Before & After !

An Arugam Bay Fish B4

An early morning fishing session in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka, saw this beautifully marked Rock Fish come to the Dinner table @ Samanthia??s Restaurant. The fish was caught on a jointed plug that has proven to be successful in the coastal waters in Devon. The

fish had already escaped once, having broken the 4kg breaking strain line following a series of powerful dives into the sharp reef. Unfortunately for the big mouthed greedy fish, it chose to go for a second plug that had been quickly tied to the main line, this time with a short 70lb leader, and cast out into the same spot. It not only looked beautiful but tasted fantastic. Samanthia??s Restaurant can be found next to Freedom Cabanas at the southern corner of Arugam Bay, only a very short walk to the highly prized right hand point break.

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An Arugam Bay Fish. There after


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