better things to come on the countrya??s untouched east coast. The colourful jumble of guest houses, cabanas and shops have been built and rebuilt. The slogans on some T-shirts state a??The Birth Of A Surfing Nationa?? but any Aussie surfer will tell you this point break has been a boarder mecca for years. Continue reading ‘Arugam Bay: Riding High on waves to Recovery’


Travel industry poised for a spirited upsurge

Daily News. by Philip Fernando

…… Places like Kalpitiya, Pasikudah, Kuchchaweli, and Arugam Bay-the surfing haven, Yala, Wilpattu, Koneswaran temple in Trincomalee or Unawatuna beach-just to name a few- are entering the tourist lexicon like Banda Aceh or Pattaya Beach….. Himalaya speman purchase online

Underpinning the tourist revival is the fact that Sri Lanka is emerging a popular destination for many seeking to fill their leisure amidst the countrya??s idyllic setting. The laid-back and the debonair are being increasingly lured to our shores as an assured place for respite or revelry.

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Golden beaches and tropical climate, main tourist attractions. File photo

More importantly, the countrya??s stunning diversity embodying cultural sites, historical treasures, the sun-drenched beaches and trendy urbane hotels promises it to be a captivating destination.

It is also a fact that professionalism inherently linked to tourism, the new tier in social networking had been well-articulated by Sri Lankans practising this trade. Its vexing demands are met quite competently by thousands who are in it for good.

Sri Lankans seemed quite adept at it now. The long drought brought on by the terror war did not dim their hopes. Continue reading ‘Travel industry poised for a spirited upsurge’

Beach Bar Quotes Arugam Bay

Quotes from anA?Arugam Bay Beach Bar

“We are perceivers. The world that we perceive, though, is an illusion.a??

a??Cast aside all clinging and the essence will at once emerge.a??

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A menu with a difference @ The SVH, Arugam Bay

a??Even if only in your imagination, it is still good to escape the sadness of everyday life and spend some time in another world.a??

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a??What the caterpillar calls the end of the world. One should see as a new butterfly.a??

Shalita, New Mexico



Last Chance to support Europe at Arugam Bay

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Many Football fans are A?happy to have followed every single A? Isoniazid cost Football World Cup match on vacation, and not at home.

Special License times at AbaY. Fun for All

Enjoy the Finals in a similar setting, with the ocean behind at Arugam Bay!

At Arugam Bay everyone enjoyed:
UninterruptedA?coverage, Free attendance, good company, nice music, cheap booze!
And aA?fantasticA?backdrop with the blue ocean behind

Now, there is justA?the Grand Final to be shown.
Below are the dates and times, relevant for Sri Lanka:

The Grand Final is on:
Sunday night (11/12th July)
The game will be at MIDNIGHT

The party will only finish at Sun Rise with a BIG Splash into the clear Indian Ocean Waters!

Match Date – Time Venue Results
64 12/07 00:00 Johannesburg Netherlands Netherlands Preview Spain Spain

Julian’s After Party at Arugambay

ASP Winner Julian Wilson enjoying a cool blonde after his victory

Julian and his supporters

The real party kicked off after the departure of the ASP winner Julian and lasted until sunrise. Sadly, our hero had to catch a flight the same night following his epic win at Arugam Bay Order silvitra online

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World Cup shown LIVE at Arugam Bay

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world cupTop Question today:

Some unuasual (sic) question.
As you know there will be the world cup in 2 weeks.
Will it be possible to watch the games in Sri-Lanka
as a non-football country?I am now still in central-asia.
Thank you”

The 2006 World cup @ the SVH. More impressions and memories in gallery below

Answer submitted by the SVH, A?Arugam Bay:

The SVH (Siam View Hotel) has shown all major games LIVE on two huge screens for many, many years. Surround sound, open air cinema, best draft home-produced all natural beer etc.

Cheap himcocid Three stand-by generators! Power cuts are frequent.
This is the place to be and enjoy the world cup in a great setting overlooking the entire Bay.
And in the Company of a great crowd.
Other hotels will also show the games, on small TV’s, as many now have a simple Dialog Sat. connection.


“Best Pub in Sri Lanka” Award goes to Arugam Bay

The Siam View Hotel (SVH) as been voted to be The Best Pub / Bar in Sri Lanka
By the Daily Telegraph, London, UK

Best Pub / Bar Award

The Siam View Hotel is now not only classed as the best Pub / Bar in Sri Lanka, but is now in with a chance of becoming the Best in the World.

continue to read the background of this nomination… Continue reading ‘“Best Pub in Sri Lanka” Award goes to Arugam Bay’


Alcoholics in Arugam Bay

spotted on Earthcape. Text shown: near Wattegama, Sri

Lanka by User_382562


Magical KumbukRiver unveils a special package for Sri Lankans

Magic stopovers on the way to Arugam Bay Buy triamcinolone injection
Sri Lanka’s highest awarded resort brand KumbukRiver has just introduced a special rate package that allows more locals to spend a private holiday at its celebrated eco resort on the edge of Yala.A? The resort which sells at US$ 250 perA? couple for a night, now offers special rates from Rs.3500/- per person full board especially designed for locals who appreciate a holiday at one with nature’s splendor.

KumbukRiver Eco Extraordinaire ( Intlo illalu vantintlo priyuralu movie online veoh, awarded as the world’s leading eco-lodge by the coveted World Travel Awards, is a private getaway nestled on a 16-acre nature enclave in gem-rich Okkampitiya in Buttala.A? The spritely Kumbukkan Oya meanders through the resort offering unparalleled privacy as the resort entertains just a single party at a time despite its vastness.A? KumbukRiver borders the Yala wildlife sanctuary and features the world-famous Elephant Villa, a 40ft high, 2-story villa which adds a touch of class to eco holidaying.A? The eco resort also features two other chalets and all in all presents several well-appointed bathrooms and lounges among other features which create a unique holiday for the whole family.

“The Elephant-shaped villa is our centre-piece. Continue reading ‘Magical KumbukRiver unveils a special package for Sri Lankans’

Classic Dox – Adrift in Sri Lanka On air: 5 February 2010 13:20 – 1 March 2010 13:20

Producer Marijke van der Meer was holidaying in Sri Lanka when disaster struck in December 2004. Her personal report from one of the country’s devastated towns told of the harrowing situation there and the desperate need for aid.

Award winning (Re-) Broadcast on 1st March, 2010 How to order allopurinol online
In the southeastern Sri Lankan coastal town of Pottovil – a town with an ethnic mix of Singhalese and Tamils, Muslims and Buddhists – a golden statue of Buddha stares serenely over Arugam Bay. The bay was a Mecca for surfers, who stayed in guesthouses with names such as Chill Space Surf, Hideaway, Aloha and even the Tsunami Beach Hotel. The statue of Buddha is one of the few fully intact constructions in this demolished town where a thick layer of muddy dirt covers the ground.

Destruction and death

Arugam Bay after Tsunami 2004

Soldiers look on as bulldozers shove aside trees and bricks from destroyed dwellings. The bodies of some 1,000 people – killed within a few seconds of the tsunami – have been recovered. But there are many others missing and many families who have no roofs over their heads and are in so-called ‘collection centres’.

The medical situation is critical in this isolated district, where several people are saying that they feel neglected by the authorities because Continue reading ‘Classic Dox – Adrift in Sri Lanka On air: 5 February 2010 13:20 – 1 March 2010 13:20’


AbaY Hotel nominated for Best of British Award

Nominated for the Best of British Award by the Daily Telegraph, London

The SVH on the Surfer’s Bay of Arugam. Established 1977 by a devout CAMRA member. The “Siam View” is still run by the same Manx expat and his family to this day. Despite the 30 war years and 2004 Tsunami this place never once closed its doors for even one single day. Home of more than a dozen all natural draft beers. Continue reading ‘AbaY Hotel nominated for Best of British Award’