Mirissa adventure A?a??a?? Foreigners Only

A?a??A?Damn snobs!!A?a??A? was the exactly what I thought of Mirissa on my first visit thereas every single hotel had boards with thick lettering screaming A?a??A?Foreigners onlyA?a??A?. Even the ones without the sign looked at us locals like we were some sort of parasites A?a??A? I was rather pissed at the whole thing & swore never ever to come back to Mirissa & settled on the nearby quiet town of Weligama (my next post will be on the awesome time we had there) which was extremely hospitable.

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Even after coming back I kept stumbling on travel sites on Mirissa & what a nice beach they have (Which I had to agree with as Mirissa does have a trippy beach!!)A?a??A? However I had sworn never to go back to MirissaA?a??A? I kept remembering the first time I went to Hikkaduwa & Una Watuna although as in any tourist spot in SL people were apprehensionsA?a??a?? about locals but nevertheless they took us in with open arms & that is one reason we never stopped going back there..

After a few months however I met some friends who had good reviews about Mirissa despite my arguments with themA?a??A?. Plus these guys had pretty good reasons why the guys over there acted like all Sri Lankan travelers had the plague!! Anyways since we had a long weekend coming up & also because my plans to visit my meca the holy land of Sri lankan beach destinations A?a??A?ArugambayA?a??A? got foiled I was conviced by a couple of friends to try Mirissa once again (& maybe try see some killer whales also).

I came across www.mirissa.com Buy femara online & I called Sunil the owner of Surf sea breeze who was very gracious & offered us rooms at his joint. I must say Sunil was instrumental in changing my negative view of MirissaA?a??A? But I still wonder A?a??A?Did he give us the rooms because it was off season?? hmmmA?a??A?.

Anyways Mirissa beach was deserted & beautifulA?a??A?Surf see breeze had the best beach spot around right smack in front of the surf point!! amazing surf & plenty of restaurants that were once again kind of iffyA?a??A? but some of them were quite open (In many ways). All in all my Mirissa adventure was fun mainly because of the company I doubt I wouldA?a??a??ve enjoyed this place alone as much as I wouldA?a??a??ve enjoyed any other part of Sri Lanka – where people are friendly regardless of whether I carry dollars & pounds!! In fact I think if it was season & we did go to a rave there we wouldA?a??a??ve bin in for a spot of trouble!!

So I say to Mirissa – A?a??A?Please try change your fucking attitude!!A?a??A? J A?a??A?Thanks Sunil A?a??a?? You made our stay comfortable & I wall always recommend your place to anyone coming to mirissaA?a??A?

You can book surf see breeze by calling Sunil on 0714048084


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  • Hey, some of foreigners also don’t like the signs and fences at Mirissa. I just came back from there yesterday and as always loved it though some girls I met got fed up with hassles from the local beach boys who didn’t understand that not every western female wants to sleep with them even – they’re happy just to be friends. One of the reasons for the fences and signs I believe!
    I will continue to go back and mix with the locals who I do see as becoming friends.

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