Arugam Bay, thata??s where to catch the wave

The place just blows me away every time I visit.

If there was heaven on earth, Arugam Bay would be it.
It has everything that I love about Sri Lanka; wonderful weather, surfing, jungle beaches, history, nature and a lively culture complete with people from all over the globe

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The surf season begins in May and runs to October. The journey to Abay itself has seen tremendous changes with a a??carpeta?? road built right from Colombo to Arugam Bay. You will see the best of Sri Lanka while you travel, A?rivers, lots of greenery, Elephants in Udawalawe National Park (No you dona??t even need to go inside the park to see them!) and Lahugala, the Hill Country in the distance and historical monuments scatttered along the road.

Once you get to Abay you can chill at a number of restaurents and little shops dotted along the road. Being the avid explorer, I would venture to Pottuville Town and try the local Prawn and Crab Curry! You can get back into having some a??normala?? food, pizzaa??s at Sun N Surf, Thai Food at Siam View followed by home made desserts at the Gecko.

My favourite breakfast is always at Hakeems, Banana Pancakes and Rottis at his little shop by the side of the street. Enough energy to get me on the board and last through the day!

All of the spots are easily accessible and locals even organize Tuk Tuk (Surf) tours which would surely be a novel experience for those from overseas. Therea??s the popular Main Point with its long right handed reef break, Pottuville Point, Peanut Farm and Whiskey Point. However my all time favourite wave isa??ok I will keep that a secret, you should travel and discover for yourself!

When in Arugam Bay, do visit the boya??s from the Surfing Federation. Thanks to Fred and Tim, the club has finally got a home at the Ground Floor of the Siam View Hotel. They are the cream of Sri Lankaa??s surfing clan and the generation that will put Sri Lanka on the map for the sport at a competitive level. They will be able to organize surfing lessons and bound to get you riding your first wave.

The bay becomes a??quitea?? after the months of November to March and rarely do people visit the place during that time. Almost all magazines talk about visiting the place during a??seasona?? but how misinformed they are! Arugam Bay is an all year destination! Just because you might not be able to catch a wave for surfing that does not mean you cannot enjoy the place.

You might see a bit of rain during year end, but those days aside, therea??s most probably bright sunshine all along. You can trek, stroll on the endless beaches, cycle, visit the national parks, historical monuments like Kudimbigala and Muhudu Viharaya A?and if you dare a?? even kitesurf! You will see the Elephants and thousands of birds in Kumana National Park.

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As a tip, try spend at least 5 full days in Arugam Bay to get a feel of the place. Dona??t limit your trip to just surfing. Go out and experience the place. Refreshing Abay, its heaven on earth.Make sure you make your way there, anytime of year. It surely will be worth it.

Dilsiri Welikala works at MAS Slimline. He is passionate about the sport of Kitesurfing and runs Sri Lankaa??s only Kitesurf related blog – Kitesurf Sri Lanka (

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