Drunken monkeys on a spree

By Senaka De Silva

A group of angry monkeys raided Pusgollewa village in the Generic for imdur Kebitigollewa police area on Tuesday evening and created havoc in apparent retaliation for the killing of two monkeys by illicit liquor traders who provided their flesh to their customers.


Wildlife officials said the monkeys who had noticed the hides of Cheap levothroid doses their kith and kin spread on a rock to dry, stormed the illegal liquor den, helped themselves to the liquor and overturned the liquor barrels.

Later in their drunken state they had raided houses in the village and destroyed pots and cooking utensils after eating any food that was available.

The occupants of those houses fled in fear of possible harm leaving the houses to the mercy of the monkeys. Some of the monkeys, in their drunken stupor are said to have fallen from trees they had climbed.

Wildlife officials rushed to the scene and chased away the monkeys into the nearby jungle by lighting fire crackers.

Kebitigollewa police and Wildlife officials are conducting inquiries to arrest the individuals who killed the monkeys.


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