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Circus Night at the SVH, AbaY

An International Circus in Town
Giullari Senza Frontiere

Performed at Lahugala, Komari and Arugam Bay
Their last night here will be Friday, 21st February, 2014
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At the Tamil School, Komari


Arugam’s Building ‘Boom’

2014 Mid Feb. update:
The Bay of Arugam Buy keftab 500
Is developing
New buildings are going up everywhere
Even a shopping mall is said to be under construction

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Still, there is a shortage of good quality rooms
New capacity is being added now.
Questions? Want to participate?
Free advice here:


“Tourist” Police shuts down Info pages

“Tourist” Police action shuts down AbaY’s Info pages

This week the so-called “Tourist” Police raided the premises of‘s only sponsor.
The resulting fine – for a small technicality, held up by the local in-famous Buy cabgolin tab ‘Red Tape’ came to about 1 year’s salary.
That alone took everyone by surprise.
With no funding we can no longer continue to support this as well as all of our other Tourist Promotion initiatives.

Arugam’ “Tourist” Police Station

This Community and Tourist promotion web site
Plus all our other, associated A?Info & promo pages, worldwide
are strictly non-commercial.
They are paid for and maintained by a private initiative only
As bad luck has it, all annual hosting fees are due now.
Our sponsors are forced to pay a huge fine (Rs./ 100,000) or $780

That means that any further support for Tourism will come to a halt, due to cash flow problems. This usually pretty minor case was caused by weird police action over the sale of a few bottles of local BEER.

All other “Tourist” Resorts in Sri Lanka do NOT face similar drastic action and totally over the top penalties. Why Arugam Bay?
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Happy New Year 2014

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Our unique weather is fine & mellow.
Most hotels have plenty of vacancies
Why not see the New Year in with us, at Arugam Bay?

The Siam View will host a NYE Party. For sure. Like every Year.

Come and Join us – be the first to welcome the New Year!
We, on Sri Lanka’s most Easterly side are well ahead…. 😉
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Tragedy after the disaster

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The one and only main road. end 2004

….”the locals, who were being asked to make way for luxury hotels for national reconstruction, werena??t buying the plan that would turn their villages into multi-storied buildings and their children into tour guides and street hawkers. They opposed it forcefully”….

……”On 26 December 2004, a terrible tsunami struck Indonesia and Sri Lanka. The eastern coast of Sri Lanka was especially devastated as it lay in the direct path of 100ft waves that destroyed everything in their wake. Arugam Bay was hit hard and several villages were swept away without a trace…..”

Well. Ahead of it's time...

Before the 2004 tsunami, Arugam Bay was an idyllic locale on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka consisting of fishermena??s villages visited by only the most adventurous young European and Australian surfers who came there for its great breakers. The hotels were beach shacks with hammocks and their numbers were manageably small mainly because of the threat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The route to Arugam Bay was peppered with military checkpoints, and most country advisories and guide books cautioned tourists to avoid this part of Sri Lanka.
All this changed in 2002 when LTTE signed a ceasefire and access to the east coast opened up. The tourism industry touted eastern Sri Lanka as the next Phuket and visitorsa?? traffic exploded. Removal of road blocks also drew an influx of fishermen from other parts and before long Arugam Bay simply wasna??t big enough for the local fishermen and the tourism industry. Continue reading ‘Tragedy after the disaster’

Traditional AbaY Walk 2013 prt.2 – Seaside Places

And here are the photos of all signs & establishments
Situated on the Eastern Side of the Main Road
i.e. Sea Side places

This is justA?our attemptA?to document constant changes in the Bay.
This year there are many changes & fine improvements.
So far….
The Prilosec no prescription Bay of Arugam Buy tegretol online uk does not seem to have lost it’s unique character …


Traditional Mid-Year Walk (2013)

Every year, on the 1st Day of July we try to document the annual changes ofA? Atrovent mdi cost Arugam Bay.
This is done, since 1999 or so, by taking a photo of all visible signs in the village.

From Bridge to bridge.
This year we took advantage of the rising sun.
And took all photos of the land side Establishments first (as they are located to the West)

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Links to our earlier A?year’s walks will be posted later.



Arugam Bay

is now entering it’s perhaps “Highest Season” ever. Right now, there are plenty of vacancies. But: Mainly in the low budget accommodation range

Arugam Bay is a GREEN resort. So far….

The few better class and specially air-conditioned rooms are very much in demand. It is HOT in the Bay! Book NOW!

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Panama Village Resort

#05a Panama Village Resort
We have been informed that this guesthouse is now under a new management.
It was formerly known as “No Worries” Cheap evecare himalya
Below is a description which was sent in to us by the new owners.
More and better recent photos will be posted.


#05a Panama Village Resort is at the North end of the bay next door to our good friends at the popular Beach Hut Resort and a 20-second walk from the water.

We’re a 15-minute walk along the beach to Main Point, and a short motorbike or tuktuk ride to Whiskey Point and Crocodile/Elephant Rock.

We have 12 clean and affordable rooms including Singles with ensuite and fan, Twins/Doubles with ensuite and fan or AC,A?and a 4-bed dorm with fan and shared bathroom.

We offer free WiFi, motorbike and tuktuk rentals, safari tours and laundry service.

Our restaurant serves breakfast daily, and family-style dinners when we’re full.

Rough Guide to AbaY


Therea??s not much toA?ARUGAM BAY village itself: just a single main road running parallel to the beach dotted with guesthouses, cafA?s and shops, including some of Arugam Baya??s trademark quirky homespun architectural creations a?? rustic palm-thatch cabanas, teetering treehouses and other quaint structures (not to mention the distinctive wooden pavilion restaurant and red British telephone box of the landmarkA?Siam View Hotel ).
TheA?beach is now looking better than ever following recent clearances during which the authorities ordered the removal of all buildings within 20m of the waterline (albeit at considerable cost to local hoteliers and other residents, who were forced to watch as the government bulldozers rolled in and summarily razed significant slices of prized real estate).

A-Bay also marks the rough border between the Sinhalese-majority areas to the south and the mainly Tamil and Muslim areas further up the coast, and boasts an unusually eclectic but harmonious mix of all three ethnic groups a?? as well as a growing number of Western expats. Fears that the villagea??s uniquely (for Sri Lanka) alternative and slightly off-the-wall character will be erased by larger and more mainstream tourism developments remain, however, especially given the forthcoming opening of the newA?Hambantota airport, which will make the village significantly easier to reach for international visitors. For the time being, however, Arugam Bay preserves its own enjoyably eccentric charm.


EasygoingA?Arugam Bay is by far the most engaging of the east coasta??s resorts. A-Bay, as ita??s often known, has long been popular with theA?surfing fraternity, who come here to ride what are generally acknowledged to be the best waves in Sri Lanka. Ita??s also a good launching-pad from which to explore the gorgeous surrounding countryside and its varied attractions, from the elephant-richA?Lahugala National Park and the little-visitedA?Yala East National Park to the atmospheric forest hermitage atA?Kudimbigala.


With waves fresh from Antarctica crashing up onto the beach, Arugam Bay is sometimes claimed to be one of the top tenA?surf points in the world, and periodically plays host to international tournaments. TheA?best time for surfing is between April and Oct/Nov.


There are several breaks close to Arugam Bay, plus others further afield. The biggest wavesA?in A-Bay itself are atA?The Point Continue reading ‘Rough Guide to AbaY’

Few rooms left this season

March to October is High Season!

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Book Early!
Arugam Bay’s popular hotels are nearly fully booked this summer.
In all, there are A?only about 100 air-conditioned rooms available, anyhow.
Most of those have been taken up already!
It looks like it’s going to be a busy mainA?seasonA?this year.
Low budget, non a/c rooms however are A?still available.
Reserve direct or via etc.

Leta??s Go Surfina?? Now at Arugam Bay

Hostels in Sri Lanka

A laid-back village on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay is one of the best places in the world for surfing, and has been a favorite of the long-term community for decades. Thanks to the steady presence of chilled-out expats, the town has a cool, low-key vibe which wea??ve not seen anywhere else on the island. Great restaurants serving a variety of cuisine, comfy beach-side lodging, hip lounges, a happy mix of foreigners and expatsa?? and of course, incredible waves.

Order purim costumes Surfing Together

Although wea??re not surfers, we enjoyed the way of life here so much that we stayed for five days. The restaurants alone were worth the extended stopover.
Our favorite was the Siam Lounge, owned by a Dutch guy whoa??s been here since 1977 (and looks exactly like a Dutch guy whoa??s been in a Sri Lankan surf town for 34 years) and his Thai wife.
The upper-floor lounge area serves potent German-style brews and delicious Thai cuisine, while a 60s-heavy soundtrack accompanies surf-dude highlights playing in a loop on a projection screen. After so many nights spent scarfing down rice and curry in dingy restaurants while Sinhalese pop squealed from cheap speakers, the Siam Lounge was paradise.

Our last couple nights were spent in a beach-side cabin, complete with hammock and deck mattress. We should have tried surfing, but this was our vacation. After two months spent running around Sri Lanka, we didna??t want to do anything except turn our brains off and lounge around.

But although we couldna??t be bothered to get on boards, we did take a trip to Whiskey Point to watch surfers ply their trade. This was during the off-season, but the waves were still decent a?? they come all the way from Antarctica to crash on Arugam Baya??s shores, with no other landmass to impede them. We had fun watching the guys and girls catch the waves, and I felt a pinch of envy. Next time Ia??m at Arugam Bay, Ia??ll try it out.

Location of Arugam Bay on our Map
-A?Learn To Surf

Arugam Bay Happy Place

Dream Beach Purchase minomycin 50mg

Camel Toe

Continue reading ‘Leta??s Go Surfina?? Now at Arugam Bay’

Good Opportunities at Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay has not enough quality rooms.
To cope with theA?unprecedented demand.
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So far, there have been few improvements since 2004.

Aerial View of the Bay

Room capacity just has not kept up with the amount of visitors wishing to explore the Bay and A?its unique surroundings.

Below are just two examples of current projects in the Bay looking for suitable partners:

Owner driven Apartments with Surf Point View

3 Star Hotel planned

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SomeA?excellentA?opportunities exists now.
Arugam Bay is very popular and will have a brilliant future.
Property prices are set to rise sharply.
Wise investors are looking at the Bay.
They seem to realize that good profits will be made .

last weekend "Arugam Surf" passed 80,000+ friends

Basically, the entire Country just had 800,000 visitors last year, 2010.
Arugam Bay has attracted more than 10% of them on its Facebook page.
A strong indication how popular the remote, little Bay will become!

Direct FB links added now

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Facebook seems to replace many traditional web pages.
To keep up with developments, we have now added all known Facebook PAGES of Arugam’s Establishments. Contact them tru the link display on the left of this page!

Oz to AbaY overland:

….it’s been an exception here (at Arugam Bay) and we’ve been a bit more sociable and met loads of nice people from all over – Poland, Germany, Israel, UK et alA?Weirdly enough we…….

It was sad to leave Ella again but Andrew was chomping at the bit to get to Arugam Bay before the (surf) season was well and truly over. So after a last curd and honey we drove out past the Rawana Ella falls and eastwards towards the coast – the temperature climbing as we drove

After we hit Pottuvil Get abilify without a prescription a little Muslim town on the coast we drove on through the edge of the Lahugala National Park where we were really lucky to have our own ad hoc safari! First we saw a cobra -when we almost hit it when it reared up at us from the middle of the road, then we saw elephants in the wild – Continue reading ‘Oz to AbaY overland:’