Seven Day Road Tripa?? Kandy to Arugam Bay (Day one and day two)

Angela was surprised that I found her place on the Galaha Road up from the University of Peradeniya located just outside of Kandy. It is indeed a more remote area then what most travelers would find on their own.A? But her instructions were meticulous and the three wheeler driver I found at the Peradeniya Junction was able to get me to her green gate after a right turn at the Twelve Kilometer mark off Galaha Road.

I met Angela two years before on a trip to Yemen and she mentioned she had a home in Sri Lanka.A? Sri Lanka was on my short list of countries to visit so that is how I came to her place off Galaha Road.

Resting at Panama BeachResting at Panama Beach

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Angela has proposed we hire a car and driver and organize a short trip to the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka as well as to Arugam Bay.A? Arugam Bay was one of the areas hit by the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami so it was interesting to see the redevelopment of this area as well as the communities south A?and north along the East coast.


The first day started with a journey through the Victoria Reservoir where Kandy gets its water supply with a lunch stop at the Rest House in Magandena for one of the best rice and curry meals in Sri Lanka. A?Arugam Bay is a popular destination for surfers as well as Europeans on summer vacation.A? A short trip from Arugam Bay to Panama on the rough asphalt lane presents lagoons with wallowing buffalo.A? In Arugam Bay we stayed in cabanas at the funky a??Beach Huta??.

Marilyn and Angela at the Rest House for LunchMarilyn and Angela at the Rest House for Lunch

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