Water for AbaY

A water distribution project for the Ampara Districts of the Eastern Province is to get underway with the assistance of United States Agency for International Development Agency (USAID) and the international relief organization AmeriCares.A Memorandum of Understanding with regard to the project was signed between the two organizations on June 17.

The completed project will serve an estimated 2,400 inhabitants in the Arugam Bay Dapoxetine overnight delivery area by distributing clean and safe drinking water directly to the people.

Immediately following the 2004 tsunami the Government identified a number of sectors and specific projects in critical need of donor assistance and funding. One of the identified human health needs was the challenge of providing safe drinking water for several eastern region communities, including the Arugam Bay area. The wells serving this community were mostly open, which had been overtopped and polluted by the large waves when they hit the eastern shore.

The financial grant of one million US dollar provided by AmeriCares will be added to USAID’s already committed 6 million US dollar investment in wells, transmission lines, treatment plant and a large elevated storage tank to assure new safe water sources for the beneficiary community.

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