#70 Surf Point Cafe

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  • hey vince- just a hello from Glenn the kneeboarder.Reading your letter brings back nice memories of good surf,good people and a special time that only a lucky few got to experience. Boxer is there right now and oh how I envy him. I spent 3 months there last year with lady and my little girl and some things have changed but the place is still magical in its unique way
    take care
    ps how did you go in the “islands”-hope you found that wave without an Israeli in sight!!

  • Thanks for the update Vince. Very sad … Upali was definitely one of the good guys. But good to see his memory is being kept alive through more A-Bay legends out at the Point. It certainly is a very special place. Cheers, Greg – Sunshine Coast, Australia

  • hello!first time for me in abay was in 1995, i meet VJ, jonson, richard and the Trhan family. All i know about Upali is , he was murdered with his wife during 1994/95 winter by drunk fichermen jalous of his beautiful wife, his lil daughter survived and at this time VJ and Jonson started to run the point. At this time we were only a maximum 15 surfers, the war was there, battles at nite on the bridge. But you can ask Hawky, Lindon and Rupas if you go there for further informations. Last time i ve been there was 2000 and a big invasion of non respectful pack of israelis has started.I wish i could go there again one day but after all this years i am pretty scared to be disapointed. I am very happy to see most of them has survived the tsunami, please, say hi to them from Manu and Vince, the Marseille boys. thank you, aloha vince

  • Hi, I’m trying to track some info about Upali. I think I might have been the first or second to surf ABay when I visited there with a guy called Brian from Newcastle back in 1972. I returned years later in about 1982 and Upali had his tea shop there at the point by then, runing it with a person we knew as ‘Uncle’. I’m thinking of going back again this year. Is Upali still around? I see his son is running the tea shop now.

  • would have love to do so but dont have the skills
    like you guys ,but as i spend alot of time there this
    summer i now its correct ,and asanka, upali son,is
    a good guy and can use a more positive introduction,
    and not one that gives people bad ideas about
    the place ,even if some of his family members
    are sketchy ,but sure asanka is a great guy and
    the best surfer in srilanka for sure,
    sorry as i only want the best for him and
    his family.

  • Dear Andy,

    Thanks for the input and correction.
    If you have better, and safe information:
    Please be so kind and write a proper, correct introduction!
    Some of us are local, and we tend to know a bit more than most – but of course we don’t know everything.
    Please send whatever you wish to say to us, at this email if you like, and we’ll review and post it to represent
    #70 Upali Surf Cafe
    in its correct form.
    The existing introduction can be amended or erased entirely if you are sure that your input is fair and correct.

    Please accept that we also have no other motive but to support and promote the Bay and its honest, hard hit residents.
    This message was sent to your given email (Hotmail) address, but delivery was rejected.

  • well this information is little inncorect ,

    v.j. is not there any more since last summer ,
    and richard has a shop near bye,
    the cafe belong to upali kids,and they can
    use all the help they can get,including a good and correct
    publicity,that might help them move on .

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