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2nd August 2018 update
The original Arugam Bay Taxi Initiative has now added 10+ more reliable owner-drivers. To offer you an even better service.
Reliable. Cars & minibusses. They are Comfortable. Safe & secure.
Our mission is:
To connect YOU with good, reliable and honorable drivers!

We prefer to use Hybrid, Modern vehicles and avoid empty runs.
To avoid pollution and save YOU money.
Special requests? Just send a mail to us:

Sample Vehicle. Actual one may differ

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Still as Good and Reliable as ever

The Arugam Bay Taxi Initiative has linked up with innovative
Amazing deals – Safe & trusted drivers – Best rates – Cost effective
Voted Best Taxi System on the Island

Environmentally conscious. By avoiding empty runs.
Share your ride and half your expenses!
100% Positive Passenger Comments.
For a small sample of what our satisfied travelers had to say:
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To book. Simply
Use the “Book a Taxi” link on or the above web site shown on this page


Taxi & Transfer News

  • The Arugam Bay Taxi Initiative
    News 30/3/2015

    This is a 100% non-profit and commission FREE Service
    Now Island-wide and round-the-clock available

  • Now with more than 1,010 comments and share offers
  • see the “AbaY Taxi” link right above, on this very page
  • On-line booking and payment.
  • All credit cards accepted
  • Guaranteed refund if cancelled 24hrs. before pick up
  • Full ride and cost sharing facility
  • Better Vehicles – safe, polite drivers
  • All with full air-conditioning
  • Great feed-back and customer comments
  • Please give us 24 hrs. notice to send the right vehicle 
  • See all rates & book on-line here:

    Sample Vehicle Actual transport provided might differ

    Sample Vehicle
    Actual transport provided might differ

Transfers to/ from the Bay

Good Transfers.
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Arugam Bay Taxi Initiative News

Satisfied Passengers
Have made their decision!
The Arugam Bay Taxi Initiative’s
Trusted Taxi Sub-Contractors have set new,
HIGH standards:

Satisfied Passenger Comments

Above is just a small selection of nice feed-back from our passengers and guests.

This is in answer to unprofessional so-called local “Drivers”:

The  helpful “Taxi” Mafia of Arugam Bay
Has vandalized the innovative , popular
Taxi Sharing Board.
We should name & shame those guys.

Someone is spoiling it. For everyone.

Visitors: The Choice is Yours !
How you will travel and
Whom you give your business to.
In future.
Remember. That We don’t get one single Rupee out of this Initiative.
It is in your own interest – and everyone else’s. In the Bay.
In the long run it will be good for everyone.
Sadly, some guys don’t yet realise that. As Yet.


Best way to Go & Share

Are YOU visiting this unique Bay?
Recommends the only true, Professional,
Licensed and Fully Insured Taxi Initiative
(A 100% profit Free Community Service)
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The Arugam Bay Taxi Initiative now has
a good online Taxi Reservation system

Fully insured, professional Transfers
And: It's a 100% Profit Free Community Service! 

New online Taxi Booking

Good News!

Book online !

Now active!

You can now reserve a nice, fully air-conditioned taxi online. The transfer from The Airport to Arugam Bay takes about 8 hrs. This is a guaranteed, safe and fully insured service. Just order your transfer here:


Common Travel Scams

Watch out for some of those Common scams While you’re often safer overseas than you are in your hometown, a few scams seem to pop up all over the world. Repeat the mantra: if it looks too good to be true, it must be too good to be true…

Most points below we spotted on Lonely Planet web page – Some are relevant (for a change;-)

1. Fake police

Sometimes also the real police, they’ll demand to see your passport and find something wrong with your visa, but then suggest your troubles will all be over if you pay a fine. To them. In cash. Right now. Standing your ground and offering to accompany them to the station will usually see the error ‘excused’.

2. Gem or carpet deals

On entry into a store, often prompted by an enthusiastic taxi or rickshaw driver, you will be offered a deal so preposterously lucrative that refusing it seems unthinkable. Think again – those gems are going to be worthless and the carpet you buy may not make it home at all. There are legitimate traders selling both jewels and rugs, and they don’t act like this.

3. Airport taxis

Drivers taking you into town might try every trick in the book, from asking you for an inflated fare to driving around the streets to raise the price higher. This is usually harmless, but you should only travel with licensed taxis and, if you can’t pay in advance, agree on a fee before starting out and don’t pay until you get where you want to be.

4. ‘This is closed’

In some countries everyone from touts to taxi drivers will try to tell you that your chosen hotel, restaurant or shop is closed…but there’s another, even better one you should visit, where they can pick up a commission. This is more annoying than harmful, but always insist on having a look for yourself.

5. Surf Board rental scam

This may be gummed together again. To rent ?

You shop around for the ‘best’ deal. The cheapest shop often turns out to be the most expensive. This how the scam works: A tourist breaks his board. The local mini mafia buys it. To make a ‘sign’ or so. Instead they patch it up again, gloss the joint over so that the repair can’t be spotted. First wave you catch snaps the board in half. Again. The rental guys come on heavy and demand huge sums for the previously ‘perfect” board. Rent from reputable shops only. And inspect the board carefully before accepting it. Look for lumps , chips, loose fins or other damage.

6. Motorbike scam #1

Living out your dream of riding a scooter for a day around the countryside quickly turns into a nightmare when the bike you’re riding breaks down or you have an accident. The owner of the motorbike is quick to escort you and your damaged bike (which doesn’t look in that bad a state) to the repair joint of their choice, Continue reading ‘Common Travel Scams’


Arugam to get Rail- & Motorway connections

Hambantota - Panama - Arugam Bay. - Batticaloa?

New road and rail line to connect Sri Lanka’s Southern port city to surf city in East Dec 02, Colombo: The Sri Lankan government has decided to construct another expressway to connect the rising Southern port city of Hambantota to the

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popular surfing destination in the East coast, Arugam Bay. Hambantota district parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa has revealed in the parliament Friday that the government has taken a policy decision to build a direct expressway and a rail line parallel to the road. Situated to the 310 kilometers east of Colombo, Arugam Bay is a fishing village in the dry zone of Sri Lanka’s southeast coast. It is known as a popular surfing and tourist destination for its best surf. The government is developing the Southern port city of Hambantota as a metropolis away from the capital Colombo. The second international airport currently under construction near Hambantota is expected to be operational by the end of 2012.

Progress. Unstoppable


Arugam Airport News

The first Commercial Flight took off from the Arugam Bay lagoon this lunchtime


“Arugam’s” Int. Airport opens next year

……. Tourists who will arrive there will also have the minimum transit times to holiday destinations such as Nuwara Eliya and Arugam Bay……

Billed to be South Asia’s only environmental friendly airport :

‘Mattala airport to be tourism, cargo hub end 2012’

Foundation stone laying ceremony for main passenger terminal today

Ravi Ladduwahetty

The $ 209 million Mattala airport, will be converted to a tourism and cargo hub for Southern Province which will be a boon to the tourism and export industries.

Areo View of the new Airport runway

Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa will lay the foundation stone for the construction of the main passenger terminal building today while Aviation Minister Priyankara Jayaratne and Hambantota District Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa will also be present.

Artist Impression of the New Southern Airport

Continue reading ‘“Arugam’s” Int. Airport opens next year’

And we are back! On Facebook!

Done! Super Happy ARUGAM !

We managed to resurrect our popular Facebook page “Arugam Surf”.
Which was knocked off the net exactly 2 months ago.

Arugam Surf

Please join, participate, submit YOUR photos, videos. Let’s make this page even more popular.
Please understand that we had to add additional security features to avoid access to our hacker ‘friends’ in future.


Canadians and the AbaY Tuk Tuk scam mafia

First published 16th September, 2010
re- issued because it might still be relevant
Please also look at the attached Comments !
Add YOUR own experience for all to see & shame the responsible guys!

We attempted to find a short cut from Arugam Bay to Tissamaharama by heading along the coast through Yala National Park, a bite-sized chunk of parkland out of the South-East corner of the map of Sri Lanka; but we could discover no means of transit and were advised that there were towns approaching it that were still militarily impassable.
(editor’s note: This is incorrect. There simply is no road, and no town at all)


3 wheelers need to tidy up their mode of ethics

Consequently our journey became a six-hour bus ride in searing heat, particularly when one added the heat from the constantly overworked engine and gearbox of the bus, and the heat thrown up from the black asphalted roads. We knew it would be an exhausting day, but we’re getting pretty used to this and can always console ourselves with the thought that things could be worse—we could be travelling by train! Before our bus ride could begin, however, we had a few little snags to overcome.
No matter who we asked, we got a different answer about what busses were leaving Arugam Bay and at what times. Absolutely no official information! We were up early enough to make a leisurely start; but by the time we were out at the roadside, a very convincing tuk-tuk driver lied and said we’d missed the direct bus from Arugam Bay. Sakura Guest House With Hosts

Sakura Guest House With Hosts

He convinced us that we needed to cross the causeway into Potuvil, which was a short enough journey, so we let him take us. As we arrived at the bus stand in Potuvil, a bus pulled out and roared off. A dozen tuk-tuk drivers howled in convincing chorus that it was the only bus of the day to get us to Tissamaharama.
One tuk-tuk driver convinced us (against all logic) that he could catch the bus if we hopped in his tuk-tuk quickly. After a few kilometres of falling further and further behind, we told him to return us to Potuvil. Despondently, we disembarked and were trying to pull ourselves together to consider our options when another bus went screaming by. This time a tuk-tuk driver who was quickly on the ball pulled up beside us and urged us Continue reading ‘Canadians and the AbaY Tuk Tuk scam mafia’

A regional Airport for Arugam Bay?

The discussion about a new, proposed regional airport serving vibrant Arugam Bay continues.
Is this the possible site for the new Tourist hub?

'Gprdon Boss' former Prawn Farm. A perfect lagoon fronted landing strip?

Flights to Arugam Bay, Pottuvil: Ampara airport a vital hub

by cerno
There is a lot of talk about opening up the treasures of Sri Lanka’s neglected east coast (such as Arugam bay/Pottuvil) to the wider world. However one of the biggest obstacles to such a process it getting there. Currently Arugam bay/Pottuvil is a 8 hour drive from Colombo – which doesn’t compare well with the 10-11 hour flying time from Colombo to London. The combination of regular domestic air services to Ampara airport and local entrepreneurs can remove this major logistical hurdle to developing this area.

Ampara airport (Air Force Base) is not exactly new door to Arugam bay. Yet it is the closest runway accessible via the existing road network. Current transport services such as the AbaY Taxi – which currently specialises in travel from Colombo airport to Arugam Bay – are well placed to make the air bridge viable.

The end of the war has highlighted the pent up demand for domestic aviation services in Sri Lanka. Continue reading ‘A regional Airport for Arugam Bay?’


Arugam Bay. From Bridge to Bridge

Arugam from Bridge end to Bridge end

Every year,  since 1999 a virtual walk all the way through the little hamlet called  Arugam Bay takes place in mid year. Always around the 1st July.

Hideaway. In Arugam Bay

Only armed with a small camera, every single visible sign is photographed.
Staring at the PottuVille (Northern) end of town up to the bridge at the other, Southern end where the road opens up into unspoiled Countryside, paddy fields leading to Panama.

A nice, New 7/11 shop at Northern end of the Village

Since 2005 or so this album is digital, on line for all to see changes in this remote village.

click on the image to see  years changes here:

AbaY Walk 2010 part1

If you like, compare it with last years walk thu the village:

Arugam Bay Walk 2009

Or, if you are still not fed up, here is 2008:

AbaY Walk 2008

And here is our 2007 walk through Arugam Bay:

AbaY Walk 2007

Earlier years on application; some images need to be scanned.