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The Eastern Province elections scheduled for May 10th is one of the crucial and decisive elections in the post independence Sri Lanka. Eastern Province was the granary of the ancient Sri Lanka which provided sustenance for the illustrious forces of King Dutu Gemunu in the war of liberation and unification of the country. The illusory Eelamists dreamt to make it their food bowl, foundation of natural resources, main revenue source, the commercial capital and the main sea-port (Trincomalee). A large chunk of the land coming under the province was under occupation by the terrorist forces for over two decades. Our valiant security forces relentlessly marching forward from Mawil Aru, sacrificing their life and limb, relinquishing their worldly pleasures, forsaking their posterity, braving death, fearlessly and daringly countering enemy assaults, and shattering the propagated myth of invincibility of the terrorist enemy liberated the total Eastern Province and established the nationA?a??a??s sovereignty over the territory although some political opportunists pooh-poohed the great victory as clinging on to a waste jungle land.

The election being held after almost 20 years has been enthusiastically hailed by the people of the 3 districts as it would enable them to elect their own representatives and develop their areas and find viable solutions for many issues, including the severe unemployment problem. PeopleA?a??a??s enthusiasm in the election is reflected in the unprecedented number of candidates totalling 1342 vying for the 37 seats. 982,721 voters are eligible to cast their ballots in this election.

Several Parliamentary seats in the province are presently hed by Tamil National Alliance MPs who got nominated through electoral hijacking methods severely condemned by the European Union Election Observers and who does not visit their electorates or who have no link with the people they claim to represent.

The Province has all the features and ingredients needed to make it a roll model for building the foundation of true Sri Lankan identity through strengthening amity and harmony among the three main communities.

As per the 2007 enumeration conducted by the Census and Statistics Department and data published in the Preliminary Report of 2007 the distribution within the province is: Muslims 40%, Tamils 38% and the Sinhalese 22%. The District-wise population distribution as per the Report is: Trincomalee District: 45.4% Muslim, 28.6% Sri Lankan Tamils, 25.4% Sinhalese; Batticaloa District: 25% Muslim, 74% Sri Lankan Tamil, 0.5% Sinhalese; and Ampara District: 44% Muslim, 18.3% Sri Lankan Tamil, 37.5% Sinhalese.

on looming over on all sides. The Province was also left completely neglected by the previous Sri Lankan Governments. Kantalai Sugar Factory, Valachchenai Paper Factory and the export of mineral sands through the Mineral Sands Corporation could be named as the few and only steps taken by the Sri Lankan governments to develop the province.

The Eastern province covers 20% of Sri LankaA?a??a??s sea coast amounting to 420 kms, and possesses the best and beautiful beeches of Arugam Bay, Passekuda and Nilaweli with huge potential for tourist development.

There are 32 rivers flowing to the sea through the province and if the main irrigation systems that exist in the province are properly developed it can once again within a short span of time become the granary of Sri Lanka as it was built by King Saddhatissa. The Trincomalee Harbour, the fishing resources, huge mineral deposits laying untapped in the vast sea bed, wildlife sanctuaries, Kumana bird sanctuary are other economic potentials available in the province.

The terrorist outfit which was chased out by our gallant security forces will never remain at ease with the Sri Lankan government having total control of the Province and establishing the nationA?a??a??s sovereignty and territorial integrity in the province. It would undoubtedly make every attempt to disrupt the election and carry out contract killings and sow dissensions among the masses and even among the candidates, especially in the government group.

Furthermore, since the disruptive activities, horse-trading and even mass killings will not halt the elections and destiny of the Eastern Province remaining a part of Sri LankaA?a??a??s sovereign territory the terrorists outfit will chuck all its strength and financial resources to defeat the government candidates and prevent the Eastern Provincial Council becoming an Administration loyal to the government and associating with the development project underway to change the face of the hitherto backward Eastern Province, and the country reaping fruits from the Eastern Province resources.

While there are several groups in the fray contesting for the 37 Provincial Council seats in the election, the main battle is pitched between the government candidates and a Group of Mishmash that include UNP, SLMC and TNA loyalists contesting as UNP candidates under the Elephant symbol.

The whole election strategy of the UNP, contravening the stance adopted by them in the recent Batticaloa District Local Government Election, was unveiled only after the recent clandestine meeting Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe reportedly had with TNA MPs M.K. Sivajilingam, Selvam Adaikalanathan, N. Srikantha and Suresh Premachandran in Tamil Nadu. The drama of fraudulent resignation of Parliamentary seats by the SLMC red-herrings is also claimed to be part of the strategy adopted at this Tamil Nadu meeting. (The Parliamentary Seats still remain vacant and will be reoccupied by these con-men at the next Pariamentary sittings which will be held after the EP elections).

The terrorists have placed all their resources on this gambling based on the strong voter base UNP possessed in the Eastern Province since 1960s and the popularity it enjoyed among the Tamils with several Tamil MPs getting continuously elected as UNP MPs from the Eastern Province. The SLMC which insisted on contesting only under its Tree symbol shamelessly dropped the demand at the behest of the terrorist outfit for whom the SLMC leader always had strong allegiance over and above the Muslim community.

Under this atmosphere, the Eastern Province Provincial Council Election has become a crucial and a decisive turning point in Sri LankaA?a??a??s very existence as a sovereign nation, in the preservation of the glorious achievement made by the security forces, for upholding the aspirations of the liberated masses to live as equal citizens of the country, to facilitate those who have forsaken terrorism to enter the political mainstream and enjoy the fruits of democracy, and for continuation of the mammoth development work being implemented by the government.

A defeat for the government and election of the UNP Mishmash in this election would cause a colossal disaster to the country and the people of the Eastern Province. It is learnt that one of the major decision taken at the Tamil Nadu meeting was to adopt a resolution by the Provincial Council, if the UNP Mishmash was elected, to annual the demerger, and declare North and East as one single province. Having tasted the damage caused to Sri Lanka and its integrity, the enormous strength the terrorists gained, and the set backs suffered by our security forces, under terrorist appeasement government under Mr. Ranil Wickremasnghe, a Provincial Council under the UNP Mishmash gained power solely under the command of the terrorist outfit, would be a colossal disaster to the Eastern Province and for Sri Lanka as a whole.

It is a national duty and responsibility of each and every Sri Lankan to rise against this alarming danger and urge, canvass and campaign the voters of the Eastern Province to prevent a group of political opportunists getting elected and betray the great victory of liberating the Eastern Province and throw the Eastern Province masses to the jaws of the terrorist enemy,

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