Bank set up in Lahugala

Director General of Samurdhi, Bandula Thilakasiri and Road Passenger Transport Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna had taken steps to establish the Bank on the directions of President Rajapaksa, Nation Building and Estate Infrastructure Ministry sources said.

The President listened to the people in the Eastern Province and the problems they presented about their areas and its development through Janapathi Janahamuwa (The President Meets People) programme.

The request for a Samurdhi Bank came from a woman who was a participant .

As there was no Samurdhi Bank in the Lahugala area, the people in Lahugala had to go to Paanama where there is a Samurdhi Bank, travelling a distance of 37 kilometres, she told the President in the programme pointing out the need in Lahugala for a Samurdhi Bank.

President Rajapaksa promised to fulfil this need of the public in Lahugala for a Samurdhi Bank within the next 24 hours, and instructed the officials concerned to ensure that they establish a Samurdhi Bank in Lahugala.

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