Stuffing boxes

The UNP yesterday rejected the result of the Eastern Provincial Council Election,which the UPFA won by one seat,saying it would legally expose the widespread vote rigging and intimidation of candidates and voters by government goon squads.

The partyA?a??a??s media spokesperson Lakshman Kirielle told a news conference in Colombo,that they will prove to the people that the government backed UPFA circumvented the peoples will by resorting to violence and blatant vote rigging.”We have already written to the Elections Commissioner Dayananda Dissanayake listing out the election violations by ministers and UPFA candidates.”

“Serious malpractices took place especially in the Ampara District.In Pottuvil Is there a generic version of avapro , Akkaraipattu and Muttur, government goon squads invaded 40 polling booths and stuffed the ballot boxes to their hearts content while the presiding officers and police simply looked on.” Order colospa retard

Kirialle,said that at the last Presidential Election the UNP won the Pottuvil seat by 20,000 votes but on Saturday it lost that seat.”Such a thing could not have happened at a free and fair election.All the election monitors are agreed that there were serious election violations.I challenge the government to produce at least one report to the contrary.”

General Secretary of the UNP,Tissa Attanayake said that the government despite resorting to violence and abusing all the resources at its disposal, was able to get only one seat more than the opposition.

Stuffing of ballot boxes were reported from 99 polling stations and in 91 of them the UNP was prevented from having polling agents.”

Attanayake, called on the Speaker to summon parliament immediately to discuss the serious break down in the law and order situation and also urged the government to immediately disarm all para military groups .


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