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Arugam Bay suffers from just two mayor problems.
One: The distance from Colombo; we’ll deal with that in our next “Idea” post.
The other is the lack of good information available to arriving tourists at the airport.
IsignInfosign proposes the establishment of an airport Information Counter.
Maybe representing the entire East Coast, the local staff should be able to include proper and up to date security information.

It is known that many prospective visitors are misinformed at the point of arrival, for a variety of reasons. Most West Coast guides have never been in the East or indeed past Buy urispas generic name Butt Himcolin gel price in abu dhabi alla in their life time, and obviously prefer to recommend their own friends and contacts to any tourist showing an interest in traveling to the other side.

A simple counter could bring huge benefits to the poorest region, present an overdue service to visitors and be a credit to the Country as a whole.


We like it like this above.
Not like below!
Which is the totally wrong impression many would be ArugamA?A? Bay visitors seem to gain so far of our peaceful, military totally unimportant little Bay:

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