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  • Of course! We agree that Siripala is one of the oldest and most original establishments in the Bay.
    And, your place had a rough deal, having not only lost entire structures end 2004, but also valuable land.
    But what do you wish us to write and publish?
    This is a free site, open to you and everyone!
    So why don’t YOU write, in your own words, what you wish to tell the public?
    If you can’t post your introduction yourself on this site:
    Simply send it to us, best with a few photos, history or whatever makes an article interesting to read.
    We will then make sure it appears on this and other sites we maintain for the benefit of the Arugam Bay Community.
    send to:

  • Sunetha Parana Herathge

    Is there any chance to give some publicity to my mum’s restaurant,–Siripala Cafe Inn as my mum still struggles hard to keep afloat since the tsunami & my mum was one of the original people to give accommodation for tourist?

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