“Tourist” Police shuts down Info pages

“Tourist” Police action shuts down AbaY’s Info pages

This week the so-called “Tourist” Police raided the premises of arugam.info‘s only sponsor.
The resulting fine – for a small technicality, held up by the local in-famous Buy cabgolin tab ‘Red Tape’ came to about 1 year’s salary.
That alone took everyone by surprise.
With no funding we can no longer continue to support this as well as all of our other Tourist Promotion initiatives.

Arugam’ “Tourist” Police Station

This Community and Tourist promotion web site
Plus all our other, associated A?Info & promo pages, worldwide
are strictly non-commercial.
They are paid for and maintained by a private initiative only
As bad luck has it, all annual hosting fees are due now.
Our sponsors are forced to pay a huge fine (Rs./ 100,000) or $780

That means that any further support for Tourism will come to a halt, due to cash flow problems. This usually pretty minor case was caused by weird police action over the sale of a few bottles of local BEER.

All other “Tourist” Resorts in Sri Lanka do NOT face similar drastic action and totally over the top penalties. Why Arugam Bay?
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Prometrium how much

4 Responses to ““Tourist” Police shuts down Info pages”

  • simple answer
    it’s all your own mistake
    you should have paid that police guy in charge of abay more

  • We love AbaY. This little village has a huge potential. But it should be treated better by those authorities. Shutting down the best pub in Sri Lanka, stopping the only micro brewery, pulling down best places on the beach. Where is the tourist promotion? before the end of the war Arugam was truly heaven.

  • This page has done more to promote Tourism than the Government. I follow this page for 15 years. keep it goin’

  • I went to file a complaint at this Arugam Police post. Those guys can’t even speak English!
    They sent us to Pottuville instead. What is the point to have a ‘Tourist’ police if they fail to keep the beach safe?
    Catching mellow guys having a beer on vacation?
    It’s a disgrace.
    We will never holiday again in Sri Lanka!

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