ASP @ Arugam Bay August 30 a?? September 4

a??Arugam Bay
is such a great wave for both competitors and spectators,a??

Aragum Bay A? ASP

Sri Lankan Airlines Pro

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ASP 6-Star womena??s event
ASP World Longboard men’s event
Arugum Bay Sri Lanka
30 August – 4 September 2011

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World First At This Yeara??s Sri Lankan Airlines Pro

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 July, 2011 : – – Coolangatta –A?Sri Lankan Airlines and the ASP are pleased to announce the addition of the 2011 Sri Lankan Airlines Pro to the ASP Tour calendar. This year the Sri Lankan Airlines Pro will see an exciting world first by combining an ASP 6-Star womena??s event and an ASP World Longboard Title (WLT) mena??s event.

The Sri Lankan Airlines Pro will return to Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka after last yeara??s event saw consistent, pumping waves running down the famous right-hand point for the duration of the waiting period. ASP Australasia General Manager Dane Jordan is excited to see Sri Lanka on the ASP Tour in 2011.

a??Arugam Bay is such a great wave for both competitors and spectators,a??
Jordan said. a??Last year the men (6 star event) scored almost perfect waves every day and now ita??s the women and the longboardersa?? turn. Sri Lanka is such an exotic destination for surfers and to have a World Title event at Arugam Bay is great for the sport worldwide and within Sri Lanka. Ita??s great to have a world-class airline sponsoring our events and we are proud to continue our partnership with SriLankan Airlines to showcase Sri Lanka to the world.a??

Nishantha Wickremasinghe, Chairman of Sri Lankan Airlines expressed how happy they are to take their partnership with the ASP into ita??s sixth year.

a??We consider it an honour to host an ASP surfing event at the ever popular Arugam Bay,a?? Wickremasinghe said. a??More significantly we are conducting twin events this year including a Womena??s World Tour event and Mena??s World Longboard Tour event.A?.. Sri Lankan Airlines have always made a point of promoting Adventure and Sports tourism into Sri Lanka through events such as Golf, Surfing, Rugby and Marathons. With peace firmly established in Sri Lanka we want to showcase the diverse attractions the island has to offer.

a??Sri Lankan Airlines are firmly geared towards making this yeara??s event a huge success and maintain Arugam Baya??s standing as a favourite among the top surfing destinations in the world. We are expecting lots of excitement and great waves like last yeara??s event.a??

This yeara??s the Sri Lankan Airlines Pro Arugam Bay will run from August 30 a?? September 4. The SriLankan Airlines Pro will cater to the needs of all surf fans by combining the excitement and finesse of womena??s surfing with technicality and skill of mena??s longboarding.

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