#67 Peanut Farm

#67 Peanut Farm is the name of a good surf break 6km South of Arugam Bay.

#67 Peanut Farm Houses

Years ago actual peanuts are said to have been grown there. But in 2009 only the name remains.

Off the beaten track and only accessible via a rough track #67 Peanut Farm is the Counterpart to the excellent PottuVille Point, up market development which is located the same distance in the opposite, Northern direction from the centre of Arugam Bay.

Now the Arugam Bay area has two great, additional locations to chill out, the party, to relax!

As from 2008 it is reported that the boys from #68 Mambo’s Chill out Cafe have taken over management of Peanut Farm. A few, maybe half a dozen ‘Tree’ Houses have been built, a generator is present and late summer 2008 seen the first proper and well organized Full Moon Party at #67 Peanut Farm.

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  • Well, we were in Arugam Bay sometime back and we had a awesome holiday at this place with eco friendly cabans by the beach. where the only finest surfing beach in Sri Lanka . we enjoyed it very much. but I must emphasize u that its an unsafe place specially if ur coming with ur family. so keep that in mind n enjoy ur selves.

  • send me a contact no. of yours

  • we were in Arugambay on end of September 2010 @ Peanut Farm hotel
    I spent my holiday with my friends,

    i would like to say it was the greatest holiday which I’ve spend ever!
    from the beginning of entrance it is adventure,once you reach the hotel that beach is amazing & beautiful !!! we would like to recommend this place who would like to spend their valuable holiday at Eco friendly cabanas with facing to one of well sunny and Famous surfing beach around the world!

    I’m really happy to be again in that lovely place!
    our best regards for Mr Dian (owner of the hotel ) and Shantha his crew!


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