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Full Moon

The original article has been published 1/2/2007.
This week, with the great ATMAN TRIBE Festival rocking the Bay
People ask: What happened to the old FULL MOON PARTIES ( FMP) ?

Due to strict Government rules Arugam Bay does no longer host a proper, traditional Full Moon Party.
But here is the background:

The Full Moon Day or ‘Poya Day’ (like today) is not only a very special day on Koh Pang Ngan, but also has a certain relevance to Arugam Bay.
(btw: the 26th December 2004 also was a Poya Day….)

Whilst famous places like Goa and Thailand are (still?!) much more popular, attracting 10,000 or so followers, the monthly events held in Eastern Sri Lanka are almost certainly much older. If you consider the few 1960’s drop outs who came to worship the Full Moon long ago on our nearby most Easterly point of the island.
Going back in history, an official religion was registered in the Netherlands in 1966.
Critics claim that the ‘Full Moonie’ Sect Purchase pletal dosage may have been formed to avoid a clamp down by the local authorities at the time. And thereby followers could continue to enjoy the expression of their prescribed rituals which religious freedom guarantees under most Nations constitutions.

In brief, the founder members believed that the Full Moon possesses a certain power over mind and body. This is often been put into popular movies and there may be some element of truth in it if you observe animal behavior during such nights. The Full Moonies believe this energy should be used to meditate and to try and free ones mind – at least once a month to stay in good health.
In order to achieve this ‘cleaning of all evils’ from ones soul followers are not permitted to sleep until the sun rises. Other religions stipulate similar body control such as not eating during the day light hours etc.
As staying awake alone might prove difficult for some, stimulants and loud music as well as moderate drink (to free the mind) should be provided by the hosts:
So the first FMP was born in Europe.

In the late 1970’s two founding members decided that the open, fresh, ozone air, the open sea and most important an uncluttered view of the sun rising in the East would add to the spiritual experience.
All this proved rather difficult in marijuana polluted Holland due to cold weather. Also there is little in the way of an Eastern Sea front and the Mini European Nation has not too many palm fringed Bays either…
So a piece of land was purchased on the most Easterly point of Sri Lanka – guaranteeing warm weather, no authority interference and a clear infinite view of the open sea (all the way to Antarctica in fact).

In the beginning, just a handful of followers, first only with guitars and song, then with a car battery and mini sound system staged the ritual 12km North or sometime South of the Bay – in total privacy in one of the the open Bays dotted around Arugam Bay.
Like in Okanda Bay, Peanut Farm and Green Room or The Point at the time.
A camp fire is also a must.
Later, mainly keen surfers from Israel joined the sect as ‘free; members and small generators and better sound systems were added.
Often the music style reflected Trance or Techno as well as Ambiance and Psychedelic sounds – to assist in the holy ritual. Soft Chill-out music always followed towards the end of the session, around sun rise (see below) and Reggae was shunned.
This Century has seen a few changes. For the first time the area received mains electricity and a mini, casual police farce. The believers staged bigger and more professional events – all of which are of course to this day open and totally FREE for anyone to attend. Maybe the organizers hope to convert some dull or troubled, or too serious people to experience the benefit of strict physical exercise, like wild dance, which the medical profession agrees is actually very good for you?
(Like in any religion there are always the lazy ones, the hangers on, who abuse required rituals: At a many recent FMP a fair number of guys only tend to exercise their right arms and their bladders….:-) But it is the will to attend which counts.
Maybe one day Arugam Bay will be as popular as Goa?
Or the Thai islands?
Some say the Bay are too far from the airport. But so is Goa and Koh Samui – and it takes even longer to get there from Bangkok.
Rigth now the political situation as well as our law makers are more of an obstacle to gain wider popularity.

Some dwellers are worried of certain “Sound Pollution”.
The organizers answer: It’s only once a month and not 4 times every day, it is good to attract tourists. Full and even half Moonies are actually very high spenders!
And more so it is after all a very serious RELIGIOUS FESTIVAL.
Everyone in the Bay and the Country will see the benefit, also financially, eventually.
What else do we have to attract loads of visitors? There is a lot of stiff competition from much more stable Nations all around us. In every way.
As some see it, there is no difference between terribly loud Church bells, all night Temple Chants or frequent Mosque calls for payers:
Under the Sri Lanka Constitution religious freedom is said to be fully guaranteed. To anyone.
And who is to say what one should be allowed to believe in?
As long as the main principles are to love each other, be a good person and remain strictly non- violent?
Make LOVE – Not War! was one of the old slogans of the Early 60’s…..Has it totally lost its relevance in Ceylon?
In respect to the Buddhist Nation and local law, AbaY parties are never on the actual Nexium sold over the counter Full Moon Day itself. The Ceremony or ‘Party‘ finishes officially at sunrise on the morning of the actual Poya day. This is because in Asia this is the moment (about 06:00 am) when a new DAY begins.
In the mind of a converted Full Moonie the DAY does not begin in the middle of the NIGHT. They call it Midnight. In their refreshed mind the rising sun signals the beginning of a NEW Day. Do they have a point??
Flood light Beach SVHUllai Girl Dance Groupcimg0857.JPG

To avoid any possible confusion:
The liberal, happy and relaxed Full Moonies have as much to do with the controversial Korean “Moonies” as Half a Rupee with a Full Schilling:
There is NO connection what so ever with a Unification-, Fornication-, Fortification- or any other Cheap amantadine dosage Church.
Just to demonstrate, again, scenes from the ancient rituals, taken around MIDNIGHT:

Final Comment:
Some regard it as a miracle. None of the hundreds of FMP guests, organizers or DJ people suffered any kind of casualty or serious injury on Tsunami Poya Day – although the site was of course right on the very sea front, in the worst affected area of Sri Lanka, at Arugam Bay washed out by 15 Meter waves. True Full Moonies regard this as a protection from high above and inspiration to continue the holy rituals.

Last Chance to support Europe at Arugam Bay

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Many Football fans are A?happy to have followed every single A? Isoniazid cost Football World Cup match on vacation, and not at home.

Special License times at AbaY. Fun for All

Enjoy the Finals in a similar setting, with the ocean behind at Arugam Bay!

At Arugam Bay everyone enjoyed:
UninterruptedA?coverage, Free attendance, good company, nice music, cheap booze!
And aA?fantasticA?backdrop with the blue ocean behind

Now, there is justA?the Grand Final to be shown.
Below are the dates and times, relevant for Sri Lanka:

The Grand Final is on:
Sunday night (11/12th July)
The game will be at MIDNIGHT

The party will only finish at Sun Rise with a BIG Splash into the clear Indian Ocean Waters!

Match Date – Time Venue Results
64 12/07 00:00 Johannesburg Netherlands Netherlands Preview Spain Spain

All is swell. At Arugam

Dudes! The surf season has started, all the Bay needs is: YOU

Order azulfidine generic Where can i buy remeron Main Pont, Arugam Bay, at noon Friday 13th March 2009

Eratic Rascal Erasmus

Update on this ‘old’ story:
A Video has been recorded for Australian TV.
Submitted by Joyce, one of C-J Asimus’ victims:
Ice Cool Carl: He’s swindled millions of dollars in dirty deeds over 28 years

Ice Cool Carl

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Here are the original articles on

CARL-JAMES ASIMUS (also known as CARL ASIMUS or JAMES ASIMUS) is currently using the assumed name of “JAKE ERASMUS”. His last known location was in Blackpool, England in MAY 2006. reported here:

Buy claritin nose spray
His last known location is
Arugam Bay, Eastern Sri Lanka ( reported at the time. See flamboyant Aussie Boat buying venture etc, on this site)

ASIMUS had set up “business” in Blackpool with a small computer/internet shop. He was also renting garage/storage spaces. This was a “front” for his fraudulent businesses.

ASIMUS was in the process of setting up Eucalyptus
Tree plantations on the property of Aristocrats and/or people with property in Britain. He then intended to sell “shares” in these plantations to other people. ASIMUS would keep the money and the people who “invested” would wind up with nothing. This is the same scam ASIMUS pulled on myself and several other people who “invested” in Eucalyptus Trees in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama and Georgia in 2003-2004. ASIMUS has probably been involved in many other nefarious activities in Britain.

CARL-JAMES ASIMUS is an Australian citizen. Date of Birth: 18 MAY 1953. Place of Birth: Gundagai, NSW, Australia. Height: 6’1″. Weight: about 250 pounds. Dark Brown Hair. Dark Brown Eyes. ASIMUS is very charming when first encountered. Spend time around him and he will unleash a nasty temper. This usually happens after he gets your money or whatever else he wants from you. He is usually seen in the company of one or more young men whom he uses as “gophers” and for other mischief. ASIMUS likes to party and hangs out at “Gentlemen’s” Clubs, where he often cons wealthy people. He likes to live in small/medium size towns near larger cities.

When this BLOG hits the internet, ASIMUS will probably change his name again and move on to another town, city or country.

If anybody knows ASIMUS’ current location, or any future name changes, or if you have been a victims of ASIMUS, please contact me.


ADRA Vacancy

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is a recognized international humanitarian

agency with the specific purpose of community development and disaster relief.

We are currently recruiting for the following positions based in Pottuville, Ampara with the


Capacity and Youth Leadership Coordinator

Field Officer- Technical

Health Education Field Assistants

Interested candidates please their Bio Data/CV with the following documents:

  1. Written narrative of the candidates experience as it relates to the position
  2. 1 passport photo
  3. Photocopy of National Identity Card
  4. Photocopy of your certificates diplomas, licenses or any other relevant document
  5. Two non related references with contact details
  6. A recommendation letter from the GS
  7. Certificate of Police Clearance

Submit your applications to:

ADRA Sri Lanka, Main Street, Pottuvil or via email to

Applications must be received by February 15, 2008



  • Must be proficient in written and spoken Tamil and English is mandatory. Fluency in Sinhala is a plus.
  • Possess personality traits such as: flexibility, patience, diplomacy, sense of humor, strong moral character and work ethic, strong attention to detail and follow through.
  • Motivation to work with all ethnic groups
























Andrew Lucas
Project Director
Ampara Community Empowerment Project
ADRA Sri Lanka

cell: 077 3207498
CDMA: 063 4921684

Massive development plan for North and East

The Government yesterday announced a massive development plan under the Reawakening programme to restore livelihoods through new agriculture and irrigation projects aimed at a sustainable social and economic integration of the community in the Northern and Eastern Provinces.

Continue reading ‘Massive development plan for North and East’

A new year’s resolution for aid agencies and broadcasters

As the first full week of the new year kicks off, self-improvement is at the forefront of most people’s minds.

Instead of the usual resolutions to give up smoking, eat less and go to the gym, my plea for aid agencies and journalists is: rethink your relationship.

Continue reading ‘A new year’s resolution for aid agencies and broadcasters’

Solid Houses

Order yougaramdewababa On the event of re-advertised vacancy of project manager (see Comment below), this post is hereby re-published:
Still, there is not one real good development at Arugambay to report.
But, at nearby PottuVille, the Dutch Solid House Foundation is getting on very well with their Tropical Iglu project.

Build to a high standard, mainly for Tamils in a Tamil area, and above all also popular with the locals:
Here we have, at last! a project to be proud of. regrets that no such brilliant progress has ever been made in the Bay itself – after all How much does prograf cost Arugam is “The hardest hit Community in the whole of Sri Lanka”

Private resort in Marawila attacked

A private sports resort in Marawila was set on fire by an unknown gang early last morning, the management told the Daily Mirror yesterday claiming that it was the second such attack within the past one week forcing it to shut down operations.

Aquarius Sports Resort chairman Dr. Dietmar Doering said that around 15 -20 men stormed the premises on Tuesday at the time a few German and American guests were inside, damaged property and set fire to the place.

A?a??A?On Poya day, just one week ago four rooms of our hotel, which has been leased to a local party, were smashed by the same or a related gang. A driver of a Government Minister from the area had refused to pay a bill and a subsequent fight resulted in the destruction of four of our hotel rooms and two shops in Marawila. Vehicles too were smashed. The total damage was around 15 million rupees. A settlement subsequently resolved the dispute while none of the parties claimed damages from the other party,A?a??A? Mr Doering said.

He said he had now decided to wind up his operations in the country as his life and that of his guests were under threat owing to frequent attacks on his resort.

A?a??A?Law and order is no longer in the hands or in the control of the authorities here. We are in the process of issuing warning notices to European travel trade organisations based on the incidents which happened here last night,A?a??A? he said.

When contacted by the Daily Mirror the Marawila police confirmed that an incident had taken place but refused to divulge further details.

Daily Mirror Cheap cardizem cd

55ft Surf

Not at Arugambay – but in Ireland:

Surfer defies giant waves alert

See more pictures of Duncan Scott at Mullagmore Head

A Cornish surfer defied warnings to ride what are thought to be the biggest waves recorded off the west coast of Ireland. Duncan Scott, 29, from Newquay, was surfing at Mullagmore Head in Donegal Bay as waves estimated at 55ft (16.7m) high lashed the coast.

Weather forecasters had warned of hazardous conditions for ships, fishing vessels and coastal walkers.

He said that he was safe because friends were on hand with a water bike.

Flood fears

He and three others, who have surfed some of the biggest breaks in the world, including Mavericks in California, used the water bike to tow them onto the waves.

Mr Scott said: “These were the biggest waves I have ever surfed, but I never felt in danger because we were using experienced riders who were on hand all the time.

“The jet skis have a platform at the rear so you can get back to safety.”

It is understood that low pressure near Iceland is causing the high sea levels with waves growing for between 500 and 600 miles by the time they crash against the Irish coastline.

Dr Glenn Nolan, of the Marine Institute, said: “This is allowing waves to travel all the way uninterrupted to the Irish coast.

“It’s quite unusual. The last time we would have had waves close to this height would have been in early 2005 and before that in 2000.”

Dr Nolan warned that the entire west coast, from Cork up to Donegal, was affected.

Previously the biggest waves recorded by the Marine Institute’s data buoys were to the west of Galway Bay in January 2005, when swells of 44ft (13.4m) were recorded. Bonnispaz order Aleve order

The high seas come just weeks after the east coast of England braced itself for tidal surges, sparking flood fears and evacuations.


Arugam Bay is a surf spot

Arugam Bay the Surfers paradise

November 30, 2007 A?a??a?? 11:47 am Arugam Bay is located in the East cost of Sri Lanka, the unspoiled beautiful beach is a must visit place. Arugam Bay is with an easy reach of the town Pottuvil and you can visit many interesting and beautiful places like Yala, Kataragama, Lahugala National Park and superb kovils at Oganda as well.

Arugam Bay is among the worldA?a??a??s top ten surfing locations. The people in the area have developed tourism by their own there are no larger hotels, most of the hotels are stilt cabins and coconut palm leaf cabins. Near by village abundant bird life and the archeological sites have made Arugam Bay a destination like no other. No wonder Arugam Bay awarding the highly commended Best Destination by the World Travel Market Responsible Tourism Awards Ceremony which was held in London on the 14 th of November among other thousands of nominees.
Arugam Bay

Endep online bible Bookmark It

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A long lost article has resurfaced

Sunday Times – Sri Lanka 2005 January 9th – Plus – Page 5

Once Sri Lanka’s surf paradise,
Arugam Bay offers only rubble and mass graves after the tsunami


Lost to the sea

By Kavan Ratnatunga
Arugam Bay on the south-east coast of Lanka is surf paradise. Many travel there directly from the airport ignoring the country?smany other attractions. In the aftermath of the tsunami, on December 30, I joined Lt.Col. Anil Amerasekara, Daya Fernando who had a beach house in Arugam Bay and Lalith Karunaratna who is an engineer from Sony in Dubai to deliver relief aid from the Thawalama organisation to Pottuvil and Arugam Bay.

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Driving south to Lahugala, we passed many aid trucks on the road each with a large white banner in front proclaiming the name of the organization. An idea probably started by aid sent by one TV station and copied by many. I was glad our vehicle had no banner, there was no need for self-publicity at this time. Lahugala near the STF camp was crammed with trucks. There were far more items than could be stored for distribution to the victims. All possible rooms which had any storage space were piled to the ceiling. One needed to “know someone” to get any aid stored under cover. Dry rations unloaded next to the road were soaking in the rain for lack of covered space.

We dropped off all of the relief supplies at the local administration office at Lahugala which agreed to distribute them to the tsunami victims when needed over the next few weeks.

Driving east to Pottuvil, we passed beautiful green paddy-fields and then saw the Pottuvil to Arugam Bay bridge in the distant horizon. Half of the bridge had been washed away and the other half stood ending in midair. The surroundings abruptly changed to a barren land washed away by the tsunami.The town was a huge mess, though in the process of being cleaned. Earth moving plows were hard at work. All of the shops near the coast had been washed away leaving empty shells. The dead had been buried in mass graves. We were told that some of the foreigners had been photographed before burial and sites recorded, but I suspect this was not done systematically.

It was amazing to see the Buddha statue next to the bridge absolutely undamaged. Even the plate glass in front of it and the Bodhi tree near it were unscathed, even though there was much destruction to the Pottuvil village behind it and the distant half of the large bridge was completely destroyed and washed away.

We went by boat under the bridge and across the causeway, to get to Arugam Bay. Walking onto devastated land was an eerie feeling. The residents had all left leaving a ghost town behind. A stray dog was looking for lunch. Items that had floated in had landed in unexpected places. There were beds from guest-houses next to smashed up cars and boats.

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Suddenly we came up to a large sign which read “Tsunami Beach Hotel Restaurant” below a painted tidal wave. We had clearly reached surf paradise, but sadly it had been an untimely death for many from surfing a tsunami.

The Bank of Ceylon next to the Pizzeria, Bier Garten and Internet Cafe were reminders of the rich international culture in Arugam Bay. A laptop could be seen open on the ground where the receding wave had left it. An album of photographs showed glimpses of a happier past.

After about a two km walk in the light rain through the devastated land we reached Daya’s partly destroyed beach house. The front door and half the kitchen had been washed away. The first wave had struck about 9 a.m. and the second which was much stronger soon after. It had gone over the electricity posts which are probably around 25 feet high. The two caretakers had luckily lived through the ordeal with the tourists who had been in residence. They were able to swim as a small group and ride out the wave.

They told the story of the night before the tsunami when a wild elephant had come to the back of the hotel and refused to go away, even when chased. The caretakers are now convinced the elephant was trying to warn them of the tsunami.

Piles and Piles:Donations in abundance

See also Unawatuna – Fallen and Reclaimed by Nature

Author is Seretary of LAcNet a US Non-profit organization registered in 1991 which is collecting funds for Tsunami relief in Lanka as highlighted in LAcNet web page text is a copy of Lost to the sea By Kavan Ratnatunga which appeared in the SundayTimes of Sri Lanka on 2005 Junuary 9th. The eEdition online doesn’t have the illustrations of the printed copy. I have also added above a few more illustrations to middle of article which seems to have been cut out to make room for a large advertisment.In my original more candid Blog I wrote for distribution among friends I did comment about the Buddha Statue as a Physicist: Many such selective observations from many parts of Lanka hit by the Tsunami are being explained not by Statistical Physics of Turbulent Motion, but the laws of Karma. I guess the editors of the SundayTimes wanted to save me from any bad Karma.

Sri Lanka a safe destination

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Sri Lanka is one of the safest destinations for tourists and the security situation in the country has been exaggerated overseas by false propaganda, Chairman of the Faith Task Force, UK, Anthony Bailey said in an interview with the Daily News.

Bailey, an advisor to the British Prime Minister, was spending his honeymoon in Sri Lanka and had traveled to the South, Dambulla, Sigiriya and Nuwara Eliya over a period of ten days.

He observed that there was a concerted effort to tarnish the image of the country overseas focusing on the conflict in the North and East.

Bailey who wedded Crown Princess of Austria, Franz Ferdinand, said that now that has seen the reality first hand he will carry the message to other countries that Sri Lanka is a safe destination with a unique scenic beauty. He also noted that the country has a unique spiritual harmony with people from all communities and subscribing to different religious co-existing without any conflict.

Crown Princess of Austria – Franz Ferdinand????

Royal Highness Marie Therese von Hohenberg!!!!


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Swiss Red Cross

Buy cheap aceon Buy minocin online uk


Sri Lanka In der Heimat der Heilslehre sind Anwendungen mehr als Wellness

BlA?A?tterzA?A?hlen im Ayurveda-Dickicht

Duftende KrA?A?uter, aromatische KA?A?che, A?A?lige Massagen: zu Besuch im Resort einer Familie, die sich seit 200 Jahren der Lehre vom Wissen des Lebens widmet. Purchase methotrexate

Von Stefan Nink

Die beiden links noch, dann bin ich mir ganz sicher, dass es 87 sind. Nicht 86 oder 88, und auch nicht 92, wie ich zwischenzeitlich mal meinte. Nein: 87. Man mag gar nicht glauben, wie kompliziert es sein kann, in einer Badewanne zu liegen und BlA?A?tter zu zA?A?hlen. Das soll ich aber, damit ich nicht einnicke. Als ob diese Gefahr jemals bestehen kA?A?nnte! Das Badewasser wirft gleich BlA?A?schen, so heiA?A? ist es, und stA?A?ndig lA?A?uft mir das A?a??l in die Augen, mit dem mein Kopf eben noch massiert wurde. AuA?A?erdem piekst das Spinatzeugs, in das sie mich gepackt haben. Ich versuche, mit dem groA?A?en Zeh ein Loch in das KrA?A?uterdickicht an der WasseroberflA?A?che zu stoA?A?en. KA?A?hler wird es dadurch nicht. Zur Ablenkung kontrolliere ich noch mal das Ergebnis der ayurvedischen Algebra.

Cheap levothroid dosage

Dass ich die BlA?A?tter des Bhodibaums zA?A?hlen soll, dessen dA?A?rres GeA?A?st A?A?ber der Wanne kront, hat der Doc empfohlen. Lord Buddha habe das auch getan. Ich dachte, der Erleuchtete habe unter einem Baum meditiert. Dass er wie ich auf kleiner Flamme gegart worden war, wusste ich nicht. Was ich aber weiA?A?, ist: Der erste Anwendungstag ist gleich vorbei, ich darf sein Ende nur nicht verschlafen.

Wenn Sie beim Stichwort “Ayurveda” von Massagen im FA?A?nf-Sterne-Resort trA?A?umen, von samtenen A?a??len und regenbogenfarbenen Gesundheits-Cocktails, die ihnen Kellner zusammen mit frischen FlauschhandtA?A?chern an den Pool bringen, wenn Sie an Duftkerzen denken und an “CafA?A? del Mar”-KlA?A?nge – eben all das, was Ihnen Frauenzeitschriften penetrant als Ayurveda verkaufen -, dann erwartet Sie hier eine unsanfte Landung in der RealitA?A?t. Das “Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort” in Sri Lanka ist alles andere als ein WohlfA?A?hl-Tempel, eher der HotelgeschA?A?ftszweig des berA?A?hmtesten Ayurveda-Familienunternehmens im Land. Die Hettigodas beschA?A?ftigen sich seit mehr als 200 Jahren mit nichts anderem als mit der “Lehre vom Wissen des Lebens”. Man kann sich vorstellen, dass ihnen ayurvedische Kleidungs- und Einrichtungstipps in deutschen Lifestylemagazinen egal sind.

ZunA?A?chst bekommt jeder eine kurze EinfA?A?hrung in die Lehre vom Vid (Wissen) des Ayu (Leben). Der Doc sieht aus wie aus einem Sri-Lanka-Bildband: asketische Gestalt, markante GesichtszA?A?ge, eisgraues Haar. Und ganz traurige Augen hat er, da passt es gut, dass er erst einmal seufzt: Ayurveda erklA?A?ren? UnmA?A?glich! Nach 35 Jahren Berufserfahrung kA?A?nne er vielleicht die GrundzA?A?ge der Lehre beschreiben, mehr nicht: ,Jeder Mensch hat ein bestimmtes VerhA?A?ltnis der drei Lebensenergien Vata, Pitta und Kapha in sich. Ist dieses VerhA?A?ltnis gestA?A?rt, wird er krank. Ayurveda versucht, das ursprA?A?ngliche Gleichgewicht wiederherzustellen.” Er seufzt noch einmal, als wisse er nicht genau, was er mit mir anfangen soll. Weil ich aber nun schon mal da bin, stellt er mir Fragen zu meinem Befinden.

Dann misst er fA?A?r eine Minute den Puls und diagnostiziert: “Sie sind ein Kapha-Typ, davon ist am meisten in Ihnen. Vom Moment, als Sie aus dem Mutterleib kamen, bis zu jenem Tag, an dem man Sie sechs FuA?A? tief unter die Erde schaufelt.” Und das bedeutet? Der Arzt schaut traurig. “Sie sind ein wenig behA?A?big. Bleiben lieber sitzen, als zu laufen. Nehmen sehr schnell sehr viel zu. Sind maA?A?los beim Essen. Beim Trinken auch. Und auch beim . . .” Stopp! Es reicht! Was tun wir dagegen? Die Antwort wird von einem besonders traurigen Blick untermalt: “Man kann nichts dagegen tun. Sie sind und bleiben Kapha. Zurzeit sind Sie allerdings ziemlich aufgedreht, weil das Vata auA?A?er Kontrolle ist. Das dA?A?mpfen wir. Ansonsten lassen wir alles, wie es ist.”

In meinem Fall geht das Vata-DA?A?mpfen wie folgt: Zuerst wird mein Kopf massiert, bis ich es tief drinnen im Hirn knacksen hA?A?re. AnschlieA?A?end wird etwa ein Barrel A?a??l in meinen KA?A?rper geknetet. Und dann muss ich raus auf einen Steinweg, zum Umherwandeln. Ein bA?A?ser Architekt hat Zehntausende Kiesel in den Boden einfA?A?gen lassen, die alle mit ihrer spitzen Seite nach oben schauen. Das Umherwandeln tut hA?A?llisch weh, was mich aufregt und eigentlich kontraindiziert sein mA?A?sste. Aber die werden schon wissen, was sie tun – oder mich tun lassen.

Wie der FuA?A?weg ist die komplette Anlage nach ayurvedischen Gesichtspunkten gebaut. Die Pfade zwischen Blumen und Palmen beispielsweise folgen verwirrenden Kurven, damit sich die GA?A?ste auf den Weg konzentrieren mA?A?ssen und so den Stress vergessen, den sie zurA?A?cklieA?A?en, als sie hierherkamen. Am rundlich geschwungenen Pool, den ich mit Geborgenheit assoziiere, liegt ein deutsches PA?A?rchen. Er liest ihr aus dem “Herrn der Ringe” vor. Ich bin sicher, dass sie lA?A?ngst eingeschlafen ist.

Wie ein Fantasy-Roman hA?A?rt sich auch die Geschichte des Unternehmens an, in dessen Resort unser Feintuning A?A?berholt wird. Asoka Hettigoda erzA?A?hlt sie, Tochter des Chefs, eine zierliche, quirlige Frau, deren ayurvedischer Dreiklang ihr offenbar ein Charisma bis knapp unter die Haarwurzeln beschert . Asoka erzA?A?hlt, wie ihr UrurgroA?A?vater auf der Suche nach Weisheit in den Himalaja pilgerte. Wie er dort einen Yogi traf, der ihm die Rezeptur eines heilenden Balsams anvertraute. Wie der Yogi prophezeite, UrurgroA?A?vater werde ein VermA?A?gen mit dem Balsam verdienen. Zum Dank solle er die HA?A?lfte des Gewinns an die Armen geben. Asoka erzA?A?hlt, wie die Hettigodas seitdem 50 Prozent aus dem VerkaufserlA?A?s jenes Balsams spenden. Bis heute.

Sollte man ihre Geschichte fA?A?r eine zauberhaft gewebte Firmenlegende halten und diese A?A?berlegung versehentlich offen aussprechen, dann packt einen Anoka ins Auto und fA?A?hrt A?A?ber StraA?A?en voller Menschen, hupender Autos und auf dem Mittelstreifen meditierender KA?A?he hinaus nach Mount Lavinia. Dort haben die Hettigodas ein Ayurveda-Krankenhaus gebaut. Die Behandlung ist fA?A?r alle kostenlos. “Das hat der Yogi damals gemeint”, sagt sie und beginnt, mit jedem Patienten im Wartezimmer zu plaudern. Wie gut, dass ich behA?A?biger Kapha-Typ bin, der lieber gemA?A?tlich rumsitzt und zuhA?A?rt als aufgeregt auf spitzen Steinen zu wandeln.

Die Sprache der Einheimischen klingt A?A?brigens, als kA?A?men aus dem Mund Murmeln gerollt, ganz viele und ganz schnell, ein ganzer Sack voll bei jedem Satz. Lustigerweise sieht die Schrift auch so aus: Viele knubbelige, runde Kringel purzeln neben- und A?A?bereinander Richtung Satzende. Und erst die Namen! “Belimal, Ashwaganda Arishtaya, Dasamoola Ariwaya”. Was sich fA?A?r europA?A?ische Ohren wie eine BeschwA?A?rungsformel anhA?A?rt, sind die Zutaten fA?A?r den Cocktail des Abends, den “Herbal Dream”. Balan Pushpendran mixt ihn, der Chefkoch des Resorts. Mittags und abends taucht er am BA?A?fett auf und kontrolliert, wer was isst, denn Kapha-Menschen wie ich brauchen natA?A?rlich andere Speisen als Pitta-Wesen. Wenn Balan merkt, dass es einem schmeckt, lA?A?dt er fA?A?r den nA?A?chsten Morgen zum Ayurveda-Kochkurs in seine KA?A?che ein. Da lernt man dann, dass CurryblA?A?tter gut gegen einen hohen Cholesterinspiegel sind, scharfe Chilis dagegen keinen positiven Effekt haben. Die ayurvedische KA?A?che macht kein groA?A?es Geheimnis um ihre Kunst: vegetarisch, ein Curry als Basis, variiert mit GemA?A?sen und immer wechselnden GewA?A?rzen. “Zimt!”, ruft Balan, sei ganz wichtig fA?A?r seine Kreationen und auf Deutsch so ein schA?A?nes Wort. Er mischt den Zimt in ein Okra-Curry und reicht einen ProbierlA?A?ffel weiter. Himmlisch!

Das ist das Besondere an einem Aufenthalt im “Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort”: Man darf, ach was, man soll hinter die Kulissen schauen. In Balans KA?A?che, in den KrA?A?utergarten und in die Fabrik der Hettigodas, in der 1500 Angestellte aus 800 verschiedenen KrA?A?utern ayurvedische Produkte herstellen, die ihnen landesweit fast 3000 Zulieferer lastwagenweise herankarren. Dr. Weerasingha ist 87 und so etwas wie der Spiritual Rector des Unternehmens. In der Hand hA?A?lt er ein Curryblatt und sagt mit leiser Stimme: “Sehen Sie sich dieses Blatt genau an! Haben Sie es betrachtet?” Habe ich, es ist ein Curryblatt, eindeutig. Das stimme, sagt Dr. Weerasingha, aber natA?A?rlich sei Blatt nicht gleich Blatt. “Zu welcher Jahreszeit wurde es gepflA?A?ckt? FrA?A?h morgens oder in der Mittagshitze? In welcher Klimazone stand der Strauch? Wie alt war er? Nein, sagt er, man kA?A?nne nicht einfach ein beliebiges Curryblatt nehmen und es zusammen mit 54 anderen Substanzen zu einem MassageA?A?l verarbeiten. “Es gibt sehr detaillierte, bis zu 3000 Jahre alte Vorschriften zu diesem Blatt. Und Ihr im Westen bietet Kurse an, in denen man Ayurveda A?A?bers Wochenende lernen kann.” Dr. Weerasingha keckert leise. Dann verabschiedet er sich und schlurft zurA?A?ck ins BA?A?ro. Sein Lachen bleibt noch ein paar Sekunden in der Luft hA?A?ngen. Es vermischt sich mit dem Geruch von Tamarinde und Nelken.

Im Resort wartet der traurig dreinblickende Ayurveda-Arzt auf mich. Er misst den Blutdruck und scheint sehr zufrieden zu sein. Offensichtlich haben wir dieses aufmA?A?pfige Vata in seine Schranken gewiesen. Wie lange ich denn noch bleiben sollte?, mA?A?chte ich wissen. Er nickt und verschreibt weitere Massagen, WandelgA?A?nge und BA?A?der. Und er ermahnt mich: “Zwischen den Behandlungen machen Sie bitte nichts. Keine Interviews. Keine Recherchen. A?A?berhaupt nichts.” Er ahnt, was ich antworten mA?A?chte, und bevor ich ein Wort rausgebracht habe, wird er kategorisch: “Nein! Das Notebook bleibt aus. Achten Sie lieber auf die Stille. HA?A?ren Sie auf das Rascheln der Palmen, lauschen Sie dem Meer, lernen Sie, die Vogelarten auseinanderzuhalten! Und zA?A?hlen Sie die BlA?A?tter des Bodhibaumes A?A?ber der Badewanne!” Und wenn ich schon weiA?A?, dass es 87 sind? Er lA?A?chelt milde. “Ich bin sicher, dass Sie sich verzA?A?hlt haben.”

erschienen am 17. November 2007
Hamburger Abendblatt

Verugal, the new tourism site in the East

The thirty year old war waged by the LTTE had been a major obstacle to the development of the Eastern province. This is the reality that confronts anyone visiting the region.

Agriculture and fisheries are the two main livelihood activities of the people. However, the region is also rich in other resources as well, waiting to be made use of to launch industrialization to generate employment and alternative sources of income to the people.

Trincomalee with an area of 2727 square kilometers, has one of the best beaches in the world, extending over a distance of 80 kilometers. The natural harbour, hot water springs, Koneswarar Rock, Kodiyar Gulf, Arugam Bay which is world famous for wind surfing, Pasikuda, Nilaweli beach, the Kumana Bird Sanctuary – one could go on and on enumerating the attractions of this region. This region had been a tourism venue which suffered due to the war.

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Despite the many tourist attractions the Trincomalee region offered, it could be seen that sustained efforts under a master plan for investment had not been launched. After the East was cleared of LTTE terrorists under the governmentA?a??a??s on-going humanitarian operations to restore normal life to the people of the East, it is heartening to note that the authorities are now drawing up plans to exploit the inherent potential of the East.

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A SCOPP team which visited Trincomalee and its environs recently to assess the humanitarian needs of the people was able to find many areas that could be turned into veritable local and foreign tourist destinations.

Of particular interest is the coastal village of Verugal. Divisional Secretary Uma Maheswaran told us that around 3,000 people had been displaced by the war from Verugal. The government has now resettled most of them and the process is due to be completed by the end of this month. He said that around 1,000 houses in the village were damaged and temporary shelters have been provided to the resettled families complete with basic amenities. Buried mines are a major problem and Mr.Maheswaran said that they hoped to complete the de-mining operations by October this year.

The Verugal beach defies description due to its breathtaking beauty. It could somewhat be compared with the famous Marina Beach in Chennia, India.

The LTTE had their Voice of Tigers clandestine radio station located at Verugal straddling a Stupa. The Security Forces eliminated the Tiger presence during their humanitarian operation. However, stone inscriptions found at the temple remain intact. There are also several caves around the stupa.

It has been said that the famous Indian Emperor Raja Raja Chola was hidden in Sri Lanka until he could claim his kingdom. According to some historical sources, Buddhist monks trained him and prepared him to ascend the throne. Tamil Buddhists are said to have lived in the Eastern province in large numbers and it could be assumed that they helped in conserving the Buddhist places of worship found in this region.

Fishing is the main livelihood activity of these people and coupled with tourism, it could be transformed into a potent force with beneficial effects on the people who had suffered the ravages of war and terrorism.

Improved transport facilities would be available to the region when the government completes the Pulmodai – Verugal highway project linked to the main Trincomalee-Batticaloa highway.

The 700-million rupee China Bay – Kinniya Bridge, the Thambalgamam main road, the 50-million rupee Yan Oya – Pudawaikattu – Pulmodai highway as well as the Polonnaruwa – Trincomalee highway would underpin major tourism development initiatives in the East.

In Batticaloa, there is a boat building yard at Ondachchi within the Kaluwanchikudy Divisional Secretarial area, operated by the Sri Lanka Solidarity Organization. 90 per cent of the employees at this facility are women, including widows – all of them found living below the poverty line. A similar facility could be set up in Verugal where once the fishing industry thrived. Educated youths, both male and female, could be found in significant numbers in Verugal. The SCOPP team found about 100 widows in this village. All of them were eager to earn a living through hard work. This desire could be tapped to advantage by setting up a boat yard and also an institution to teach them deep sea fishing. Empowering women in this area would serve as a bulwark against terrorism and any future subversive activity.

A different kind of displacement had also taken place due to the war – a large number of unclaimed cattle and buffaloes have made Verugal their home. The government is currently engaged in efforts to bring these animals together and a committee has been appointed for this task. These livestock could form the nucleus of a cottage dairy industry of women, providing nutrition and also an avenue of income.

The beaches in the East are rich in mineral sands and shells. They could be used as inputs for industries producing bulbs, insulators, glass, ceramics and also cement. Regional small industries based on the resources could be set up under the Eastern Revival programme of the Government.

The Ministry of Investment Promotion has said that the sea areas in the East would be transformed into tourist zone under the accelerated 180 day plans for Eastern Revival. There are also moves to attract large scale investment, for local and foreign, to help sustain development of the East. The Director General of the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka has announced new incentives and tax concessions to encourage investments in the Eastern province.

The people of the East have now been freed from the clutches of the LTTE, enabling them live their lives as they please without obeying the dictates of unscrupulous elements. Already, a transformation could be seen taking place in the East with several development projects being launched in the region. Some activity is short term with immediate benefits while others are long terms plans conceived and implemented with the future generations in mind. It is the Tamil speaking people of the East who will be the immediate beneficiaries of these activities.