Arugam Bay. From Bridge to Bridge

Arugam from Bridge end to Bridge end

Every year, A?since 1999 a virtual walk all the way through the little hamlet called A?Arugam Bay takes place in mid year. Always aroundA?the 1st July.

Hideaway. In Arugam Bay

Only armed with a small camera, every single visible sign is photographed.
Staring at the PottuVille (Northern) end of town up to the bridge at the other, Southern end where the road opens up into unspoiledA?Countryside, paddy fields leading to Panama.

A nice, New 7/11 shop at Northern end of the Village

Since 2005 or so this album is digital, on line for all to see changes in this remote village.

click on the image to see A?years changes here:

AbaY Walk 2010 part1

If you like, compare it with last years walk thu the village:

Arugam Bay Walk 2009

Or, if you are still not fed up, here is 2008:

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AbaY Walk 2008

And here is our 2007 walk through Arugam Bay:

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AbaY Walk 2007

Earlier years on application; some images need to be scanned.

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