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Silent Worriers sink another LTTE Ship – Off Arugam bay

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Sri Lanka Navy ships operating in the Eastern waters destroyed an LTTE arms carrying vessel around 9 this morning. Naval sources said that the vessel sank with huge explosion onboard, at a location approximately 190 NM east of Arugam bay in the eastern sea of the Island. The sources said that the vessel is about 70m in length and displayed no ensign.

More details will follow.


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  • Additional news coverage, unconfirmed:
    Navy destroys Tamil Tiger arms ship off Sri Lanka’s east coast,
    military says
    The Associated PressPublished: March 18, 2007

    COLOMBO, Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka’s navy sank a ship believed to be
    ferrying arms and ammunition to separatist Tamil Tiger rebels off the
    island’s east coast, the military said Sunday.

    Patrolling naval vessels spotted a ship off Arugam Bay, 322 kilometers
    (199 miles) east of the capital Colombo, early Sunday, an official at
    the Defense Ministry’s media center said on condition of anonymity,
    citing policy.

    He said the ship was not flying a flag and when contacted by the navy
    gave false details about the ship and refused permission for a search.

    The navy destroyed the ship after it fired at the naval patrol, the
    official said, adding that subsequent explosions on the ship confirmed
    it was carrying explosives.

    The navy destroyed a similar suspicious ship on Feb. 28 off the
    country’s southern coast, killing 12 crew members.

    The incident comes as government troops and Tamil Tiger guerrillas
    intensified clashes in Sri Lanka’s north and east, where the
    insurgents want to carve out a separate state for the country’s ethnic
    Tamil minority.

    The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam have fought the government since
    1983, ostensibly on behalf of the Tamil community who suffered decades
    of discrimination by the majority Sinhalese.

    A Norway-brokered cease-fire signed in 2002 scaled down the violence
    but the conflict resumed in late 2005. At least 4,000 people have been
    killed in a resumption of violence, even though no side has officially
    withdrawn from the truce.

    More than 65,000 people were killed before the cease-fire.

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