Muslim farmers in Pottuvil caught in the middle

The Nation

By M.I.M. Anwar

At a time when the government is urging farmers to cultivate their neglected lands, the cultivators of Pottuvil are facing great difficulties due to security threats and lack of money for cultivation.A?A?

The farmers of Pottuvil have neglected a large acreage of paddy fields due to the LTTE not allowing them to cultivate their lands in areas controlled by it. Earlier, Tigers also had their camps in the nearby Kanchikudichchaaru jungles.A?A?

Despite the east being declared as being liberated, the farmers say the LTTE cadres are still seen in those areas close to paddy fields of Muslims. The LTTE had even advised farmers not to cultivate in those regions as they had planted mines.A?A?

Many of these paddy lands are now overgrown with trees and bushes and they need a large amount of money to clear them and prepare for cultivation, as they were not cultivated for more than twenty (20) years. Neither the government nor other organisations here are willing to help them.A?A?

The farmers also fear the LTTE, forcing them to purchase essentials required by the organisation from shops in the town and the possible consequences. Unless and until the government provides them with full security and financial assistance, it is unreasonable for the government to expect the Muslim farmers to do cultivation there.

source: Detrol la generic available

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