Cruise ship to Arugam Bay?

The Island Newspaper

The Island Newspaper

The long anticipated Tourism boom is yet to arrive after the end of the Civil War in Sri Lanka. While we wholeheartedly want tourism to succeed and contribute to the National Economy, I would like to draw the attention of the general public and the authorities to a much neglected aspect of the tourism industry.

The locals are denied Cruise ship voyages and Theme Park entertainment right here in Sri Lanka unless they can afford to visit places like Singapore or Malaysia.

I would like to suggest a family oriented Cruise liner service be established right around Sri Lanka as an initiative to give the general public of Sri Lanka a chance to taste an experience which is going to be very costly otherwise.

There are many private Institutions embarking on new business ventures under BOI. This is a great opportunity to attract both local and international tourists and enthusiasts mainly from places like India where most states are landlocked and the wealthy upper middle class is bursting at the seams with new found wealth.

This will give Sri Lankans a nice experience, visiting places of interest while embarking and disembarking at ports of their choice and visiting the interior in comfort while experiencing marine pastimes like whale watching etc.

There is the possibility of visiting places like Arugam bay, Nilaveli , Trincomalee, Jaffna and Mannar. May be we can catch a train back to Colombo once the Yaldevi is fully restored.

This is a glimpse of what can be achieved without much investment if we can re-purpose the coastline based Tourist Hotels and large ferries like Green Ocean which would probably not be doing much after the war is over.

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I hope interested parties would look into this and Sri Lankan kids and families will be able to enjoy these luxuries right here in Sri Lanka.

Ajith Boralugoda
Via e-mail