People’s Bank in PottuVille

Important notice to visitors and overseas tourists.

Sadly, there is noA? Bank -and not even a single one ATMachine-A? serving the buoyantA? tourist resort of Arugam Bay.

However:A? There is No need to carry cash to the East Coast!

Good News! There are now Three (3!) online Banks with ATM’s in nearby PottuVille, just 8 min. North or your famous Cost exelon patch Bay.

All International Credit cards accepted for cash advances

The nearby ‘Frontier Town’ of PottuVille is undergoing rapid face lifts.
The old, dusty road is being re-paved at lighting speed.
In addition to a new (unused!) market, across the road Sampath Bank recently opened a new branch in town.
Today the long established People’s Bank ‘shifted’ premises, again to the opposite side of the main road from their old location to a brand new building.

Respected senior Citizen Mr. Ibrahim addressing the meeting in ENGLISH

Now there are three high street banks in town.
All feature an ATM machine, with different payout limits (Bank of Ceylon 20K, People’s Bank 40K and Sampath 80K).
Here are a few impressions of today’s opening ceremony, to which Purchase zyloprim tablets was invited.

The New People's Bank premises

The old People's Bank directly opposite

People's Bank and new ATM at PottuVille

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