Hot Idea!

AbaY on fire!

Beach Fire
In recent memory, there is only just one single day when this kind of sad event, similar to above, would not have concerned us too much.
And this may have been the 26th December, 2004……
At all other times it could wipe out the entire Bay! Given bad wind directions.
Cost of depo provera in australia Why?
Because the next fire truck is parked up about 2-3 hours away, in Monaragala or Ampara.
How about donating an old, redundant fire truck to the Bay – to be stationed half way between Panama and PottuVille, i.e in Arugambay?
Both towns either side of us also have no fire service.
Unthinkable in the West or any civilized Society!
Who has a few $$$ left over to supply an old truck to save lives?
modern AbaY Fire Brigade
Obviously this idea is also beyond the means of any caring NGO.
They are here to change Property for sale aldara park randburg lives. Not save them.

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