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The Bay today

End June 12 The season comes late this year (note how

the annual sand bank is just forming)

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Jet Ski trials at Arugam Bay

Order calan sr 240 mg Navy The S.L. Navy recently entered the lucrative Tourist market. In a big way, with cruises, boat trips, hospitality and whale watching,

Army The Army also has been taking keen interest in the sport of Surfing. Locally based, Commissioned Officers are said to have been observed to Surf Arugam Bay.

Air Force Jet Ski trials at AbaY

STF – Special Tusk Farce The STF is already actively engaged in life-saving duties and Fishery protection excercises

Fishy protection Duties

Air Farce Not to be outdone, has learned that SLAF is now also set to enter the lucrative Tourist sector. So far, none of the Armed Forces appear to be profitable. As jet.

Recently, secret trials were held in the area. Just West of Arugam Bay.

Rigorous training program. Earlier attempts were promising

Jokey Club Furthermore, it is understood that other organisations are considering to jump on the popular Surfing “Band Wagon” Cheap crixivan/indinavir

Even the Sri Lanka Jockey Club seems to be considering to divert into some off shore activities:

Jockey Club training session @ Arugam Bay

AbuDubai Race Horses Rulers from the UAE have also spotted Arugam’s potential. Already they have send some of their best Race Horses to be conditioned and trained in the clean air of Arugam’s beaches. Apparently, the humidity and the heat will give Arab based horses a distinct advantage over European competitors in forthcoming races in Dubai’s high Tech race course.

Dubai Horse Race training & conditioning at Arugam Bay

Chinese Interest The Chinese meanwhile have copied popular Jet Ski Designs by Yamaha, Suzuki and Bomadier. Seen here on HD sea trials at AbaY

Ps.: NAAFI? Navy, Army & Air Forces Institutes in action at Arugam Bay 1st April, 2012

Combined Forces. At work in AbaY


More Than Just Another Surfing Destination

More Than Just Another Surfing Destination

What is the generic name for proscar COOLANGATTA, Queensland/Australia (Thursday, 12 January, 2012) a??
For the last 2 year ASP Australasia have been involved in the running of one of the most exotic events on the ASP calendar a?? The SriLankan Airlines Pro.

Beautiful Arugam Bay. Pic ASP/Will H-S

2010 saw the event play host to the worlda??s best male surfers vying for valuable ASP 6-Star points at the now world renowned Buy dulcolax tablets online india Arugam Bay. Julian Wilson (AUS) took out the event, with his radical approach to the long reeling right handers, earning some solid prize-money and points that helped him qualify for the elite ASP World Title Race.A?(Click here to watch event TV Show.)

In 2011 The SriLankan Airlines Pro changed, the event was the first of ita??s kind, two events in one a?? a 6-Star Womena??s event and Mena??s World Longboard Title event. Both events were treated to classic waves and unforgettable Sri Lankan hospitality.A?(Click here for event TV Show.)

If youa??ve been wondering which location to select for your next surfing safari, make sure you check out these videos and consider making Sri Lankaa??s many long right-handed point breaks your destination.



Arugam Bay by Duncan MacFarlane

Arugam Bay. Main Point in front, P'Ville & Whiskey Point shown on top, up North

Arugam Bay by Duncan MacFarlane

Trips abroad are always a tasty side-dish to the long hours on the sand that are most surf photographera??s meat-and-potatoes, but when Duncan Macfarlane got the call from 18seconds Magazine earlier this year to jump on the next plane to Sri Lanka he knew he was in for a particularly spicy assignment. Several weeks later he was back, reeking of curry, with a hard-drive full if images, a beard full roti crumbs and head full of stories about mindless right-handers.

The chefa??s special on Sri Lankaa??s menu-board of uncrowded points is Arugam Bay.

SPOT CHECK a?? Arugam Bay

Arugam Point
Arugam Point is the main wave in the area and generally the most crowded. An average wave breaks for about 100 metres, but if you find a pearler you could ride for 300 metres or more. The wind is always best in the morning before the trades come up around 10-11am. The point can handle plenty of swell up to eight-foot.

Inside point
Some 300 metres in from the Point is Inside Point. It doesna??t connect with the outside section, so dona??t get too exited. On an average day this wave is a fun, gentle break for beginners learning to surf, but ita??s wedgy and out of the wind.

Potuvill Point
Several hundred metre right point on sand bottom. The wave is generally about half the size of Arugam Point and is more protected from the trade winds than other places. Ita??s only a few kilometres away and faces roughly the same direction. Continue reading ‘Arugam Bay by Duncan MacFarlane’


Happy Surfing Christmas !

Season Greetings from the

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Bay of Arugam !

A very peaceful, Happy Christmas to you All !

Arugam Bay at it’s best

Aldara annual sales A A?good, remarkable video clip.
In perfect quality, with super clear images.
Great shots with a somewhat long, detailled commentary


Daily News

Arugam's second 'Tsunami'

….. several illegal constructions in Arugam Bay were demolished last week……

Illegal constructions out in coastal belt

Disna Mudalige

* More powers to CCD by new law

*Demolition costs to be recovered from offenders Xenical comprar online argentina

The Coast Conservation Department (CCD) has decided to take strict action against illegal constructions in the coastal belt using the new powers vested in it under the amended Coastal Conservation Act approved by Parliament recently.

CCD Director General Anil Premaratne told the Daily News that court cases will be filed against owners of these illegal buildings and a fine not less than Rs 5,000 and not more than Rs 25,000 will be imposed on them at the first conviction.

He said that if the offenders who maintain the illegal constructions continue the same offence disregarding the court decision, the amended Act has the provisions to impose a fine not less than Rs 1,000 and not more than Rs 5,000 per day on them.

He said that unauthorized constructions in the coastal belt have resulted in accelerated coastal erosion and pollution and therefore the CCD has decided to strictly implement these laws.

Premaratne said that the unauthorized buildings which are built very close to the sea will be demolished and the expenses spent on them will be recovered from the offenders. He said that several illegal constructions in Arugam Bay were demolished last week and this process will also be carried out in other coastal areas.

He observed that the coastal stretch in the Southern Province comprises the majority of illegal constructions.

He also explained that legal action will also be sought for the illegal fillings of water bodies and sand mining. The amended Act has also made provisions to arrest an offender without a warrant for violating its laws and regulations aiming for an efficient coastal conservation and coastal resource management.


Link to A?Facebook page “Save Arugam Bay”:

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Arugam Bay reaching out as a water sport destination


Surfs Up

(Surf is up)

TheA?’Sri Lankan Pro’-surfing contestA?commenced in the Purchase avalide 300 Arugambay coastal belt today.A?A?This is the largest Beach Pageant held in the Indian Ocean Region.

Arugam Bay. Is popular with Lady Surfers

More than 100 foreigners areA?set to takeA?part in the contest.
Surfers from several countries will participateA? in the ‘Sri Lankan Pro’ contest which will be held until next Sunday.
A large number of locals too have gathered for the function with several other attractions in the area.

Among them are the Magul Maha Viharaya, Muhudu Maha Viharaya, Kudumbigala Forest Sanctuary, Bird Sanctuary and Crocodile Rock.


Arugam Bay and the Arugam Bay Surf Club

…..” Then he told me about a strange building above the bay called a??the castlea??:
‘Ita??s thirty years old a?? very old.
It was made by an English guy called Richard” …..

Arugam Bay and the surf point

Arugam Bay has been known as a top surfing area for many years now. During the season, from about May to November, it is easily the most popular destination for foreign visitors to the east coast. Ita??s a working fishing beach and there is quite a lot of rubbish on the sands, compared with the southern beaches, and is perhaps not the best place to come just for a beach holiday: most foreigners I met were there for the surfing. Many locals want to clean up the beach, however a?? see below a?? so this may change. For now ita??s still very pretty, and quiet, if you want a place to gather your thoughts, and you can visit nearby mangroves on Pottuvil lagoon, or go to Kudimbigala Forest Hermitage to see Buddhist shrines. The Lahugala-Kitulana National Park is 16km inland from Pottuvil and large herds of elephants move there during the dry season (July and August).

Fishermen on Arugam Bay

The road from Arugam Bay is now completely open so you can travel south to Okanda and visit Yala East National Park. This park was Continue reading ‘Arugam Bay and the Arugam Bay Surf Club’


Close to Home in … Arugam Bay


ASP @ Arugam Bay August 30 a?? September 4

a??Arugam Bay
is such a great wave for both competitors and spectators,a??

Aragum Bay A? ASP

Sri Lankan Airlines Pro

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ASP 6-Star womena??s event
ASP World Longboard men’s event
Arugum Bay Sri Lanka
30 August – 4 September 2011

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World First At This Yeara??s Sri Lankan Airlines Pro

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 July, 2011 : – – Coolangatta –A?Sri Lankan Airlines and the ASP are pleased to announce the addition of the 2011 Sri Lankan Airlines Pro to the ASP Tour calendar. This year the Sri Lankan Airlines Pro will see an exciting world first by combining an ASP 6-Star womena??s event and an ASP World Longboard Title (WLT) mena??s event.

The Sri Lankan Airlines Pro will return to Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka after last yeara??s event saw consistent, pumping waves running down the famous right-hand point for the duration of the waiting period. ASP Australasia General Manager Dane Jordan is excited to see Sri Lanka on the ASP Tour in 2011.

a??Arugam Bay is such a great wave for both competitors and spectators,a??
Jordan said. a??Last year the men (6 star event) scored almost perfect waves every day and now ita??s the women and the longboardersa?? turn. Sri Lanka is such an exotic destination for surfers and to have a World Title event at Arugam Bay is great for the sport worldwide and within Sri Lanka. Continue reading ‘ASP @ Arugam Bay August 30 a?? September 4’


Arugam Bay, thata??s where to catch the wave

The place just blows me away every time I visit.

If there was heaven on earth, Arugam Bay would be it.
It has everything that I love about Sri Lanka; wonderful weather, surfing, jungle beaches, history, nature and a lively culture complete with people from all over the globe

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Full text of this small image printed below.

The surf season begins in May and runs to October. The journey to Abay itself has seen tremendous changes with a a??carpeta?? road built right from Colombo to Arugam Bay. You will see the best of Sri Lanka while you travel, A?rivers, lots of greenery, Elephants in Udawalawe National Park (No you dona??t even need to go inside the park to see them!) and Lahugala, the Hill Country in the distance and historical monuments scatttered along the road.

Once you get to Abay you can chill at a number of restaurents and little shops dotted along the road. Being the avid explorer, I would venture to Pottuville Town and try the local Prawn and Crab Curry! You can get back into having some a??normala?? food, pizzaa??s at Sun N Surf, Thai Food at Siam View followed by home made desserts at the Gecko.

My favourite breakfast is always at Hakeems, Banana Pancakes and Rottis at his little shop by the side of the street. Enough energy to get me on the board and last through the day! Continue reading ‘Arugam Bay, thata??s where to catch the wave’



Donated surfboards finally reach surfers in Sri Lanka

The Arugam BaySurfers

Paddle4Relief (P4R) Founder, Tim Tanton, with the help of representatives from both Arugam Bay Surf Club and West Coast Surf Club, have finally managed to get the donated shipment of surfboards cleared from Sri Lankan Customs!
The 36 boards were sent out by the Braunton charity in February, but were delayed at customs. Tim, was in Sri Lanka for a prolonged period of three months trying to free the shipment from the countrya??s border, which he said only seemed possible through financial contributions.
a??It was a very stressful time because being a charity we run on minimal costs and in the end it led to me paying A?750 out of my own pocket.a??
Quite an expensive donation but well worth it when one sees the joy of the youngsters as their eyes light up and they have the chance to learn to surf.The boards are crucial to Sri Lankan surfing communities to give talented surfers the opportunity to improve and for the the little ones to learn. The majority of the surfboards have now been distributed around the island. More will be handed out on Tima??s next visit to a few more obscure places that he was unable to get to this time.
The trip has been exhausting and traumatic. Emotions have run high, and tears have been shed. Frustration has been evident, both from Tim, himself, and the surfers of Sri Lanka. They have been upset that their fellow countrymen have caused so much disruption both through bureaucratic nonsense, corruption and jealousy.
What one could describe as a nightmare, it has been a success. One can see from the photos, whether it is Geeva, a young female Sri Lankan teenager learning to surf, or Asanka, Sri Lankaa??s Number one surfer, or Chumphikha who doesna??t surf but enjoys the vibe, that all the blood, sweat and tears are worth it.

Geeva . . . . . loves learning to surf

Tim said that developing the deprived countrya??s natural asset of great surfing conditions is an obvious way of building a sustainable economy for those providing surfing lessons and equipment hire.
The surfers in Arugam Bay are now able to use the soft top surfboards to run surf lessons for both tourists and for the younger children in the community. This enables them to earn a salary and to give back something to their community. They are now fortunate to have an office to use as a base, and where they can take bookings for lessons, store surfboards and inform tourists of where and when to surf.

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Chumphikha . . . . . . loves the vibe

We, Paddle4Relief, have been instrumental in empowering the young surfers of Arugam Bay to realise the potential of their sport and in taking responsibility for their environment, their playground. They have previously realised the need to carry out Beach Cleans, and they are presently involved in establishing a working committee with other organisations and officers within the community to develop a sustainable programme where they can protect their environment.

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Asanka . . . . . Sri Lanka's Number 1 surfer

The support from the North Devon Community, the Sri Lanka Surfing Community, Christian Surfers UK, Surf Relief UK, Tiki Surf International, Fluid Juice, Constantine Surf, Croyde Surf Life Saving Club and the team of friends that support Tim at Paddle4Relief have made this possible. Special thanks must go to Phil Williams of Christian Surfers UK for his continued committment to the surfers in Sri Lanka and his ability to provide both spiritual and financial support.
It is still hard to put the experience into words. Tim explained that he been at a very low ebb on number of occasions throughout the episode and yet he says
a??there is the enormous satisfaction that we stuck by our committment and came out the other sidea??
Realisation is that it did cost a lot more money than expected. Money that the charity, P4R, didna??t have. So somehow P4R need to raise more at this years event in August to rebalance the accounts. It has taken a lot of energy but it has brought something to others that money cannot buy . . . . . . . . . it has given them opportunity, hope, enjoyment and realisation that they are not alone. That complete strangers from around the world, care, care enough to help, to sacrifice, and hopefully this humanity will continue with them, through their lives.

The Arugam Bay Surf Club & their own office

Now the focus is on getting a Surf Instructor out to Sri Lanka to enable the young surfers to gain a recognised Surf Instructors Qualification.
The quest is never ending it seems. So the plan is to recharge the batteries and gather everyone together to continue the quest.
So, if anyone, or any business, would like to help in any way what so ever then please contact
Or, if there is a qualified Surf Instructor that can head out to Sri Lanka and train the young surfers to achieve a recognised Surf Instructors Qualification then please contact Tim. There is funding for a flight ticket, transfers, accommodation and possibly meals for such a person.
We desperately need funding for this years event on Sunday August 21st. We need sponsors for the event t-shirts and hoodies. We are also looking for prizes for the Paddle Race and Fancy Dress Surf Competition, let alone the raffle and tombola.
Many thanks again to all those that have supported and continue to support P4R.

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“Arugambay” challenges Quicksilver & Billabong

Fashion News

A start up Sri Lankan a??beach branda?? aspires to challenge Billabong and Quicksilver

Arugambay Beach T-Shirt

Sri Lankaa??s emerging apparel brands inspired by a stray dog and an East coast beach

Arugambay T-Shirts and Shorts

Developing local brands is challenging because the market is flooded with cheap knockoffs of international brands

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Bubble gum coloured flip-flops are the rave among teenagers in Colombo since the Arugambay brand launched its multi hued slippers in 2009. In a simple but crucial way Arugambay improved and made flip- flops in to something surprisingly flattering and fashionable.

Arugambay Flop-Flips

Ajay Virr Sing an Indian living in Sri Lanka and once a fulltime ad-man, launched the Arugambay beachwear brand in 2009, a??a??We started with flip-flops Continue reading ‘“Arugambay” challenges Quicksilver & Billabong’


Arugam’s Beautiful Curry Chef!

Serpina how much

Samanthi . . . . Sri Lanka's most beautiful Chef

After all these years of travelling to Sri Lanka, and living for months in Arugam Bay, i have failed to hail the unsung heroa??s and heroina??s of this tropical isle. So, ia??m going to start with the one person that provides me with all the fuel i need to surf! Samanthi is affectionately known as a??Number 1 sistera??. I have known Samanthi and her family for the past 6 years. She and her sister, Erandathi, were the teachers at the Pre-School, near the Buddhist Temple, at the south end of the village. Samanthi and her family have fed and watered me over this time. They have even tolerated me living in their cabanas and at times the castle. I have to surf and go fishing to prevent the weight piling on! The problem is the food! Samanthia??s cooking is the best. It is not only the Rice n Curries that she serves up, but the cakes, pizzas, desserts and short eats. I never come home to Devon lighter than when i went out. Samanthi heads a team of sisters in the kitchen. She is up and starting the kitchen duties at six every morning, and regularly works through until midnight during the tourist season. Way back, when i first arrived, it was Amma doing the cooking, and forever supplying me and the brothers with Tea. Now it is Samanthi, with the assistance of younger sisters Gayani and Ruwanthi, and cousins Geeva and Sudu. There is a constant call for me to come and eat from the kitchen, and if i miss a meal, it is always waiting there for my return. Not only is Samanthi an awesome cook, but she is also beautiful. Be warned though! She has four protective brothers, a father, and a brother in law!


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