Want to share a ride?

ArugamTaxi Share Initiative

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To share costs, save fuel, protect the environment
Share an East Coast Taxi!
Arugam.info does NOT make money on Taxi Bookings!

Arugam.info advises to avoid buses, trains & public services, for now.
To take you to and from the secure, peaceful Bay to the Airport and to the West/South
Investing in a secure, knowledgeable Taxi could be your best advice
In this, troubled time better be SAFE – Not sorry!
(Operated by a somewhat more modern version of the above ‘Mini Bus’ of course!)
We can collect you at ANY time, from anywhere in Sri Lanka – but to share costs, due to high fuel prices, please give us some notice to find fellow passengers!
(An-up-to date schedule is always published on the “AbaY Taxi” Link above)
Contact: Actonel order ArugamTaxi@Gmail.com
Hotline: 0773 200 201 (Country code: 0094 ….)

1 Response to “Want to share a ride?”

  • ArugamTaxi has been booked to take two guys to Ella on Tuesday, 27th May.
    The same air conditioned van could continue to the airport and welcome the passengers at 10:00 on Wednesday to be taken to Arugam Bay in safety and comfort.
    The transfer rate in this case will be around 10,000Rs. – 11,000 (100$) – a good discount: Down from 16-18K quoted at the airport usually.
    Please confirm with us,

    if this is acceptable and required.

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