Arugam Bay is Safe

Miran K. wrote:A?A?
> How safe is nord – east part of Sri Lanka?A?A? Purchase cyklokapron tablets
> Your recomendations for interest places?A?A?

Recent war zones are not usually the best place for tourism.A?A?
UXO, mines, and a lot of guns.A?A?
You should taka a look at this page:A?A?…A?A?
You should be aware that there was an outbreak of fighting on 9 AprilA?A?
between rival factions of the Tamil Tigers in the area around theA?A?
Verugal River, about 40 miles north of Batticaloa. There has been noA?A?
fighting since 10 April. Much of the north and east of Sri Lanka remainsA?A?
heavily mined, particularly around the A9 road to Jaffna. You areA?A?
advised not to travel to the north or east (between Trincomalee andA?A?
Pottuvil, including Batticaloa, but not including Arugam Bay) unless onA?A?
business with an international agency or NGO.A?A?
Since the ceasefire the roads into both areas have been opened up toA?A?
traffic and scheduled flights to Jaffna have begun. However, you areA?A?
strongly advised not to travel to these areas unless you are working forA?A?
an international agency or NGO. Much of the north and east remainsA?A?
heavily mined (particularly around the A9 road to Jaffna), and travelA?A?
off the main roads should be avoided. Always take notice of signsA?A?
warning about the danger from mines and do not step off metalled roads.A?A?
The infrastructure in the north and east remains basic with no emergencyA?A?
services, and few hotels or guesthouses. Travel to Trincomalee, NilaveliA?A?
and Arugam Bay can be undertaken but visits should be confined to thoseA?A?
areas. There were civil disturbances in September and October 2003,A?A?
including in Trincomalee.A?A?
You should check the security situation with your hotel and listen toA?A?
news reports before you go. You should continue to avoid areas north ofA?A?
Puttalam, Anuradhapura and Nilaveli as well as the eastern side of theA?A?
island south of Trincomalee to Pottuvil including Batticaloa, but notA?A?
Arugam bay which is South of Pottuvil.

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