Private resort in Marawila attacked

A private sports resort in Marawila was set on fire by an unknown gang early last morning, the management told the Daily Mirror yesterday claiming that it was the second such attack within the past one week forcing it to shut down operations.

Aquarius Sports Resort chairman Dr. Dietmar Doering said that around 15 -20 men stormed the premises on Tuesday at the time a few German and American guests were inside, damaged property and set fire to the place.

A?a??A?On Poya day, just one week ago four rooms of our hotel, which has been leased to a local party, were smashed by the same or a related gang. A driver of a Government Minister from the area had refused to pay a bill and a subsequent fight resulted in the destruction of four of our hotel rooms and two shops in Marawila. Vehicles too were smashed. The total damage was around 15 million rupees. A settlement subsequently resolved the dispute while none of the parties claimed damages from the other party,A?a??A? Mr Doering said.

He said he had now decided to wind up his operations in the country as his life and that of his guests were under threat owing to frequent attacks on his resort.

A?a??A?Law and order is no longer in the hands or in the control of the authorities here. We are in the process of issuing warning notices to European travel trade organisations based on the incidents which happened here last night,A?a??A? he said.

When contacted by the Daily Mirror the Marawila police confirmed that an incident had taken place but refused to divulge further details.

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