Arugam Bay a?? A Surfers Paradise

Situated in the dry zone of Sri Lanka, is a bay on the Indian Ocean known as Arugam Bay a?? a surfing paradise for the water-sporting enthusiast.

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Located in Arugam, this coastal haven has been through a number of unfortunate circumstances and

one such stand out is the devastating Tsunami that wiped out half of Arugam Bay’s Historical stock prices exelon corp buildings, houses and its population in 2004. However, due to its popular attractions and its waves that enthral a surfer, this bay has significantly recovered over the years. Tourists from all walks of life have come together to make Arugam Bay one of the country’s most preferred destinations. The beach here is known among many as one of the best around the world and with its picturesque settings and its tranquil atmosphere, makes Arugam Bay an adventure for a traveller worth discovering. The Arugam Bay Surf Point is far more superior to the other parts of the beach due to the extensive work that has gone into it; this section of the bay was transformed from a wreck to a beautiful coastal paradise. Arugam Bay is also known for its fishing hamlets and sea folk that gather themselves into fishing boats and sail the seas of the bay, bringing in a fine catch of ocean specimen for their families and to seek their daily livelihood. Another spectacle at this place is its vibrant nightlife and parties almost during each weekend, so a traveller will be fascinated with the area’s activities and other relaxing recreations. Arugam Bay has also become a surfer’s foremost destination and as a result, a world-renowned surfing competition is held every year by international event planners at this prestigious venue. This small remote area in the Island of Sri Lanka has a populace of over 2,500 residents and is probably one of the country’s most treasured coasts. Visitors looking forward enjoy a memorable Sri Lanka travel experience should definitely be hiring a vehicle of choice from Malkey Rent A Car and embark on a great journey. Considered to be a reputed Sri Lanka car rental company that offers travel solutions and comforts complete with warmth and luxury.

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