Massive development plan for North and East

The Government yesterday announced a massive development plan under the Reawakening programme to restore livelihoods through new agriculture and irrigation projects aimed at a sustainable social and economic integration of the community in the Northern and Eastern Provinces.

The Reawakening project consists of four components. They are village development and rehabilitation, essential rehabilitation and improvement to select major irrigation schemes, cluster level livelihood support activities and Institutional capacity building and project implementation support.

The main objective is to create confidence and self reliance among those segments to help them build up their lives and usher in social and economic stability even under the conflict situation.

The project implementation will be carried out through the Ministry of Nation Building. The World Bank which has provided a huge sum as assistance through the North East Irrigated Agriculture Project (NEIAP) Where to purchase alavert I and II had found the results not visible for the past few years.

Therefore, the project was restructured and is expected to operate in a different modality instead of the conventional delivery mechanism.

Governor of the Eastern Province Mohan Wijayawickrama said terrorism has Treatment lamictal allergic reaction curtailed development in the North and East for the past few decades.

The Government using proper war strategies has been able to liberate the East from the clutches of the LTTE.

He said that the IDP resettlement is going on in a satisfactory manner. The project has provided a new lease of life for conflict affected families. It will empower and harmonise civil society with sustainable livelihoods and good governance to improve the quality of life of the community in conflict affected areas.

He said that the development should be a people oriented otherwise people would not get real benefits. It is the reason for the restructuring of project addressing the needs of the people live in conflicted areas.

He said the North and East is rich in agriculture diversification. Steps have been taken to support households undertake livelihoods for enhancing income and reducing vulnerability.

The infrastructure facilities will also be improved to be facilitated to the community needs. Nation Building and Estate Infrastructure Development Minister Jagath Pushpakumara said reawakening has been restructured with an understanding of the community strength, skills and capacity.

It is proposed to give more authority and support to them to develop their own livehood development programmes along with the most needed infrastructure facilities which has a direct impact on their activities.

Nation Building and Estate Infrastructure Development Minister Susantha Punchinilame said that people in the North and East suffer from various problems which are very specific to them.

It is the reason for following the special ranking and the selection of the village. A?a??A?We will give priority for the promotion of poor and vulnerable people in the village in the North EastA?a??A?.

Deputy Minister of Higher Education M. M. Mohamed Musthaffa said the project is most welcomed and it expects to create massive development in the North and East.

As PeopleA?a??a??s representatives in the North and East, we had no opportunity to contribute to the NEIAP project though it was commenced eight years ago, said Plan Implementation Minister P. Dayaratna. It is appreciated that the project has been formulated considering communities as responsible components of the project implementation.

Housing and Common Amenities Minster Ferial Ashraff said there should be a good rapport between the politicians and the people to implement development projects. Politicians represent the people and they have to carry development accepted by the people.

Irangika Range, Daily News

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