SriLankan Airlines Pro set to go at the world famous Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka

Professional surfing welcomes another new, exciting and exotic event to the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Mena??s Star Rated Tour with the inaugural SriLankan Airlines Pro set to kick off in perfect point waves at the famed Arugam Bay on Sri Lankaa??s superb south east coastline.

Owen Wright 2009 Sri Lankan Airlines Pro Winner

Ita??s a concept that has been evolving over the past few years and ASP Australasia in conjunction with the main sponsor SriLankan Airlines are thrilled to announce the event will begin on Friday June 18 which is absolute prime time swell and surf season.

a?? This has been an event we have worked on for a number of years and to be finally in a position to run is immensely rewardinga?? said ASP Australasian Tour manager Dane Jordan.

a?? I have just returned from the event site ensuring everything is in place to run and I can report that not only is the local community enthusiastic and ready, but the sand set up at the famous point is lining up perfectly and wea??re in for an amazing event a?? the waves while I was there were some of the most perfect high performance sand bottom point waves imaginable and as we move in to monsoon season the signs are that wea??ll run an epic event.a??

Tropical weather, water temperatures that will probably make this event the warmest ASP surfing contest in the world along with incredible Sri Lankan cuisine and hospitality make this an event of intrigue.

Arugam Bay sits just north of the famous Yala National Park of Sri Lanka with local wild life in abundance that includes Elephants, Leopards and Pythons setting the scene for an exciting adventure in a paradise setting .

a??The Sri Lankan people are thoroughly prepared and we all intend to make certain competitors, media and event staff have an awesome time in Sri Lankaa?? added Jordan.

The events starts on Friday June 18 and has a healthy waiting period through to Thursday June 24 which aims to maximise quality surfing at the famous break.

a??ASP Australasia are proud to have finally arrived at this position where we put on another new event at a quality surf break in our region a?? ita??s good for surfing, Sri Lanka and the ASP surfers and we cana??t wait to get to Arugam Bay and runa?? said ASP Australasia Chief Executive Officer Andrew Stark.

The SriLankan Airlines Pro will be live webcast and will include a quality produced and globally distributed television show along with television newsfeeds distributed internationally throughout the event as well as highest quality digital images focusing on the event, the environment, wildlife and of course the abundance of surf from the region.

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