Going to A’bay, Again

So in a rare moment of total synergy I’m going to Arugambay tomorrow. O.k. it isn’t completely confirmed yet, but I’m trying my hand at this optimism thing people are always raving about. Lisa has to get back (since she now lives in A’bay) and her health insurance is paying for the trip (so free trip there, yeah). Then Lindsay and Jim are coming back to Colombo, so I can share the cost of getting back with them. Thus, I’m off. Lisa is at this moment (yes, 10 p.m. at night) confirming that we can actually leave at 5 a.m. tomorrow. I’m being positive that we are leaving then — I’ve already set my alarm.

This doesn’t completely make up for missing the trip to A’bay over Wesak, since that would have been a completely free ride, but it is close.

The point of this post is to avoid the frantic e-mails people send when there is a bombing and they don’t hear from me. I’ll be off-line for at least four days (maybe five). Yea


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