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“Arugambay” challenges Quicksilver & Billabong

Fashion News

A start up Sri Lankan a??beach branda?? aspires to challenge Billabong and Quicksilver

Arugambay Beach T-Shirt

Sri Lankaa??s emerging apparel brands inspired by a stray dog and an East coast beach

Arugambay T-Shirts and Shorts

Developing local brands is challenging because the market is flooded with cheap knockoffs of international brands

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Bubble gum coloured flip-flops are the rave among teenagers in Colombo since the Arugambay brand launched its multi hued slippers in 2009. In a simple but crucial way Arugambay improved and made flip- flops in to something surprisingly flattering and fashionable.

Arugambay Flop-Flips

Ajay Virr Sing an Indian living in Sri Lanka and once a fulltime ad-man, launched the Arugambay beachwear brand in 2009, a??a??We started with flip-flops Continue reading ‘“Arugambay” challenges Quicksilver & Billabong’


Arugam’s Beautiful Curry Chef!

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Samanthi . . . . Sri Lanka's most beautiful Chef

After all these years of travelling to Sri Lanka, and living for months in Arugam Bay, i have failed to hail the unsung heroa??s and heroina??s of this tropical isle. So, ia??m going to start with the one person that provides me with all the fuel i need to surf! Samanthi is affectionately known as a??Number 1 sistera??. I have known Samanthi and her family for the past 6 years. She and her sister, Erandathi, were the teachers at the Pre-School, near the Buddhist Temple, at the south end of the village. Samanthi and her family have fed and watered me over this time. They have even tolerated me living in their cabanas and at times the castle. I have to surf and go fishing to prevent the weight piling on! The problem is the food! Samanthia??s cooking is the best. It is not only the Rice n Curries that she serves up, but the cakes, pizzas, desserts and short eats. I never come home to Devon lighter than when i went out. Samanthi heads a team of sisters in the kitchen. She is up and starting the kitchen duties at six every morning, and regularly works through until midnight during the tourist season. Way back, when i first arrived, it was Amma doing the cooking, and forever supplying me and the brothers with Tea. Now it is Samanthi, with the assistance of younger sisters Gayani and Ruwanthi, and cousins Geeva and Sudu. There is a constant call for me to come and eat from the kitchen, and if i miss a meal, it is always waiting there for my return. Not only is Samanthi an awesome cook, but she is also beautiful. Be warned though! She has four protective brothers, a father, and a brother in law!


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Arugam Bay Freedom

Be FREE @ Arugam Bay !

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Arugam Bay “Freedom Beach” Cabanas

These family run cabanas have recently been refurbished. They are sporting new tiled bathrooms, ceilings, mosquito nets and verandas. The garden now has grass and feels so good underfoot.
Come and enjoy a touch of family life in Arugam Bay. Beautiful home cooked traditional Sri Lankan food as well as western dishes for those desiring a touch of home. Sunday Roast on request. Party BBQa??s and Buffet Dinners for those wishing to celebrate a special occasion. Birthday Cakes made to order.
The family also provide Tuk Tuk Hire, Taxi Bookings, Wildlife Safaria??s, Boat Trips, Surf Lessons and Surfboard Hire. This is truely a family run business by one of the original families from Cheapest xenical in uk Arugam Bay. So remember Freedom Beach Cabanas, Samanthia??s Restaurant and Thaththaa??s Tea Shop for all your holiday needs in Arugam Bay.

Email – or



Before & After !

An Arugam Bay Fish B4

An early morning fishing session in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka, saw this beautifully marked Rock Fish come to the Dinner table @ Samanthia??s Restaurant. The fish was caught on a jointed plug that has proven to be successful in the coastal waters in Devon. The

fish had already escaped once, having broken the 4kg breaking strain line following a series of powerful dives into the sharp reef. Unfortunately for the big mouthed greedy fish, it chose to go for a second plug that had been quickly tied to the main line, this time with a short 70lb leader, and cast out into the same spot. It not only looked beautiful but tasted fantastic. Samanthia??s Restaurant can be found next to Freedom Cabanas at the southern corner of Arugam Bay, only a very short walk to the highly prized right hand point break.

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An Arugam Bay Fish. There after



Arugam’s Facebook reaches 30K

On Mother’s Day 2011 the poplar Facebook page “Arugam Surf” reached a new record and milestone.

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Greetings from Arugam Bay

This Community page now has more than 30,000 friends from all over the globe.
An interesting observation:
More than 20,000 are young ladies – a sign that the Bay is not only of interest to the die hard male dominated surfing Community.
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Eve Fletcher. A remarkable lady surfer @ 84 ripe years


Protected: Surfing Mag (June2011) on Abay

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Arugam Bay “Whisky” Point Surf

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“Walking the Walk” @ AbaY

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"Walking the Walk"

open letter Arugam Bay SurfA? Club to Paddle4Relief:

Dear Tim,

How are you i am doing well here.

The happy news i like to inform you our surf club have been registered under the sports ministry of Sri Lanka.

This is the register number 142018.

I feel my big responsibility reached the moment.i try since 2006 but yesterday reached.

i hope from this year we can do better works.

Kind regards.

FAWAS Lafeer (Chairman).

Arugambay Surfing Club,

Main point Road,



Sri Lanka.

Mobile:+94(0)771759620/779 552 268


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Arugam Bay: A Surfing Adventure

Sri Lanka is still one of the surfing world’s secret gems, discovered by a few lucky ones who return year after year to enjoy the tropical waters, fun waves and diverse cultural experiences the country has to offer. reporting directly from the Bay. Since 1997

Yet to the majority of the worlds’ travel addicted surfing community it has been overlooked as a surf travel destination. The local surfing community and exposure of Sri Lanka as a surfing holiday destination are in their infancy, but this trend is rapidly changing as more and more surfing travellers experience the beauty and adventure Sri Lanka has to offer and share their stories about this once forgotten paradise with the world.

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Arugam Bay: A Surfer’s heaven

Every year between April and October, storms from below South Africa, whip the ocean into a frenzy and send large, consistent swells up the length of the Indian Ocean and into the coastline of Sri Lanka. The storms are usually located thousands of kilometres away, so that by the time the swells reach Sri Lanka, they are perfectly groomed ground swells that wrap their way around the southern and eastern sides of the island. During the surf season it is not unusual to encounter at least one solid ground swell every single week and with the prevailing wind coming from the west, the majority of the southeast and eastern coasts of Sri Lanka are protected from the wind offering hundreds of uncrowded and sometimes even undiscovered locations to surf. Breaks range from gentle beach breaks, reef breaks and sandy bottomed point breaks, catering for every type of surfer from the complete novice, up to the experienced professional.

Pro Training Session 😉

Arugam Bay or A-Bay as it is predominantly known is the hub of the Sri Lankan Surfing community, with the entire village set up to handle surfing tourists, with a huge range of accommodation and eating options. Unlike many surfing destinations which cater for only the hard core surfer and his or her desire to spend 10 hours a day catching waves over sharp shallow reefs, Arugam Bay and all of the Sri Lankan surfing destinations are the perfect place to take your girlfriend or the family. While they enjoy swimming in the protected turquoise waters of the bay, you can slip out to the point to surf perfect uncrowded waves for the morning. Once surfing is over there are so many adventures and places to explore only a short tuk tuk ride away.

Surfing: A sport for all, young, old and any gender

Continue reading ‘Arugam Bay: A Surfing Adventure’


Arugam Bay, a tourism hotspot

Coastal conservation and management a must:

Disna Mudalige

The southeast coast of Sri Lanka gleams with new vigour and light with the dawn of peace. This area which people dared not to go for decades due to terrorist threats is now wide open for both local and international tourists. It has become a tourism a??hotspota?? with its wide array of tourist attractions. However, the need of a well planned coastal zone management is strongly felt with the tourism expansion in this coastal stretch.

The coastal stretch from Pottuvil to Panama includes bays famous for surfing and bathing, coastal waters rich with fish resources, lagoons providing ideal niches for prawns, crabs and lobsters, rich mangrove stands, wide sandy beaches for beach lovers and tall sand dunes for those who seek adventures.

The Beach at Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay

The tourist season in Arugam Bay in the Southeast coast starts in March with the favourable windy atmosphere for surfing. Arugam Bay is one of the best surfing areas in Asia. As estimated about 100,000 tourists visit Arugam Bay during the season which extends till October. Continue reading ‘Arugam Bay, a tourism hotspot’

Arugam’s Super Moon

The 2011 Super Moon as seen from Arugam Bay

This is what we could see from Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka. It is definitely the Moon and not a mountain of cheese Grommit. Shall we just sit here a while and gaze at ita??s splendor? More cheese Grommit?

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The 2011 Super Moon as seen from Arugam Bay


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Arugam Bay Surf Club Story

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Great places to surf: Arugam Bay

Q: Where are the best places to surf that few people know about?

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Arugam Bay. Renowned for its surf & backpacker heaven

By Rod Gilmour 4:01PM GMT 24 Nov 2010


Further afield try Purchase penegra india Arugam Bay on the southern tip of Sri Lanka. Renowned for its surf, it is a haven few backpackers know about and is back on the map following the devastating tsunami.

The British Surfing Association estimate that there are around 500,000 regular surfers in the UK. With popularity gaining every year, those hardy souls who crave wave after wave are finding their territory spoilt by a multitude of weekenders. If you want to surf in relative peace then searching Britain’s coastlines for those secret waves is the answer. It also means days away. Sandwood Bay, about as far North as you can venture on the Atlantic west coast of Scotland, is one of those places. After leaving the car 4.5 miles from the beach, the first challenge is the walk with the surf boards and tents (don’t forget your map). Once there, you will be amongst only a handful of souls on one of the most isolated and picturesque beaches Britain has to offer.

Further afield try Arugam Bay on the southern tip of Sri Lanka. Renowned for its surf, it is a haven few backpackers know about and is back on the map following the devastating tsunami.


And we are back! On Facebook!

Done! Super Happy ARUGAM !

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We managed to resurrect our popular Facebook page “Arugam Surf”.
Which was knocked off the net exactly 2 months ago.

Arugam Surf
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Please join, participate, submit YOUR photos, videos. Let’s make this page even more popular.
Please understand that we had to add additional security features to avoid access to our hacker ‘friends’ in future.


Paddle4Relief @ Arugam Bay

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Arugam Bay: The 4th Best Surf Spot in the World

Abay is now on place 4 !
With so many good surf spots around the world, a perfect wave is breaking somewhere right now. What makes a surf spot better than another? Most surfers would agree that the quality of the wave has to be very high. To be the best, it has to break consistently and provide a barrel section where the wave goes hollow. Also, the longer it goes for, the better. Herea??s our list of the best surf spots in the world.

Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

south africa jeffreys bay surfer surfingWaimea Bay, Hawaii

hawaii north shore Waimea Bay surfer surfingTavarua, Fiji

Tavarua Fiji cloudbreak surfer surfingArugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay Sri Lanka surfer surfingBells Beach, Australia

australia bells beach surfer surfing Buy prograf without prescription Mundaka, Spain Continue reading ‘Arugam Bay: The 4th Best Surf Spot in the World’