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Forum Topic: Arugam Bay

From forum: Sri Lanka by Saby_Baby (October 07, 2007)
Hiya, Has anyone been to Arugam Bay? Or … … Sarah Hi We stayed in Arugam Bay last … … hotel, facilities etc. … … the hotels and bars in Arugam Bay. We …
Forum Topic: Arugam Aldactone acne cost Bay – Security Situation

From forum: Sri Lanka by KenR-UK (March 25, 2006)
… the security risks of visiting Arugam Bay. (For info we don’t intend to go any further North than Arugam Bay) We … … too, and continued their work: Arugam Bay and surroundings. Two …
Forum Topic: Travel to Arugam Bay from Colombo

From forum: Sri Lanka by thewoodshed (March 13, 2007)
… would like to go to Arugam Bay, for … … Eliya (Nanu Oya) and Eliya-Arugam. For the … … nice time, & [Sandya] Hi, Arugam bay is … … about the perceived problems in Arugam Bay with …
Forum Topic: Taking Young family to East coast Arugam and up – Plausible?

From forum: Sri Lanka by Baldedash (January 07, 2006)
… then plan on heading to Arugam as we are looking to give some money to an area which needs help with a school Project and it appears Arugam was pretty badly hit …
Forum Topic: Info on Arugam Bay, and weather in August on west coast

From forum: Sri Lanka by indiebear (March 18, 2005)
… of rebuilding and tourism in Arugam Bay at the moment. I’m hoping to visit Sri Lanka in August and would like to go to the east coast but am finding it …
Forum Topic: Stardust Hotel Pottuvil etc

From forum: Sri Lanka by planetvenus (July 01, 2007)
… 1) Haven’t been to Arugam but read … … influence it then. 3) Colombo-Arugam: 8 hours Arugam-Kandy: 6 … … s post. We stayed at Arugam Bay last year and met a family …
Forum Topic: where do we go?

From forum: Negombo by HansFreekit (August 02, 2007)
… Colombo.. Do we go east (Arugam?) for the … … kandy…Any suggestions? Hi there, Arugam is best visited from the south coast, can’t find a driver willing to bring you there from …
Forum Topic: diease

From forum: Waikkal by surf85 (January 21, 2006)
… im hopeing to go to arugam bay for 3months in jun to the end of august ive heard diease is really bad there at the mo is that true. and ive heard …
Forum Topic: Is it safe to travel to Aragum Bay

From forum: Sri Lanka by midnbanj (June 12, 2006)
… what to advise. For sure, Arugam is the … … security risks. Maybe call an Arugam Bay hotel … … ourselves. We plan to visit Arugam Bay at … … information. They still say that Arugam Bay is …
Copegus purchase Forum Topic: west or south coast hideaway

From forum: Sri Lanka by MisterMark (December 15, 2007)
… inland and New Year in Arugam Bay but I want to move west when my friends have gone back to work to chill out before I come home. Can anyone recommend a

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