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Arugam Bay has just two main problems:
Misinformation and the distance from the airport.
We will deal with transport in the next idea post.
Isign Propranolol back order Low cost avanafil Infosign therefore proposes to establish an airport Information Counter, staffed by knowledgeable, English speaking East Coast residents. This would assist the poorest region, greatly help visitors and also become a credit to the Nation.
As long as up-to-date reliable and unbiased information is given to arriving tourists.


It is a fact that most west coast guides have never been past Buttala or indeed anywhere near the East in their life time.
They obviously keep on recommending just own contacts and friends to arriving foreigners.
It is known that many would be visitors looking for proper, balanced Information decided against visiting Arugam Bay after talking to West Coast ‘Guides’.
Because malicious people keep on painting impressions such as below:

This may sadly be justified in Iraq. But has not a hint of justification in peaceful, calm and military totally unimportant Arugam Bay, including its approach roads.

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  • Thanks, Rana, for this comment!
    For you guys who don’t know allow us to explain:
    Rana is actually from Tangalle, he is one of ‘those’ West Coast ‘Guides’ and drivers.
    But, Rana is a different type of guy and he has supported the East Coast for many years! can recommend Mr. Rana and his calm, pleasant nature and safe driving.
    In future, any enquiry received on Arugam Bay’s Taxi info email address, as below, will also be forwarded to Mr. Rana – in addition to our list of trusted East coast operators.
    It then up to the individuals to quote and react.
    This way we feel that we can offer some fair competition and give our (few) visitors the best possible service.
    What does everyone think of the airport counter though?

  • Dear friends,
    My name is Muni also known as Rana in Arugam Bay friends. I had a Arugam Bay journey from Colombo last week with some tourists. The journey quite simple as usual. No hazard at all during the whole journey. Usually, I drive through Udawalawe dam. But, this time I drove through Balangoda in hill country. The road carpeted all the way to Haputale. So, Drive is quite smooth.
    There is only one check point at the junction off the main road. That’s it. No more check point stop you. People at Arugam bay are quite relax.I am ready to take people any time. The journey will take about 8 hours.
    My e-mail address is My phone number is 0777 904380 I have got duel A/C high roof van with 10 seats. Plenty of room for surf board.
    Thank you.

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