Sri Lanka a safe destination

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Sri Lanka is one of the safest destinations for tourists and the security situation in the country has been exaggerated overseas by false propaganda, Chairman of the Faith Task Force, UK, Anthony Bailey said in an interview with the Daily News.

Bailey, an advisor to the British Prime Minister, was spending his honeymoon in Sri Lanka and had traveled to the South, Dambulla, Sigiriya and Nuwara Eliya over a period of ten days.

He observed that there was a concerted effort to tarnish the image of the country overseas focusing on the conflict in the North and East.

Bailey who wedded Crown Princess of Austria, Franz Ferdinand, said that now that has seen the reality first hand he will carry the message to other countries that Sri Lanka is a safe destination with a unique scenic beauty. He also noted that the country has a unique spiritual harmony with people from all communities and subscribing to different religious co-existing without any conflict.

Crown Princess of Austria – Franz Ferdinand????

Royal Highness Marie Therese von Hohenberg!!!!


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1 Response to “Sri Lanka a safe destination”

  • I fully agree with the statement that Sri Lanka is a perfectly safe place for any foreigner to visit. More safe than many other destinations, for sure!
    More so, the presence of a white face is to been seen as contribution to the peace on our island: None of the parties at war wish to harm a foreign visitor.
    Indeed, there have been cases when the sheer presence of a tourist prevented a planned attack or outrage.
    Being local, or a long term resident one faces different dangers, of course.
    Depending on location and which side one happens to be on.

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