Arugam Bay Taxi Initiative News

Satisfied Passengers
Have made their decision!
The Arugam Bay Taxi Initiative’s
Trusted Taxi Sub-Contractors have set new,
HIGH standards:

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Satisfied Passenger Comments

Above is just a small selection of nice feed-back from our passengers and guests.

This is in answer to unprofessional so-called local “Drivers”:

The A?helpful “Taxi” Mafia of Arugam Bay
Has vandalized the innovative , popular
Taxi Sharing Board.
We should name & shame those guys.

Someone is spoiling it. For everyone.

Cheap amantadine poisoning Visitors: The Choice is Yours !
How you will travel and
Whom you give your business to.
In future.
Remember. That We don’t get one single Rupee out of this Initiative.
It is in your own interest – and everyone else’s. In the Bay.
In the long run it will be good for everyone.
Sadly, some guys don’t yet realise that. As Yet.
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5 Responses to “Arugam Bay Taxi Initiative News”

  • Disgusting what those greedy, stupid arugam cowboy taxi mafia men are up to. they will never get any passengers taht way. lets move the board onto the internet where they cant interfere again

  • Thanks.
    For letting us all; know what those so-called taxi guys are really like behind their facade. We now know what to do. Never use any of their greedy services. There always is the bus. Or beter, honest, proper licensed taxi operators.
    John & Betty

  • Thank You, Dear Sarah!
    For your support and well expressed views.
    We realise that many visitors are simply put off coming to Arugam Bay.
    Due To:
    1.) High Visa Fees ($30)
    2,) High Transfer costs
    Other Counties (Thailand, Indo, P.I., etc.) don’t have those high fees

    Often it’s cheaper to fly into S.L. (from BKK, DXB, KUL,etc.) than the taxi across to Arugam Bay.
    We try hard to attract nice visitors.
    And we are very unhappy that this Community harbours some weird, uneducated guys who still don’t get the point.
    That all we do is actually GOOD for THEM
    (And costs us our own time, effort, aggro and also money)

  • Sarah Pinnock
    Total greed… It’s a long way from the airport and not cheap. I saw an ad for taxi share which is why I flew out to SL last time or I probably wouldn’t have even been Abay. Down to u guys to sort this 1 I feel, we as visitors don’t have a lot of say.
    Good luck many are very dishonest at the best of times

  • Dear Visitors
    The reaction to this is yours!
    This totally profit free sharing idea is very popular.
    And is designed to make Your holiday more affordable and more Happy

    Tel the local “taxi” operators what YOU think of their action!

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